Washington United for Marriage Slams Opponents’ Flyer: More Scares & Distortions

Washington United for Marriage (WUM), the bipartisan coalition working to defend the state’s marriage law and approve Referendum 74, today debunked yet another public flyer from opponents in a new marriagefactcheck.com.

In a flyer to voters, opponents urge voters to reject R74 by rolling out the same discredited claims and distortions that have appeared in their TV ads, videos and statements.  The latest marriagefactcheck.com comes after independent reporters, in their truth-telling check on television advertisements, called out opponents for misrepresenting the issue and the impact of the state’s bipartisan marriage law. See it here: http://marriagefactcheck.com/fact-check-pmw-brochure-dont-redefine-marriage-oct-25-2012/

“None of this is surprising, but it’s still disappointing,” said Zach Silk, WUM campaign manager.  “Our opponents will obviously use every last dime to try to scare and intimidate voters by these over-the-top claims.  Once again, we’ll put our trust in Washington voters who understand that allowing same-sex marriage changes nothing, yet strengthens and supports all families.”