Lil Yachty Net Worth, The Fantastic Career Of A Teenage Rapper

Lil Yachty Net Worth

Lil Yachty, who has a real name as Miles Parks McCollum is a rapper and songwriter from America.

He first gained popularity in 2015 for his debut singles titled “One Night” and “Minnesota”.

Lil Yachty also launched his first mixtape the year after his debut singles.

Many rappers and producers put a lot of attention to his released mixtape titled “Lil Boat”.

That’s why he also was known as Lil Boat beside Lil Yachty.

As of this year, Lil Yachty net worth is estimated $8 million. How he achieved this net worth? We’re about to reveal it.

Early Life

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On 23rd of August, 1997, Miles Parks Mccollum was born in Mableton, Georgia.

In 2015, McCollum chose to take the stage name “Lil Yachty” because he was in the youngest member of a group called “The Yacht Club”.

Then, he moved to New York City from his Atlanta to make his dream to become a successful rapper came true.

He struggled his way to the top by staying with a friend.

Lil Yachty networked himself with online street fashion personalities.

That was how he began to build up his image on Instagram to be the next internet sensation.

Building Up His Career

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People started to recognize him when his debut single “One Night” was featured in a short comedy video on Instagram that went viral.

The song was actually taken from his SoundCloud account by the video maker at the end of 2015.

Starting the year of 2016, Lil Yachty got involved as a model in the Yeezy Season 3 fashion line by Kanye West which is located at Madison Square Garden.

About a month after that modeling debut, Lil Yachty launched his first debut mixtape called “Lil Boat”.

It seems like all of the popularity is begun because of his viral song “One Night”.

Since then, he gained a lot of attention and popularity, of course.

So, in April 2016, Lil Yachty collaborated with a rapper named “DRAM” on a song titled “Broccoli”.

That song surprisingly became a hit. It peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Chart Hot 100.

A famous rapper Chance The Rapper released a mixtape called “Coloring Book” in May 2016.

He featured Lil Yachty as one of the rappers he collaborated with.

Career With Record Deals

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In the mid of 2016, Lil Yachty signed a joint venture record deal with Quality Control Music, Motown Records, and Capitol Records.

Shortly after the signing, Lil Yachty launched his second Mixtape called “Summer Songs 2”.

In December 2016, he got featured in some more singles from fellow rappers.

Then in 2017, He continued to get stronger in the music industry by releasing his debut studio album “Teenage Emotions”.

That album featured some appearances from Diplo, Stefflon Don, YG, Migos, and more.

Yachty released all of the promotional singles of that album a few weeks before releasing the album itself.

On February 2018, Lil Yachty announced the release of his next album “Lil Boat” on March 9, 2018.

Lil Yachty considered his style as “Bubblegum Trap” which he also described as “Mumble Rap”.

Some of his songs have sampled sounds ranging from “Rugrats” theme, Charlie Brown, Mario Bros, and A GameCube console startup sound.

A popular music magazine, Rolling Stone described Lil Yachty music as “Catchy, intentionally stinky-sounding tunes which are packed with off-color boasts that are delivered in a proudly amateurish singsong”.

Lil Yachty’s Award Nominations

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Even though Lil Yachty never won an award, he got in the nomination a lot of massive awards, such as:

  • 2017’s Billboard Music Awards, Nominated as Top Rap Collaboration, Top Rap Streaming Song, and Top Rap Song, for his song “Broccoli”.
  • 2017’s MTV Music Awards, Nominated as Best Hip Hop Video and Best Collaboration for “Broccoli” song. For “iSpy” song, he was nominated for Best Visual Effects.
  • 2017’s Grammy Awards, Nominated as Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for “Broccoli”
  • 2017’s iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards, Nominated as the Best New International Artist.

Achieving the Net Worth of $3 Million

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During the time after he launched his first album, Lil Yachty managed to get endorsement deals for a good amount of money.

He also has a commanding price everytime he’s doing a concert.

People might be asking, how come a new celebrity can accumulate a lot of money for just two years full.

Well, it might be more complicated than that.

As of right now, Lil Yachty’s command fee for a single concert he performs is $100,000.

He doesn’t have any problem getting his schedule full.

Well, that’s quite enough to prove that a man like Yachty can add up very quickly to fill up his net worth.

The money doesn’t only come from music or concert.

Lil Yachty also has some endorsement deals with big brands like Sprite and Target.

He was paid for his spot in the commercial video. Every time the commercial appeared on TV, they pay to Yachty.

Well, if you accumulate and average all of his earnings, he roughly makes about $60,00 per day whether he’s doing a concert or not.

That’s a fantastic amount of money for a teenage rapper.

How about his house and cars collection? Well, Lil Yachty decided not to show his house to the public.

It takes place in New York. So, it’s pretty hard to calculate his house’s worth, but we believed it’s worth a high amount of money.

Yacthy’s Cars Collection

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Yachty owns a few cars which he showed off a lot through his Instagram account.

  • Mercedes G Wagon worth $143,000.
  • Ferrari Testarossa worth $285,000.
  • Ferarri 458 Spider worth $285,000
  • Maybach S600 worth $300,000
  • Bentley Continental GTC worth $277,000
  • Ferrari F12berlinetta worth $323,000
  • BMW I8 worth $140,000
  • BMW E60 525i worth $15,000

Lil Yachty is also very kind to his best friend and girlfriend.

For his best friend birthday, he gave him a luxurious and sporty Corvette car.

Then, for his girlfriend’s 21st birthday, he gave her a New Corvette Grand Sports car.

He Loves Jewellery So Much

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Looking at Lil Yachty’s life will inspire you so much, as a talented teenager, Lil Yachty net worth has to reach a billion dollars.

Now, we need to know more in-depth about his life, which is having its unique side.

He loves to wear jewelry that he wore for any event that coming for.

We knew that Lil Yachty would have a lot of money to fulfill anything he wants.

Reportedly Yachty has a diamond Bart Simpson with Braids.

There are not many people to know if he likes Simpson, but it is the truth that he has this jewelry in his house.

From his appearance on the TV show or any other concert, he will come with full of talent.

He is also will try to use his favorite jewelry, which can make him feel more confident.

There is no other fact about Lil Yachty saying about how many pieces of jewelry that he has.

However, in every show, he is coming with full of silver.

Inspired by His Alter Ego

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Not many people know if Lil Yachty has altered egos that will always come along with him.

Maybe, Lil Yachty’s net worth is also inspired by his alter ego.

There is a lot of people curious about why he has an alter ego, while he also has an excellent talent to make him confident.

There is a unique name that he used to explain the alter ego.

The first name is Darnell Boat, this name describing something that you can understand why it is important to him.

Darnell Boar will appear as an uncle to Lil Yachty that is special to him.

Another name is Lil Boat that can be used for something important to him.

Lil Boat alters ego can bring him to reach his limit.

With the title, he can be more confident and aggressive than the usual Yachty.

However, most of his alter ego can support his career, and he can use it based on time.

Calculated, Positive, and carefully

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Maybe, people know him as one of a teenager with the right talent without knowing more in-depth about his personal life.

Now, you need to understand something that can make your life changes from Yachty.

He was explaining that his personality could make him a perfectionist.

He will always put everything calculated before he is accepting or doing some activity.

He will try to be careful and stand out as much as possible.

Yachty is going to say that you need to be like a cartoon character.

This means that you need to move away from your personality and turn into something with totality.

However, he will be trying to say that you cannot change yourself in real life, and you need to be what you are today.

Sometimes, we knew about artists, actors, and musicians from his life on TV.

Now, you need to understand about your idol deeper.

Lil Yachty will always try to spread positivity towards others.

It is one of his abilities that can make everyone inspired by what he has done.

If you meet him in real life, you can find different Yachty from his character in the stage.

Huge Fans and Big Idol to Everyone

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It will sound weird if someone with a successful career has no fans out there.

You need to know that Yachty has a lot of people who love him.

We knew that his career in music begins, but his fans love him so much.

There is a lot of reason why there is a lot of people loves him, and it all started with his appearance that can inspire a lot of people.

Maybe, you cannot believe if his fans will do anything to show his love.

Not long from now, there is a lot of Yachty fans out there, started to use the tattoo of him.

Surprisingly his career as a musician can be accepted by people, and his appearance can inspire a lot of people surrounding him.

Once you were looking at his performance, Yachty will always perform with immense totality.

Inspired by A lot of Musicians

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We knew that Lil Yachty’s life surrounding by massive Hip Hop stars, but who knows if he has another idol that inspired him.

As a talented musician, he will have a lot of heroes that can bring his bright career.

Once he admits that he is a massive fan of Coldplay, this is something unique and accurate facts about him.

He said that his first favorite song was “Speed of Sound” made by Coldplay.

While people are asking which genre that he likes the most, and he answers that he does not know the difference between hip-hop and rock.

It is confusing to everyone who loves him while he does not have any idea about it.

Yachty said that his favorite song is not only hip-hop and rock.

He said that he also likes to listen to music by All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Miley Cyrus, Linkin Park, Lil B, Soulja Boy, Kid Cudi, and Andre 3000.

Facts About Lil Yachty

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1. Does not like boats

Once he confirmed to the media, he is not the kind of person who wants to spend their time in the open water.

That is why he is often saying that he is afraid to be on the boat.

There are not many people who know about this fact, but Yachty does confirm this.

2. Loves pizza so much

Wondering about Lil Yachty’s favorite food?

There is nothing special from what he likes the most.

Once he confirmed that he wants to eat pizza, and this is his favorite food since he was a kid.

If you are asking about which flavor that he loves the most from pizza, he will be saying that he likes veggie pizza so far.

Veggie pizza, including on his daily diet, that is why he is often eating this food.

3. Favorite chain

Lil Yachty net worth more than a billion dollars.

Take a look at his favorite chain. He always wore for almost all of his events.

He said that Gucci Mane inspires him, and he likes to use the Bart Simpson chain.

You need to know that he should spend $90.000 on this chain.

4. Like to spend his time outdoor

Lil Yachty confirmed that he likes to hang out with friends.

At that time, he will try to chase out the girl, and he wants to spend his time to refresh his mind.


Lil Yachty began his road to stardom in 2015. Thanks to the creator of a viral comedy video that makes his song “One Night” went viral.

He has been so successful since then. As of today, his net worth is approximately $8 million, and he’s just 20 years old.