Venus Williams Bio, Career, Achievements, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Venus Williams Net Worth, One of The Greatest Female Tennis Player

Venus Williams is a professional tennis player from America. She’s the older sister of Serene Williams.

Venus is currently ranked number 38 in the world by the Women’s Tennis Association or WTA.

Along with her younger sister, Serene Williams, she’s credited with ushering in a new era of athleticism and power on the women’s professional tennis tour.

Venus Williams is one of the all-time great female tennis players.

She has been ranked world number 1 by the WTA for eleven weeks.

The gold-medalist tennis player has an estimated net worth of $95 million which she earned throughout her career in sport.

Venus Williams Biography

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Venus Ebony Starr Williams was born on June 17, 1980. She was born and raised in Lynwood, California

Venus Williams age as of this year is 38 years old. Venus was born to Oracene Price and Richard Williams.

At the age of seven, Tony Chester, a local tennis player spotted her amazing talent in playing tennis

Her family relocated to Floride when he was ten years old.

Venus Wiliams attended the tennis academy of Rick Macci.

When Wiliams was eleven years old, their parents wanted to take things slow and let their children focus on schoolwork.

At that time, Williams held a 63-0 record on the tour of Junior Tennis Association.

She was ranked number 1 among other players in Southern California.

Venus Williams Tennis Career

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Venus Williams started her career as a professional tennis player when she was 14 years old.

She played her first official game at the West Classic band in California.

As a soon-to-be athlete, she could get to 100 miles per hour long-serving speed.

That was the reason why Venus Williams won her first match against Shaun Stafford.

However, in the second round of the event, she lost to Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, the second-best tennis player that that time.

In 2000, Venus Williams participated in the U.S. Open and the Wimbledon tournament.

She won both of them which led her to a $40 million worth endorsement with Reebok.

That was the breakthrough of her career in sports.

She gained more and more popularity because of her performance in Tennis.

Throughout her career as a professional tennis player, she has featured in the Singles Grand Slam finals for sixteen times.

She won the Grand Slam four times and 9 times as a runner-up.

In the Doubles competition, Venus Williams Siblings, Serena has won 14 titles in women doubles competition.

Venus Williams also won two times in mixed doubles competition.

Moreover, Venus Williams won an Olympic Gold medal both in doubles and singles competition.

She became the first women who achieved that since 1924.

Venus Williams Achievements and Records

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  • She was the first African-American woman to ever be the number 1 in the world
  • She is one of the only two women, with Serena, to win 4 tennis Olympics Gold Medals.
  • With 80 appearances in Grand Slams singles, she has the most appearances
  • She is the one and only tennis player to win the Olympic medal in four different editions of Olympics
  • Venus Williams held the record for having the fastest-ever serve by female tennis player with 129mph speed. The record was broken by Sabine Lisicki in 2014.

Is Venus Williams Married? Who is Her Husband?

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Many fans of Venus Williams have this question in mind. Well, the answer is no, she is not married yet until now.

So, Venus Williams doesn’t have a husband nor a baby, yet.

She is in fact in a relationship with Nicholas Hammond, a wealthy financier.

Before she met Hammond, Venus has dated Elio Pis, a model from Cuba in 2012.

She has also dated Hank Kuehne, a professional golfer for three years.

Venus Williams Weight and Height, Body Measurements

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The Olympic Gold Medalist has maintained a great healthy body structure in her career.

Venus Williams managed to keep her body healthy which became the key to her success in the sports industry.

How tall is Venus Williams? She stands at 6ft 1inch or 185 cm tall.

Venus Williams weight is about 160 pounds or 72.5 kg.

Venus Williams Endorsements

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Unlike Serene, Venus Williams doesn’t really have a lot of massive deals of endorsements.

In fact, she doesn’t really need those deals like clothing line because she already created her own clothing line.

Venus Williams owns a clothing line named EleVen featuring athletic apparel designed by her.

Although, she also got many endorsements deals with big companies such as Electronic Arts as the brand ambassador.

In 1995, She was in contract with Reebok which valued about $12 million and $40 million deal five years later.

According to The Richest, she also signed a contract with several other brands such as Wrigley Chewing Gum ($1.1 million), McDonald’s ($1 million), Wilsons leather clothing ($250,000), and Avon Cosmetics endorsements ($1 million).

Venus Williams Wealth and Investments

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Besides playing tennis, you can also define Venus Williams as an entrepreneur and investor.

She got into the business world like other athletes and founded some companies including her clothing line EleVen and V Starr Interior, her interior design company.

Venus Williams also invested in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) company and several other companies like Ellevest, a women-aimed digital investing platform.

Most of her sources of income came from her business and of course her tennis career.

The total of Venus Williams net worth is in the estimation of $95 million.

Mostly, the net worth came from the prizes she got from competitions.

In 2017, she won total prize money of $36.5 million playing in singles competition of Women Tennis Association.

As a wealthy personality, Venus Williams has several assets like cars and houses.

She shares a part of the mansion in Palm Beach Florida with her sister Serena Williams.

They bought the house together in 1998 for just over half of million but in recent years, the mansion worth $4.5 million.

Venus Williams has a Mercedes Benz-GL Class that worth about $85.000.


Venus Williams is one of the greatest athletes in America who has an estimated net worth of $95 million.

She managed to achieve the net worth by winning many major competitions and running her business.