Washington United for Marriage To Opponents: Stop Lying to Voters

Second TV Ad Re-purposes Old Lies & Distortions

Washington United for Marriage, the broad coalition working to defend the state’s marriage law and Approve Referendum 74, today condemned the new TV ad by opponents entitled “Examples” as nothing more than rehashing old stories designed simply to scare and confuse voters as they have done in every marriage battle at the ballot box.

Using two stories, one of Vermont innkeepers who run a $2-2.5 million business, and another of a Canadian freelance sports reporter, opponents falsely allege that both faced consequences because the freedom to marry is at odds with their religious views.  In both cases, the facts don’t support the assertions.  A marriagefactcheck.com dispels both cases. (See link below.)

“Neither of these stories are new,” said WUM campaign manager Zach Silk.  “They’ve been used repeatedly here in videos, mailers and Sunday bulletins and putting them up on TV does not make them true.  In fact, the Vermont inn story was used in an ad in Maine where there is also a referendum on marriage equality, and the state’s newspapers called it out as false.

“Our opponents are desperate.  And so they’re closing out with their old playbook of distortions and lies to scare voters.  We’ll put our trust in Washington voters who can see through these cynical political tactics,” said Silk.

The Marriagefactcheck.com on the new Preserve Marriage Washington TV ad is here: http://marriagefactcheck.com/