Tonya Harding Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Age, Bio, and Other Facts

Tonya Harding Net Worth, How Much Did She Make

Tonya Harding is a gold-medalist athlete of figure skater from America.

She retired from figure skating after her scandal in 1994.

She decided to experiment with painting, celebrity boxing, and other various gigs.

Even though she’s no longer an athlete, she gained recognition in the entertainment industry.

With other fellow athletes, she joined a popular TV show, Dancing With the Stars on ABC.

It was the special sports-themed season.

Besides, Tonya Harding became the inspiration for “I, Tonya”, an Oscar-nominated film about her life journey.

According to The Richest, and Celebrity Net Worth, Tonya Harding net worth is estimated to be $50,000.

Early Life

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Tonya Maxene Harding was born in Portland, Oregon, on November 12, 1970.

She was born to Albert Harding and LaVona Golden.

She began skating since she was 3 years old. Tonya was trained by coach Diane Rawlinson.

Besides skating,  Tonya Harding also learned automotive mechanics, drag raced and hunted at his young age.

When she was 16 years old, her parents got divorced in 1987.

Tonya Harding decided to drop out of her high school in order to focus on skating.

In 1988, she earned a General Equivalency Diploma.

Career in Skating

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Tonya Harding began to climb up to the top of the skating competition ladder in the mid-1980s.

In 1986, she was number six at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships.

Dody Teachman took a role as Tonya Harding’s coach after competing in 1989 National Championship.

Then, Harding won the Skate America competition in 1989.

In 1990’s U.S. Figure Skating Championships, she was considered as a strong competitor.

During that time, Tonya Harding was a powerful free skater but she had lower placements in the school figures.

The breakthrough year of Tonya Harding came in 1991.

At that time, she completed her first triple Axel at the U.S. Championship.

She was the first woman in America who can execute the triple Axel jump cleanly.

Harding also won the U.S. Ladies’ Singles championship in 1991.

In 1991 Skate America competition, Tonya Harding made more records:

  • completing the triple Axel jump in short program.
  • Successfully executing two triple Axes
  • The first ever to execute a combination of triple Axel with a double toe loop.

However, after all of those records. She was never able to complete that jump successfully again.

Tonya Harding placed third in 1992’s U.S. Figure Skating Championships and finished four in 1992 Winter Olympics.

In 1994, Tonya Harding won the U.S. Championships.

However, the USFSA disciplinary panel stripped of the title because of the attack she made on Nancy Kerrigan.

Her controversy with Kerrigan became the one that ended her figure-skating career.

Celebrity and Boxing Career

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In 1994, Tonya Harding appeared on a professional wrestling show “AAA” as the manager of a wrestle.

Tonya Harding joined the cast in a low-budget action film “Breakaway”.

The film was released in 1996 and her performance didn’t impress the critics.

She joined a Celebrity Boxing show from Fox TV network in 2002. She won the fight against Paula Jones.

Then a year later, she decided to be a professional boxer by making her official women’s professional boxing debut in 2003.

In 2004, Tonya Harding canceled his boxing match plan against Tracy Carlton because of a death threat against her.

After losing some bouts, Harding’s boxing career ended because of her asthma condition.

The professional boxing record of Tonya Harding is 6 fights with 3 wins and 3 losses.

In 2018, Tonya Harding joined the season 26 of Dancing with the Stars as one of the celebrities.

A professional dancer Sasha Farber became her partner to compete in the show.

Tonya and Sasha reached the finals of the competition finishing in third place.

The show really made Harding gained more fame once again.

Tonya Harding Personal Life, Joseph Jens Price

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She began a relationship with Jeff Gillooly in 1986. They both started to live together in a starter home in 1988.

In 1990, they got married and got divorced three years later.

However, after a few months, they had been continuing to see each other again until 1994.

1995, Tonya Harding married her second husband, Michael Smith and got divorced a year later.

The third and current Tonya Harding Spouse was Joseph Jens Price.

She married Joseph and took the surname of “Price”.

The couple They met at Timbers, a local restaurant, while Price singing karaoke.

Joseph Jens Price occupation was keeping the costumer entertaining at the restaurant.

Joseph Jens Price was also an HVAC technician, an expert in air conditioning and heating.

How Much Did Tonya Harding Make

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Despite her achievements in sports, Tonya Harding is also well-known for her scandals and controversies.

However, Tonya managed to find a way to use those to her advantage.

Because of the controversy, she got more money through TV appearances and paid interviews.

For instance, the 1994’s “Inside Edition” paid $600,000 for an exclusive interview.

Some other appearances in TV shows brought more fortune to her pocket.

When she was still doing figure skating, the endeavors probably have contributed to her net worth.

The attack against Kerrigan clearly evaporated deals and endorsement to Harding.

That made she ended her figure-skating career.

Tonya Harding worked many odd jobs besides figure skating. She had been a painter, a welder, and a sales clerk.

All of Tonya Harding facts and life stories got covered in an Oscar-nominated film “I, Tonya” in which she only received $1,500.

However, the film got high profits because it received a lot of positive reviews from critics.

Harding also received a percentage of it. All of her spouses could also contribute to her net worth.

As she receiving more publicity, appearances, and interviews, Tonya Harding net worth may go up in the future.

Being one of the celebrities in a dance competition TV Show “Dancing With The Stars” could really add more fortune to her net worth.

Just for signing on the show, she reportedly receives about $125,000.

Because of the net worth which is seemingly low, she lives a relatively normal life with her husband and son.


Tonya Harding is a former athlete and a quite well-known celebrity who has an estimated net worth of $50,000.

Her controversy brought her to the entertainment industry like joining celebrity boxing, TV guest appearances, and Dancing with The Stars.