Bill Maher Young Life, His Age, Career, Racial Slur, and Net Worth

Bill Maher Net Worth, The Most Controversial Host

Bill Maher is a famous comedian, actor, and TV host.

He is well-known as a political commentator because of his hits show on HBO “Real Time With Bill Maher”

Bill Maher has been hosting the political show since 2003 to present.

Maher likes to burst sociopolitical commentary and political satire in his show.

He used harsh language a lot in his statement or commentary. That’s the reason he got a lot of controversies.

One day Bill Maher said something controversial regarding of fat shaming.

This was responded by several of public figures, such as James Corden and Marcus Lemonis (Check full article about Marcus Lemonis Net Worth).

However, Bill Maher net worth is estimated to be 100 million dollars according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Bill Maher Age and His Young Life

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Bill Maher was born on January 20, 1956. His real name is William Maher. As of this year, Bill Maher age is 63 years old.

He was born to a network news editor and radio announcer, William Aloysius Maher Jr, and his mother, Julie Maher, a nurse.

As a kid, Bill Maher was raised in New Jersey. He graduated from a High School in Montvale in 1974.

Then, he continued to study at Cornell University majoring in both English and history.

Maher graduated from college in 1978. While in college, he was selling pot in order to pay for college and do comedy.

Bill Maher Early Career As A Stand Up Comedian

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Before hosting TV Shows, Bill Maher began his career as an actor and comedian, pretty similar with some people such as Ben Stiller (Read more about Ben Stiller Net Worth).

He hosted a comedy club in New York City in 1979.

Bill Maher also appeared on some late night talk shows doing Stand-up comedy in 1982.

Because of his hilarious comedy performance, he got more calls to appear in several television shows and movies.

He appeared on TV shows like 1985’s Sara, !989’s Murder She Wrote, and 1991’s Charlie Hoover.

He has his won TV Shows in 2003 and already interviewed many public figures such as Barbra Streisand (check out full article about Barbra Streisand Net Worth), Garry Kasparov, Jim Carrey, and many other.

Maher’s feature film debut was in a movie titled  “D.C. Cab” in 1983.

He also appeared in ‘Ratboy”, “Newhart”, and “Pizza Man”.

Bill Maher Racial Slur and Politically Incorrect Show

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Bill Maher’s television career really started when he became the host of a late-night political talk show called “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher”.

The show ran on Comedy Central channel from 1993 to 1997.

Then in 1997, the show moved to a new channel, ABC, until the show stopped in 2002.

The show is about Bill Maher having a discussion with a diverse group of individuals.

The topical issues that they talked about were selected by Bill Maher.

Because of its amazing performance as a talk-show program, Politically Incorrect won many awards, including Genesis Award, CableACE, and of course Emmy Award.

For producing, writing, and hosting the show, Bill Maher himself received an array of awards such as Emmy nominations, TV Guide Nominations, and more.

Six days after the September 11 attacks, Bill Maher made a controversial on-air remark in Politically Incorrect.

Although Maher already clarified his comment, ABC network decided not to renew the contract of Maher with the show.

That was the end of the Politically Incorrect show. On June 16, 2002, the show was officially canceled.

Shortly after that, Bill Maher received an award from the Los Angeles Press Club president’s award as the champion of free speech.

Real Time with Bill Maher

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When talking about Bill Maher career, his late-night shows program should be the topic.

After the cancellation of Politically Incorrect, Maher successfully sealed a deal with HBO network to do a similar show with the different title “Real Time with Bill Maher”.

In Real Time, Bill Maher is not just the host, he’s also the co-producer and co-writer.

It gives him big power to manage the show. The show started in 2003 and it’s still aired in the present.

Compared to the Politically Incorrect show, this new show made Bill Maher talk politic more seriously.

Well, Bill Maher would still be himself with raunchy rhetoric on politics and religion.

It’s hard to keep him out of hot water for the media.

Bill Maher had dealt with a lot of controversy throughout his career.

The Real Time with Bill Maher show has earned a lot of praise widely.

The show has been nominated over 10 times in Emmy Awards.

In 2007, Maher and his co-producers received a Producers Guild of America Award as the Television Producer of The Year.

Bill Maher House and Net Worth

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Obviously, Bill Maher’s source of income comes from his television contract deals.

Appearing in many films and TV programs would also be included in his net worth.

Besides hosting a hits talk show program, Bill Maher is also a periodic contributor to the Huffington Post.

Bill Maher is a regular commentator on many cable news networks including CNN and Fox News.

Even though he’s not young anymore. He’s still actively performed a stand-up comedy.

Bill Maher has released some comedy albums and has done several stand-up tours in America.

He has been involved in 9 HBO stand-up comedy specials from 1995 to 2018.

Some hits TV series like “The Good Wife”, “House of Cards”, and “Blackish”, have him appeared as himself.

Appearing on TV and Film has been adding more to Bill Maher Net Worth.

Outside the comedy industry and television, Bill Maher extends in the world of baseball.

As a fan, he has a minority stake in a baseball team “New York Mets”.

He purchased the stake in 2012 and it would be $80 million worth in this year. Bill Maher knew how to invest well.

Bill Maher is considered one of the highest paid comedians worldwide.

It’s pretty easy for him to reach $100 million Net Worth.

Bill Maher owns a house in Beverly Hills, California. The house was owned by Ben Affleck and Drew Barrymore.

The house must be worth millions of dollar.

He is often spotted driving his black Ferrari California worth about 300 thousand dollars.

Bill Mahe also has supported many charities including Comic Relief, PETA, Global Green, Farm Sanctuary, and many more.

His Appearance as The Best Parent Ever

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Bill Maher’s net worth coming from all of his appearance in the TV show, Bill Maher, stand as a good parent to his children.

He seeks marriage and often becoming an excellent parent.

Most people, including his kids, admit that he is one of the best people to offer genuine love within his family.

Offering warmth, protection and give his children full understanding is one of his abilities.

Almost all of his college knows him as a perfectionist about his personal life.

He is often confused about choosing for the best partner in his life, including finding a spouse.

He will be meticulous not to select a partner for the wrong reason.

Maher is often saying that he will not his sentimentality influence his decision to finding the best partner.

He will think about his children’s future.

Maybe, most people know him from his appearance on the TV show, and he is also not open up his personal life to the public.

After all of the years of his career, we know that he has a great personality to show as a good parent.

His children have a good father with a perfect job and a fantastic net worth.

Bill Maher Cares to his Surrounding

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Bill Maher has a beautiful ability to show his sympathy towards others.

He always tries to seek service to others capable of giving comfort and healer for someone’s needs.

Maybe there are not many people who know about this fact, but the truth is saying that he is always trying his best to help others.

Offering his shoulder for others to cry on, is one of his favorite parts in this world and seeing other people happy.

Once he said that he had a mission in life, which is to try for being helpful towards others, not only to show his sympathy.

His ear will always open to everyone who needs help.

He knows that his abilities and appearance could make everyone happy and find the best comfort.

Bill Maher’s net worth not only coming from his appearance on TV but also it came along with all of his sympathies towards others.

However, he needs also to learn whether he understands to help someone and not to make them feel weaker.

Sometimes, when people get a lot of influences and benefits, they could feel like they are within their more vulnerable side.

Perfect Charisma and Amazing Talent

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Almost all of his college and families know that he had everything that can bring success to him.

Maher’s talent can be able to give him the best experience for living.

Including to have the best creativity and willingness to sacrifice.

He has the best musical ability with perfect visual and performing arts.

He knew that he had an excellent talent in the arts.

With all of his effort, he can make success in a lot of artistic fields.

You need to know that he is also excellent to have a talent in the business.

He is blessed with a great deal of charming and charismatic personality.

He can use this advantage to attract people and support his needs.

Unknown Facts About Bill Maher

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1. Often describes himself as libertarian

Once he said to everyone surrounding him that he is a libertarian.

His career in politics counted as successful, and there is a lot of people supported what he had done.

He said that “The line I have always used is, I would be a republican if they would.”

He wants a mean that he is an old man to watch his money, and the government takes as much money as it can and give it away.”

2. Did not know his real religion

Up until he was a teenager, admitting that he does not have any idea if he is half-Jewish.

He knew that it was his mother’s side.

Up until that age, his mother had not told him about it. This is something that he knew so far.

3. Maher loves a dog so much

Inside his heart, he has a genuine love about parenting and takes care of his pets.

Maher has a great passion for dogs. Most people know that he had few dogs in his Beverly Hills homes.

Everything is coming due to his sympathy for giving great love to his surroundings.

He likes to train his dog, and he had an excellent ability to do that.

However, he once stated that he does not believe in training his dogs. He does not want to makes his lovely pets to lose their humor.

He has a specialty to serve as a useful animal supporter.

He likes to join with a lot of animal organizations, including PETA, since 1997.

He is also joined the Best Friends Animal Society and Farm Animal Rights Movement.

4. Soft personality with his family

Who knows if Bill Maher’s net worth is not limited to his father’s effort?

He has become a successful comedian, politician, and in the TV show program.

His father, William Maher Sr., has contributed to several Bill careers, including his political and TV show program.

The news is saying that Maher’s father was employed as a news editor for NBC while Bill is growing up.

It brings success and leads Bill to have a good ability.

Since all of them would discuss all of the big news and event in every family dinner.

However, the discussion is not only to talk about everything that happens, but Maher’s family would also discuss anything that could enhance their relationship.

5. Always takes his job seriously

bill maher asmr

Most people, including his college, knows him as a right and disciplined person.

Maher will always try to show a better work ethic during his working time.

He is also one of the right people who like to conduct several sports activities.

His consistency comes along with his life habits.

He likes to jumps on the trampoline, playing on the basketball court, and conducting medication that can make his life better.

He had a good ambition in his life, that can make him become the best entrepreneur and put his dedication into everything that he has done.

With his passionate ability, Bill Maher’s net worth will always be consistently better up until now.

He knew that everything should be done by doing the best, and he proves that he is successful in doing that.


Throughout his television career since 1993, Bill Maher has achieved many praise and awards.

Despite dealing with a lot of controversies, he still managed to get himself to the top of the list.

Bill Maher is one of the greatest TV hosts in the world.

People love a home for his political commentary and his support to a minority.

As of this year, Bill Maher Net Worth is approximately $100 million.