New Family Research Council Video Scares, Confuses Voters

Washington United for Marriage (WUM), the broad coalition working to defend the marriage law and approve Referendum 74, today unleashed a new on a five-minute video produced by the Washington, DC-based Family Research Council (FRC) which attempts to scare parents about same-sex marriage, using old stories that have been repeatedly discredited.

Using charged language like “indoctrinate” and making false statements about parental notification in the two stories FRC president Tony Perkins narrates, WUM reveals that both the courts and independent sources have continually rejected the heightened claims.  Both stories date back to 2006, and represent no new ground: the claims were centerpieces in similar ballot measures in California in 2008 and again, in Maine in 2009.

“When all else fails, our opponents resort to scare tactics,” said WUM campaign manager Zach Silk.  “These two sets of parents are political superstars in our opponents’ revolving orbit of misleading facts and misinformation.  It’s disappointing but not surprising to see them front and center yet again. But voters should check the facts before taking the dive to gloom and doom. The truth is nothing will change other than to give all loving couples the freedom to marry.”

Here’s the link to the Marriage Fact Check on  the FRC Video, “How Same-sex Marriage Impacts Education”: