Dating a Korean Guy : Tips, Things To Know

Since we cannot choose our destiny, most people found their behalf with different culture.

Love is not something that you can choose, as there must be someone that is belongs to you.

Even that he or she is not your type.

Now, if you are having a Korean boyfriend, here is some guidance that you can follow for dating a Korean guy.

There will be no big problem since you can understand each other.

What we have underlined about dating across culture is to understand everything about your partner.

Now, we are talking about Korea, which located in Asia.

That means you need to know what is Asian culture looks like.

There is a lot of things that you should learn about Korea, that can make you know better about your partner.

Including to understand how is Korean perspective about dating in his or her life.

What Does Dating Mean in Korea?


1. One of the hardest commitment

Once you realize that you have a feeling for someone from Korea, which means that you might change everything in his life.

For Korean people, dating is a commitment that is not easy to do.

That is why, if you want to understand how to dating a Korean guy, you need to make sure if he can believe in you.

2. Korean guys love their mother so much

Most people who have Korean boyfriend often have the same situations.

You need to know that not everyone has the same character.

That is why, one of the essential things that you should know, most of the Korean would love his mother so much.

He will spend his time to answer his mother phone calls, and it is a must.

You are also should have a big understanding about your Korean lover.

Woman whose having Korean boyfriend, need to make sure that she can understand if his mother is priority.

even that her boyfriend would try to work harder for his mother.

However, it does not mean that you cannot have attention from your boyfriend.

3. Kimchi is his favorite food

Once you are visiting Korean restaurant, you must have an experience to eat Kimchi.

If you do not like this food, that is not a big problem.

However, you should be able to cook and comfortable with the smells.

Your Korean boyfriend, must have to eat this Kimchi every time he enjoy the meal.

Dating a Korean guy is not a big problem, if you can understand everything that he loved the most, including his favorite food.

If you cannot cook Kimchi by yourself, you can consider to buy from the outside.

You must find an Asian store nearby, and you can have everything that your boyfriend like.

However, you must believe that Kimchi is the best side dish which could worth the taste of food.

4. Do not like to spoiled woman

For some reason, people want to have a boyfriend as she could share everything with him.

However, once you are dating Korean guy, you cannot get spoiled.

He even will talk about the bill that he spends after shopping.

5. Loves to eat

Once you are dating Korean guy, you need to make sure that you can accept everything about him.

One of the critical things to understand, is because he loves to eat.

Not because he is often eat without good schedule, but he is loves to eat a really big portion.

It is because, he raised with the same way by his mother, to cook and eat with big portion.

6. Family is priority

Once, there was a woman who were dating Korean guy.

She said that her partner really put his family on top of his priority.

Even he will do anything for them, as you might be one of his second priority.

You cannot get jealous with his family, and he is also can be able to work harder for his family.

If your boyfriend is the first son, which means he might have a big responsibility in his shoulder.

7. You cannot get fat

Before you decide to have a relationship with Korean guy, you need to know that you need to control your body fat.

Most of Korean guy loves body goal woman, even that most of the Korean people loves to eat too much.

In some condition, you need to accept if your boyfriend would talk or speaking with bad words about your body.

Including his family and his mother who will have strong critics for you.

What Does Oppa Mean in Korea?


Learning about Korean culture must be interesting. You must have or often heard the word “Oppa” in Korean language.

The word have some specific meaning that you need to understand.

We know that Korean culture spread to all around the world, and you are also should be able to understand it because you have a Korean boyfriend.

In Korea Oppa means older brother, but also it could have different meaning.

Oppa also could means older brother, close friend, and also your romantic boyfriend or husband.

You need to know that Oppa is common words in Korea.

If you are also interested to use this word, you can call your Korean boyfriend with this nickname.

Is Smoking Common in Korea?


Once you are dating a Korean guy, you need to know if Korea having strict bans of smoking in public.

South Korean government, strict to set their goals to reduce male smoking rates to the OECD in 2020 by 29 percent.

There are a lot of bans and strict rules including, warning photos, advertising bans, financial investment helps, ban in public including restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Since July 2013 the smoking bans were applied by the Government.

Even the government has applied fines for people who banned the rule with 100.000 Won.

The government hopes if this rule may reduce the smoking rates in Korea.

There is nothing to scared about dating a Korean guy.

Most of the guidance for you above, is one of the best information to help you.

If you want to find better love in your life, you need to understand what he likes and what can make him happy.