Ric Flair Net Worth, Bio, Luxury Lifestyle, Family, Career, Accomplishments

Ric Flair Net Worth, How Much The Legendary Wrestler Worth

Ric Flair is a legendary professional wrestler. He retired from professional wrestling in 2012.

He’s currently in contract with WWE (world wrestling entertainment) under its Legends program.

According to journalists and multiple peers, Ric Flair is one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.

He gained popularity in the professional wrestling industry when he had his debut bout in Japan, 1973.

Throughout his 40 years of career, Ric Flair Net Worth is estimated to be $3 million.

Ric Flair Age, Young Life, Height, and Weight

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Richard Morgan Fliehr, He was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on February 25, 1949.

Richard was born to Luther and Olive Phillips.

When he was a baby, he got adopted by Dr. Richard Reid Fliehr and Kathleen Kinsmiller Fliehr.

The family settled in Edina, Minnesota. That’s where young Ric Flair lived throughout his childhood.

When he was a ninth grader, Richard attended Wayland Academy in Wisconsin for 4 years.

During that time, he participated in interscholastic, football, track, and wrestling.

As of this year, the Ric Flair age would be 70 years old.

Ric Flair height is 6 feet 1 inch or 185cm. His weight is 243 lb or 110 kg.

Ric Flair Appearance in Game

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As a professional wrestler, Ric Flair has made up his career to have an appearance in the game further.

He had the first video game to feature as Ric Flair in WCW World Championship Wrestling.

This game was able to make for Nintendo Entertainment System.

Ric Flair Net Worth could be increasing due to his appearance in this game.

Ric Flair coming as the first wrestler to have his bio shown in the attract mode.

His appearance on that game could be different from the reality for his skills and ability.

His stats do not show excellent performance, with low speed, medium strength, high defense, and quiet handling.

There are several stages that he is unlocked from the game, including survivor series and the king of the ring.

Professional Wrestling Career

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Ric Flair began training as a professional wrestler in 1971 when he attended to wrestling camp.

He trained by Verne Gagne. He was training with The Iron Sheik, Ken Pater, and some other wrestlers.

Then, in December 1972, Ric Flair made his in-ring debut to a 10-minute draw against a local wrestler.

During that time, he adopted the ring name as “Ric Flair”.

He joined American Wrestling Association (AWA) and had opportunities to have matches with Andre the Giant, Dusty Rhodes, Larry Hennig, and more.

In 1973, Ric Flair competed for International Wrestling Enterprise in Japan.

Then, he joined All Japan Pro Wrestling tours under his new promoter Jim Crockett Jr.

However, Ric Flair’s career nearly ended because of a plane crash in North Carolina in 1975.

Ric Flair survived the plane crash and he broke his back. Flair was told by doctors that he would never wrestle again.

Surprisingly, Ric Flair returned to wrestling 8 months after. He was 26 years old at that time.

Ric Flair got his nickname as “The Nature Boy” which would last for a lifetime.

He managed to be the NWA World Heavyweight Champion during his time in All Japan.

Throughout the 1980s, Ric Flair defended the championships many times.

Flair lost his title in 1991 at WCW’s SuperBrawl broadcaster from America.

He was recognized as the first holder of WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

Later in 1991, Ric Flair signed with World Wrestling Federation WWF (now WWE).

He began to appear on TV as “The Real World Champion”. Ric Flair had great success in both WWF, WCW, and WWE.

He had some memorable feuds and storylines with other famous wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Etc.

Throughout his wrestling career, he went to several wrestling promotions besides WWE and WCW, such as the Independent “Ring of Honor” and Total Nonstop Action.

Extraordinary Power and Abilities of Ric Flair in Real Life

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Most of his family and close friends know him as the best wrestler and strong man with perfect ability to recover from injury.

There is the reason why he could keep his career as a wrestler around his age when most of the other people retire at that time.

Nobody knows that he had some limited hypnotic abilities.

There is nothing special from this ability, while he can do something at the ring.

He admitted that he sometimes uses the ability to gain the attention of his enemies.

He could attack the enemies and attack them when his enemy could not be able to defend himself.

Posing a fake injury can be able to give him more advantages to attack the enemy.

Another thing about Ric Flair is coming from his appearance.

He likes to dressing like James Bond as his idol.

Dressed in expensive suits is one of his hobbies.

Once he has stated about his quotes, saying that “whether you like it, or you do not like it, learn to love it, cause it is the best thing around you.

WWE Legend and Charlotte Flair’s Father

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In 2012, Ric Flair was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in the class of 2012.

He decided to have a non-wrestling return to WWE.

In 2013 and 2014, he appeared occasionally by accompanying his daughter “Charlotte Flair” to the ring during her time in NXT.

Ric Flair began making more frequent appearances with his daughter in WWE show from 2015.

He had involved in his daughter WWE storyline. Until now, he’s still having a brief appearance in a WWE program a sometimes.

Charlotte Characteristic as Ric Flair Daughter

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Ric Flair’s net worth comes together with his daughter’s role as one of his business partners.

Charlotte is one of his daughters from his second wife.

There is a lot of things that you need to know from Charlotte and her role to her father’s success as a manager.

1. Promotion and endorsement

As her father becoming his manager, Charlotte supported as models and wrestlers.

She does not have unique abilities to control the crowded, as what her father has done.

While she is practicing as a wrestler, at the same time, her father teaching her entertainment skills.

Emotional as her father Almost everyone knows that her father can be quickly passionate, and this character has come to his daughter.

Flair’s family has its way to solve the problem, and the story said that Flair’s would show their emotional at the ring.

Ric co-worker said that he could be easy to get moving, and this is something good to make him perform better at the collar.

2. Cheat to win is her ability

From all of their performance, including Ric and his daughter, continuously cheat to win.

She has earned her Divas Championship, and she got help from her father to win the title.

Most people called her the dirtiest player in the game, along with her characteristics.

She has a friend in the game, to keep an insurance policy and let her stay in the WWE and win her championship.

3. Do anything to win

Charlotte has her father’s ability to set a good vision in her life.

Primarily, she can do anything to win the game. Her father, as a manager, has a significant influence in WWE that can help her to win the match.

Except for his dirty mind to win the game, she is also quite enjoyable to make sure if she can be able to perform better with reasonable skill.

4. The championship is everything to her

The great Charlotte was a person who likes to do great things for her winning.

At the same time, she had a friend called Shasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Bayley.

They are often called Four Horsewomen.

Charlotte has just started her debut in WWE, and during her career, she deserves a good thing.

Winning and beating Nikki Bella at Night of Championshi, she has made history.

She became the last Divas Champion and the first WWE Women’s Championship Reign.

True Facts About Ric Flair

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After talking about Charlotte, talking about her father as a great man in WWE must be attractive.

There is a lot of people who know that Ric Flair’s net worth is coming from his hard work.

Before he became a success as WWE player, he has struggled to achieve his dream.

There is a unique fact that you need to know from Ric Flair as a one-time WWE world champion.

1. He does not know his real name

There are not many people who know that Ric does not know his real name.

Even that his name chosen as one of the histories in the wrestling world, it does not mean that he had everything in his life.

Becoming an adopted child is not accessible to him, and he was selected on the black market.

This is the real reason why he does not know his real name.

2.. Tried to quit pro wrestling

Everything will never be the same between his life as a real man and as an entertainer.

His work could let him get bored and pushing him away from his career.

As a pro wrestler, he forced himself to have strict training.

Forced to run two miles and do 500 free squats, 200 push-ups, and 200 sit-ups on his first day seem not becoming something happy to him.

3. Survive airplane crash in 1975

In October 1975, Flair got an accident with an airplane crash.

During those times, he thought that his career almost come to an end.

However, his wrestling ability could save him from the injured, and he did not take significant damage while the two pilots died.

This news has come during his career.

There is a lot of people who cannot believe if this happens.

During that time, he has proven that he got injured and hospitalized.

Fortunately, he could manage his career and continue his debut.

Ric Flair Personal Life

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There’s a total of 5 Ric Flair spouse since 1971 to present.

Flair married his first wife Leslie Goodman in 1971 and they had two children.

Then in 1983, Ric Flair married his second wife Elizabeth Harrel after the divorce with Leslie.

They had two children, son Reid, and daughter Ashley.

His second wife and the children made several appearances in WCW in 1998 to 2000.

In 2013, Ric Flair son Reid died from drug overdose.

So, he decided to pass the torch of wrestling career to Ric Flair daughter Ashley who was well-known as Charlotte.

In 2018, the fifth Ric Flair Wedding happened. He married Wendy Barlow.

Championships and Accomplishments

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  • Two Times Recipients of WWE Hall of Fame induction in 2008 and 2012
  • Inducted to George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame Class of 2013
  • 6 times WCW World Champion
  • 9 times NWA World Champion
  • Inducted in NWA Hall of Fame Class of 2008.
  • WWE announced him as 16-times WWE world champion.
  • Inducted to Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum, class of 2006
  • Included in 2003’s top 500 singles wrestlers of the PWI Years, ranked number 2.
  • 9 times as Wrestler of The Year in Wrestling Observer Newsletter
  • Ric Flair popular quotes or catchphrases, The most popular one is “To be the man, you gotta beat the man!”

Ric Flair Net Worth Of This Year

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The net worth of Ric Flair according to Celebrity Net Worth is approximately $3 million.

Ric Flair is no longer a professional wrestler. So, he earned money as a professional wrestling manager.

The main income sources of Ric Flair now is from his managing services.

Last year, his monthly salary as a manager is estimated to be $35,000.

The other income sources come from his book sale, event appearances, and some brand endorsement deals.

He’s currently in contract with a TickPick, a New York-based event tickets selling company.

Ric Flair lived luxuriously in a mansion located in Charlotte NC.

The mansion is a double-storeyed building that worth about $1 million.

He also owns several lavish cars such as black Chevrolet SS ($72,000), Chevrolet Camaro ($61,140), Mercedes Benz ($32,000), and 1999 Bentley Arnage T ($72,000).


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Ric Flair has built his legacy in the professional wrestling industry since his debut in 1971.

He had involved many memorable storylines and feuds in various promotions.

He once decided to retire from in-ring wrestling in 2009 as a match stipulation in WWE’s Wrestlemania XXV.

However, he returns to wrestler again for both ROH and TNA. Then, he finally retired from in-ring wrestling in 2012.

As of this year, Ric Flair Net Worth is estimated to be $3 million.