Republican State Representative Speaks Out for Referendum 74 & the Freedom to Marry

New TV Ad from Washington United for Marriage to Run Statewide

With Rick Santorum scheduled to headline two fund raising events for opponents of the freedom to marry, a new TV ad by Washington United for Marriage (WUM) features a Washington state Republican who says, “allowing marriage for same-sex couples is a question of fundamental fairness.”

The new TV ad, which starts today, contrasts sharply to Santorum, who arrives in Spokane and Bellevue later this week to raise money for the effort to defeat R74.  The former senator and presidential candidate is widely known for his attacks on gay and lesbian people and their families, from his failed sponsorship of two constitutional amendments to ban same-sex marriage, to describing it as the “ultimate homeland security” issue.

State Representative Maureen Walsh (16th LD, Walla Walla) whose floor speech in favor of the bipartisan marriage law this winter generated over 2-million YouTube views, talks about her own marriage and why it influenced her support for the freedom to marry. See the ad here

The transcript of the ad:

“I was married for 23 years to the love of my life, and he died 6 years ago and I miss him every day. I think to myself how could I deny any couple, whether they are gay or straight, that incredible bond of marriage.

 Allowing marriage for same sex couples is a question of fundamental fairness.

 We’re all God’s children.  Who am I to pass judgment on others?

 As a Republican, I don’t believe the government should tell anybody who they can or cannot marry.”

 “Representative Walsh speaks from the heart about marriage, both her own and what it means to all loving couples,” said Zach Silk, WUM’s campaign manager. “Her message of the special bonds of marriage is a stark contrast to Senator Santorum who resorts to extreme and inflammatory rhetoric such as likening same-sex marriage to the tragedies of 9/11.  We’re proud to have Maureen Walsh in our corner and are disappointed that our opponents would turn to Rick Santorum to make their case.”