Travis Scott Net Worth, The Impact Of Kylie Jenner

Travis Scott Net Worth

Travis Scott, a popular rapper, songwriter, and record producer from America, signed his first major-label deal with Epic Records.

Then, he signed a deal with GOOD Music owned by Kanye West. That was the beginning of his career journey.

He managed to achieve outstanding net worth after becoming the significant other of his billion-dollar girlfriend, Kylie Jenner.

Although, the achievements he got throughout his career before dating Kyle would still significantly affect his Net worth until this day.

As of 2019, Travis Scott’s Net Worth is approximately $22 million.

Early Life

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Travis Scott was born in Houston, Texas on April 30, 1992. Jacques Berman Webster II is Travis Scott real name.

He grew up in a middle-class suburban area in Missouri City.

He lived with his grandmother, then moved to live with his father’s place in the suburbs.

Webster graduated from Elkins High School at seventeen. Then, He attended the University of Texas San Antonio.

He dropped out of the college to focus on his music career.

After that, Webster moved to New York City immediately to pursue his dream as a rapper.

The frustration of his parents because of dropping out made his parent’s financial support cut off.

The Beginning Of His Career

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In 2008, Travis Scott formed a rapper due with his longtime friend Chris Holloway.

The name of the group was “The Graduate”.

They released their first untitled EP on MySpace, a popular social media back then.

The next year after that, he was enough with The Guardian and formed another group with his schoolmates named The Classmates.

They released two projects which are produced by Travis himself. The group can only bound for two years.

He moved to several cities in order to pursue his music career.

He moved to Washington, New York and finally stayed in Los Angeles.

While he was in Los Angeles, an Atlanta-based rapper, T.I hear one of Webster song.

Then, he wants Webster to attend a T.I’s studio for a meeting.

Album After Album

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The first solo full-length project by Travis Scott was set to be launched in 2012 as a free download.

But, he canceled it. Later, the project was released and recreated by Mike Dean and Kanye West.

But, it was delayed one more time. In 2013, Scott released a music video for a “Quintana” song, one of the tracks in “Owl Pharaoh” album.

Travis Scott handled the production with the help from Sak Pase and Mike Dean.

In the same month, Scott announced the debut of his commercial single, titled “Upper Echelon” in collaboration with Chainz and T.I.

In 2014, He announced a single release called “Rodeo” which is his major-label debut studio album.

It was a success for the Mixtapes album.

Following that, Travis Scott announced that he would headline a concert tour, named “The Rodeo Tour”.

He performed in eleven cities and the ticket had sold out really quick.

Some popular rappers like Kanye West and Chris Brown appeared in some cities as a special guest appearance.

The Rodeo Tour from Travis Scott has been acclaimed as one of today’s wildest rap tours.

In 2015, Rodeo was released again this time as an album, not a single.

In the album, Travis Scott collaborates with many famous singers and rappers such as The Weeknd, Juicy J, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Pharrell Williams and many more.

The Rodeo album received many positive reviews from music critics.

It also finds itself a spot on number 3 of the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

It’s even peaking at number one on the rap albums chart of Billboard.

After Rodeo, Travis had released some more studio albums such as “Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight (2016), “Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho” (2017), and“Astroworld” (2018).

All of them followed the success of Rodeo.

The Best Travis Scott Songs

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As a musician, Travis Scott net worth may reach billions of dollars.

However, you need to hear some of his product that can make your days.

There will be a lot of inspiration from his music, including his music video.

He will try to put everything with total efforts that can make his albums sound great.

There is a lot of Travis songs with a better vibe, and you can enjoy the music on your phone now.

1. Yosemite

There is a good vibe that you can feel with this music video.

The journey presented by this song will inspire you, as the music is very smooth.

Bring back your mood with this music is one of the best ways to do.

Feeling a new inspiration must be essential for you too, especially this song has the best flow that can make your day more exceptional.

2. First, take

Strong message delivers in this video that can inspire you with a very touch instrument.

You can hear this song that is having a better tone for the sleeper.

The message must take you to your more profound feeling, as it talks about a man having a relationship with a woman he cannot live without.

Except to talks about their relationship, the man realizes something that hurts his feeling.

In the details, the woman only seeks money from him, as her love never be more significant for him.

In this video, the music explains that love is complicated, and you cannot push yourself to live with someone who has no hearted for you.

3. Upper Echelon

This song talks about Travis’s live, and this song is accepted by most people today.

We know that not everyone can create something based on their real life, but Travis has shown a high expression and responses.

It is not so bad for him to try this song, as this is the first introduction about Travis for his fans.

4. Maria, I’m Drunk

Travis rap style fits perfectly in this music, with a perfect piano sound.

The stories of video talk about the late-night in the studio and carving for sexy woman.

The songs are matching with all the great moment from the video.

You will never forget all the moment from the video, and you can find the best tone that can make you happy.

5. No Bystanders

If you find this song interesting, there is a specific message that you can find here.

The message saying about your motivation either you rage or go home.

The collaboration between Scott and Juice WRLD would be the best product that could be accepted by everyone.

Most people are saying if this is one of the best tracks and exciting video that he has ever made.

6. 90210

Most people saying that the lyric produced by Travis in his song, perform well balanced between sweet and savoury.

He describes his relationship with his parents and grandmother.

They have been successful makes his life brighter than before.

He came from the dark to light with the most successful career.

All the things he has done in his life may increase Travis Scott net worth.

Facts About Travis and Rihanna

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Most people who enjoy the gossip would know about the news, that Travis and Rihanna have ever been together before.

Now, these issues still become a rumour since he has been married to Kylie Jenner.

Most people know if he has linked to Rihanna since 2015.

There is a lot of people found him dated to Rihanna and went together.

This issue is growing up, and reportedly they were dated between August and February 2016.

We know that both of them is a talented artist and singer; it means that both of their fans supported their choices.

However, when Rihanna began dating Drake, as Travis saying that Rihanna is one of his muses.

Romantic Person for his Wife

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As a girl, you will need a typically different person that can fulfil your life.

Travis seems to become Kyle’s, favourite man.

When Kyle is celebrating her 20th birthday, Travis is coming with a beautiful surprise for her.

At that time, they were not a husband and wife.

Kyle is one of his new girls. He would like to do anything for her happiness.

Travis has hired an orchestra for Kyle’s 20th birthday.

At that time, she was full of surprise and happiness.

Both of them are also having a pair of tattoos that would make them more romantic as a couple.

They were shared their moment on Snapchat, and their fans were happy to enjoy their moment.

The last gift from him was to gave her a massive butterfly chain, which he is also made a hit song called Butterfly Effect.

Kid Cudi is His Favourite Artist

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Most of the artist will have them admire that could become an inspiration.

However, he once confirmed that he likes Kid Cudi that become his favourite artist.

We knew Kid Cudi as a rapper too with all of his creation with perfect style.

Travis confirmed in the interview saying that Cudi is the ultimate and sophisticated as he admires him so much.

He noted that Cudi is one of the realist rappers alive, that would inspire every step of him.

Cudi has music with an edge to it, at the first time Travis met Cudi he was cried and he confirms on the

Become a fan of Kendall Jenner


a man travis scott lyrics

The big news is saying that Travis is a big fan of Kendall.

Once Travis has confirmed if this news is real.

Kendall also had ever come to his first album listening party for Rodeo in 2015.

There is never be a big problem to him while he needs to fits with the Kendall family, and he could be the best to get full support from Kyle’s family.

Also, Travis Scott net worth may increase due to his close relation with Kyle’s family.

Travis Hates Sour Cream

Most of the people from South America would like sour cream.

However, it is different from Travis, once he confirmed that he does not like sour cream.

Kanye West has offered him Taco Bell during their first met, but at that time Travis could not eat it because he does not like sour cream.

Travis is saying that “I do not eat like sour cream. I am not fucking with this taco man, and it was disgusting.”

Awards and Nominations

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  • In 2016, He won an Award as People’s Champ Award from BET Hip Hop Awards for his song “Antidote”
  • In 2017, Travis was awarded in Teen Choice Awards for his collaborative song “Know No Better” as Choice Electronic/Dance Song
  • He was also nominated 6 times in four different years in Grammy

Dating Kyle Jenner

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Despite his huge success in music after “Rodeo” album, dating Kyle Jenner should be one of the biggest highlights in his career.

He started dating Kyle in April 2017. On February 1, 2018, Kyle Jenner gave birth to their first daughter, named Stormi Webster.

She announced it on Instagram which was so viral worldwide.

Travis Scott’s popularity has been growing significantly since dating Kylie Jenner.

She’s a really famous TV star which is widely known for his Reality Show on cable “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

It’s pretty obvious that Travis Scott Net Worth, earnings and popularity is really increasing significantly with the presence of Kyle in his life.

Achieving The Net Worth

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Throughout his career, Travis Scott has earned a lot. He released a lot of songs and performed in many concerts.

That’s quite enough to fill up his net worth. Travis has been selling out merch while promoting his concert tour.

In 2017, he announced the collaboration with Nike brand, a big amount of money was involved.

On October 2018, Kyle and Travis bought a new luxurious mansion that worth $13.4M.

It’s located in Beverly Hills that has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms.

They also own several other luxurious houses in town.

Travis Scott also has a bunch of cars collection that worth $2,3 million.

He has a Lamborghini Aventador, Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari 488, Ferrari LaFerrari, Toyota Mr-2, more other vehicles.

Kyle Jenner gave a big impact to Scott’s Net Worth since the net worth of herself is reached $300 million.


At the beginning of his career, Travis Scott struggled to pursue his music career.

Then, he managed to become famous by releasing singles that went straight into the Billboard chart.

Dating Kyle Jenner is one of the reasons why he gained so much popularity and earnings.

Well, as of this year, Travis Scott Net Worth is approximately $22 million.