Ted Danson Net Worth, Bio, Career, Book, Mansion, Cars

Ted Danson Net Worth, The World’s Richest Actor, How Rich?

Ted Danson or Edward Bridge Danson III is an award-winning TV and film actor. He was also a producer.

On TV Guide’s top 25 TV stars list, Ted Danson was on number two.

His acting performance as Sam Malone on CBS’s “Cheers” TV sitcom brought him two Golden Globe Awards.

He also starred in several other TV shows and films such as Three Men and a Baby in 1987.

Danson played as Larry David on HBO sitcom titled “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

Throughout his career on TV and films, he has received numerous awards.

As a proof of his legacy as a celebrity, he received his own star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

The successful career as a celebrity has made him one of the richest actors.

As of this year, Ted Danson’s estimated net worth is about $185 million.

Ted Danson Biography, Early Years

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Edward Bridge Danson III was born in San Diego, California, on December 29, 1947.

Ted Danson age will be 71 this year.

He was born to Jessica and Edward Bridge Danson who worked as an archeologist and museum director.

Danson has an older sister named Jan Haury and he was raised in Flagstaff area, Arizona.

In 1961, he attended the Kent School in Connecticut. He became the basketball star during school.

He took interests in drama when he was at Stanford University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In 1972, Ted Danson received his degree as Bachelor of Fine Arts in drama.

Ted Danson Career on TV

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He started his career on TV with the daytime soap opera on NBC “Somerset”.

He also appeared in several commercials as “Aramis Man”.

In 1980, he starred majorly on the sitcom “Cheers” on NBC.

He played as “Sam Malone” who was a bartender and a former basketball player.

During this period, Ted Danson made several appearances as a guest on shows like B.JH and the Bear, Benson, Taxi, Laverne and Shirley and many more.

in 1984, he was cast in the TV movie titled “Something About Amelia” which was directed by Randa Haines.

He gained his more recognition through starring in a box office hit “Three Men and a Baby” which is directed by Leonard Nimoy.

He became the star in a short-lived sitcom “Ink” on CBS. It was canceled after just one season.

Danson also appeared in a TV show titled “Gulliver’s Travels”.

He also appeared in the CBS sitcom “Becker” as the main role in 2004.

In 2005, he played as Mr. Richard Manson in “Knights of the South Bronx” which earned him great critical acclaim.

In 2006, Danson appeared in the Sitcom ‘Help Me Help You” which was considered as a flop.

The next year, he got a nomination from Emmy Award for his appearance in FX network drama “Damages”.

In 2011, Ted Danson appeared in Beastie Boys’ music video “Make Some Noise”.

He also starred in an HBO series “Bored to Death” in the same year.

Currently, Ted Danson is playing a role as “D.B. Russel” in CSI series.

Filmography, Book of Ted Danson

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Here are some films that highlighted Danson’s acting career:

  • He played as Jack Holden in Three Men and a Baby film in 1987 and Three Men and a Little lady in 1990.
  • His performance in 1998’s film “Saving Private Ryan” as Capt. Fred Hamill became the people’s favorite.
  • Danson played as E.J. Winters in 2008’s film The Human Contract.
  • The latest appearance of Ted Danson was in ‘Hearts Beat Loud” in 2018.

Besides films, Ted Danson also has an acting career on TV. He joined the cast of “The Doctors” soap opera in 1982.

His acting as Sam Malone in “Cheers” is the real breakthrough of his career from 1982 to 1993.

He voice-acting the character of Sam Malone during the episode of ‘The Simpsons” called Fear of flying.

Ted Danson launched his first and only book, for now, titled “Oceana: Our Endangered Oceans and What We Can Do to Save Them”.

Awards and Nominations

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In 1983, Primetime Emmy Awards nominated Ted Danson as the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for film “Cheers”.

Golden Globe awarded him as the Best Actor in a TV film for his acting in “Something About Amelia”.

The show “Cheers” made Ted Danson received more and more nominations including as the Funniest Male Performer in a TV series from American Comedy Awards.

Recently, he received the Critic’s Choice Television award as Best Actor in a Comedy series “The Good Place”.

Carnegie Mellon University awarded Ted Danson with “Honorary Doctorate Degree”

In 1999, Ted Danson received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his roles in the entertainment industry.

Ted Danson Personal Life

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He married his first wife an actress named Randall Gosch. In 1970. The couple divorced five years later.

Danson married for the second time in 1977. He married Cassandra Coates.

They both divorced in 1993 because of Danson’s affair with ‘Whoopi Goldberg”.

The divorce between them became the costliest ones in Hollywood. As reported,

Eventually, in 1995, Ted Danson married Mary Steenburgen who co-starred him in “Pontiac Moon” film.

Danson became a vegan diet multiple times. Currently, he adheres to a pescetarian diet.

Ted Danson Wealth, Mansion, Cars

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It looks like his net worth decreased because of his costliest divorces in 1993 that cost him over $30 million.

As one of the richest actor, Ted Danson must have a luxury lifestyle.

With his wife, he bought a mansion in a familiar neighborhood of Santa Monica.

The house appeared to have a traditional style that consists of 4 bedrooms and four bathrooms too.

In addition, This Santa Monica house was purchased for $5.15 million.

He liked to collect lavish cars including his Jaguar F Type, Lexus GS, Porsche 911, Lexus RX, and Mercedez Benz S Class.

In 2008, Danson donated over $85,000 to Democrative candidates.

In this year, People magazine named him as the Highest-Paid actor in the world.

It’s based on his spectacular career in 2018-2019.

Besides having a career in the Entertainment industry, Ted Danson also has several businesses going.

He owns several restaurants in Washington, a Football team, and a Vodka brand.

Ted Danson is also in the contract of endorsement with several brands.


Ted Danson is an award-winning TV and film actor who became the richest TV actor in the world according to “People” Magazine

His net worth significantly improved in just two years.

It’s not only coming from his entertainment works, but also from his business empire.

As for this year, Ted Danson net worth is estimated to be 185 million. He’s definitely super rich.