NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg Issues $250,000 Challenge to Washingtonians and Supporters of Marriage Equality

“The people of Washington State can support full equality for all Washington families by affirming marriage for everyone.”

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg today announced a $250,000 challenge grant to supporters of the coalition to win marriage for all Washington families, Washington United for Marriage. The challenge grant was issued as part of a week-long campaign to inspire supporters and spur donations to match the Mayor’s $250,000 pledge and defend Washington’s bipartisan marriage law.

“I was proud to support the successful push for marriage equality in New York State, and I’m proud to stand with supporters around the country. I do not believe that government has any business telling one class of couples that they cannot marry,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “The 14th Amendment guarantees us all equal protection under the law, given the long march of freedom that defines the history of our nation, the question is not if marriage equality happens, but when. The people of Washington have a chance to answer that question on November 6th.”

“This is a tremendous display of support for full equality and we are grateful to Mayor Bloomberg,” said WUM campaign manager Zach Silk. “The Mayor has been such an important advocate for the freedom to marry – his independent voice and strong actions on behalf of extending marriage equality to all couples are visionary.”

Washington United for Marriage is sending an email to its supporters asking them to meet Mayor Bloomberg’s challenge.  The email is copied below.


Dear Friend,

Yesterday, I got a call from Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City. 

He’s a strong supporter of the freedom to marry, and was so impressed by how our supporters pulled together to meet our last $225,000 matching gift challenge, he’s offered to match ANOTHER $250,000. 


Let’s do this — we have until Friday at midnight. Please click here to contribute $3 and have your gift DOUBLED. 

Mayor Bloomberg has been successful in almost everything he has done because he has vision. His vision and smarts make him a tremendous leader. And now he’s helping lead on marriage equality. 

And, this incredibly generous gift underlines just how important approving Referendum 74 is to Washington — and to loving couples everywhere. 

We need to have the resources to fight the lies being spread by the opposition, and if we can meet this goal by midnight Friday, we’ll have $500,000 more to spread the word on television, online, and in person. 

But we only have five days to do it — please click here right now to contribute $3, and your gift will be worth $6 to us. 

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Mayor Bloomberg, and to the amazing support from you that led him to make this challenge. 

Let’s do this — and let’s make sure we have everything we need to keep marriage equality here in Washington. 

Just click here to contribute, and your gift will be doubled. 

Thanks again, 

Zach Silk
Campaign Manager
Washington United for Marriage