Mike Tyson Net Worth, How He Got Up From Bankruptcy

Mike Tyson Net Worth

Mike Gerard Tyson, former professional boxer from America, had a wonderful 20-year career in boxing.

His life journey had his ups and downs, he’s still one of the greatest athletes in the world.

Mike Tyson is the youngest boxer ever to win the undisputed world heavyweight champion.

He is being called “Iron Mike” because his toughness and ferocious inside the ring.

He won the title when he was 20 years old age.

Throughout his career as a professional boxer once, Mike Tyson had achieved over $300 million.

But today, after broke, he managed to have a net worth estimated to be only $3 million.

Mike Tyson was born on Jun 30, 1996, in Brooklyn, New York.

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He has become the youngest boxing champion of the world in heavy weight in 1986 at age 20.

However, rising up during 1980 until 1990, he lost his title in the last 1990 after being so popular along a decade due to being sentenced over rape charges.

Thus, he had spent about three years in prison.

Furthermore, it’s not only popularities gained from any big matches and duels he had won at that time.

Mike Tyson net worth also rises up due to several films he took including a documentary and also Broadway show during his life.

With prestigious winning records he ever got, Tyson’s life was not also far from trouble.

He’s a former heavyweight boxing champion who’s also served jail time.

Early Life

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Mike Tyson was born in Brooklyn, New York on June 30, 1966. His real name is Michael Gerard Tyson.

He was born to his father, Jimmy Kirkpatrick and his mother, Lorna Mae Tyson. His father died in 1992.

Before he died, He left Tyson’s mother to care for the children by herself.

Then, his family lived in New York City and moved back to Brooklyn when Tyson was 10 years old.

6 years after that, his mother died and Tyson was taken care by Cus D’Amato who was once a boxing manager and trainer.

Tyson lived in high-crime neighborhoods. It made him got arrested many times.

At the age of 13, he attended the Tyron School for Boys in New York. That’s where someone discovered Tyson’s boxing ability.

Mike Tyson’s Boxing Career

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As an amateur boxer, Mike Tyson had won 2 gold medals in Junior Olympic Games in 1981 and 1982.

His professional career as a boxer began in 1985 when he was 18 years old.

He made his debut by defeating Hector Mercedes in the first round via TKO.

In his first year, he already had fifteen bouts. Then, he kept the frequent bouts.

Since he won bouts a lot, the quality of the opponents would be increased gradually.

He managed to win many more bouts until he made a big win streak which attracted media attention.

He then considered as the next outstanding heavyweight champion.

Tyson’s first televised bout took place in 1986 at Houston Field House in New York. It was against Jesse Ferguson.

Mike Tyson won that fight by disqualification leaving the result as controversial for Tyson’s corner.

After that, Tyson won many more televised bouts with a knockout.

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Then, his first title fight came in 1986 of November.

It was against Trevor Berbick for the WBC Heavyweight Championship.

He won the title by TKO in the second round and made him the youngest heavyweight champion of all time.

Since then, over the year everybody thought that Undisputed Champion, Mike Tyson was unbeatable.

Well, he never met Buster Douglas back then.

In 1990, he seemed to be having a lot of issues with his personal life.

In his bout against Buster Douglas, Mike Tyson lost his undisputed championship in Tokyo.

That was his first time being counted out by the referee.

Mike Tyson’s Boxing Career did not always straight forward, controversial things also came up sometimes.

Tyson was a highly successful one even though he had a controversial career.

However, he had won any awards such as World Boxing Association, World Boxing Council, and International Boxing Federation while he was just twenty year-old at that time.

Mike Tyson Historical Periods

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The match that never forgotten by the history was occurring in 1988 when he had knocked out Michael Spinks in only 91-second.

Since then, Tyson became the lineal heavyweight champion.

Furthermore, his boxing careers was also consisting of 50 win (44Kos), only six times losses, and about two no contests.

His golden era was coming out since 1988 and until he decided to retiring.

Here are the lists of his wins.

1. 1980s

However, Tyson had been reaching his golden era in the 1980s by dominating the second half of the decade by beating any great boxer at that time.

Astonishingly, Tyson career was rising up along five years ahead by fighting records were dominantly uninterrupted Kos and technical knockouts.

Further, several matches also ended up earlier by referee due to the opponent that couldn’t continue the fights.

2. 1986

During 1986, Tyson also marked a good record of fights.

Jesse Ferguson, an opponent of Tyson was disqualified and giving him the win.

However, that condition also driven Tyson to get the boxer’s perfect KO record due to officials that agreed and adjusted to ruling it.

A year ahead, Tyson had beaten Trevor Berbick in a fight for the WBC heavyweight belt which brought him to be unbeaten at that time.

3. 1987

Mike Tyson also gained a great result along 1987 with being a winner of the WBA heavyweight titles as well as the IBF tittle.

By obtained those titles and won several fights, he’s totally defending his other titles then becoming the undisputed world heavyweight champion back then.

Several winnings include Beaten James Smith on March 7 in Las Vegas, defeating Tony Tucker in August 1, and Tyrell Biggs on Oct. 16.

4. 1990

After becoming so popular with many fights ended up win, Mike Tyson was about to lost the world heavyweight title after defeated by James Douglas in early 1990.

However, after being jailed then serving about three year prison due to sentence for rape, he made a successful comeback by winning the fight against Peter McNeeley in an August bout.

5. 2000s

In the first 2000s, after gaining much money by winning lot of fights and Mike Tyson net worth looks like rising up, Tyson seems like well past his prime to fight.

It’s proven by his defeat records of the WBC and IBF crowns. Tyson was knocked out by Lennox Lewis with insignificant fight back.

His last fight occurred when he knocked out by Kevin McBride after seven round fighting. Thus, he announced his retirement.

Recovering After The Huge Loss

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After losing to Douglas, Mike Tyson recovered with some first-round knockouts in the two fights after Douglas.

After some more fights, he managed to get a schedule to fight Evander Holyfield for a title.

But, it had been pulled out by Tyson because of his injury. In 1991, Tyson was arrested for a rape trial.

After a long investigation, it was finally decided that Tyson would take a sentence of six years in prison with 4 years probation.

He was released in 1995 which is less than his actual sentence.

During his prison time, he converted to Islam and adopted a Muslim name, Malik Abdul Aziz.

The Highlights Of His Career

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Despite the controversies in his boxing career, we have to agree that he has a fantastic career as a professional boxer.

With 58 fights, he managed to win 50 fights. Here are some awards he received:

  • The Prospect of The Year from 1985 Ring Magazine Ward
  • Two Times Fighter Of The Yeard for 1986 and 1988 from Ring Magazine Award
  • Two Times Winner Of Sugar Ray Robinson Award in 1987 and 1989
  • The Personality of The Year From BBC Sports Awards in 1989
  • The Inductee of International Boxing Hall Of Fame joining the class of 2011.
  • The Inductee of WWE Hall Of Fame joining the class of 2012

From $300 million to Bankruptcy

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In 2003, Mike Tyson filed for bankruptcy. He also announced his retirement from the boxing industry as a professional boxer in 2005.

Because of the bankruptcy and other issues in his life, Tyson lost a lot of money that’s amounted to $300 million, the money he had made during his successful boxing career.

There will no other way besides struggling to achieve another financial fortune.

Achieving The New Net Worth

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After Bankruptcy, Mike Tyson didn’t stop there. He needed to be able to turn the financial fortunes around.

So what’s he doing to achieve that?

He managed to do that by publishing two books, appearing in TV shows, movies, and debuted in a one-man show.

Even though he doesn’t get the earnings from Boxing anymore. As a celebrity, he earned a lot of money now.

Now, Mike Tyson lives in a luxurious house in Nevada with his recent wife, Lakiha Spicer, and her two children.

He also has some contract deals of endorsements from some brands such as Black Energy, Bitcoin, and more others.

Besides, he also collects some luxurious cars. He has 2000 Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster, Jaguar XJ220, 420-hp Bentley Continental SC, 1995 Ferrari F50, Ferrari 456 GT Spyder, and more.

Mike Tyson was not enough with the collection of cars. He bought some Bengal Tigers to be his pets.

The price of those tigers is around 48,000 pounds each.

Furthermore, mostly reports said that Tyson also earned much money from another source.

How much is it?

Forbes from its reports says that Tyson was the 11thbest-paid athlete ever with his net worth reaching for $685 million.

Those amounts were coming from all the fights had ever held back from his first career into his last fight.

Another report based on Wealthy Gorilla also told that Tyson’s net worth peaked at about $300 million.

Even though he has reached those spectacular amounts, Tyson also faced the problem of wealth losing.

Further according to ESPN, his wealth-losing and misfortunes were affected by his lifestyle choice.

However, those problems seem like never bring Tyson’s life becoming end

Otherwise, he still could earn more money and Mike Tyson net worth still look rising up as well as his opportunity outside boxing.

Mike Tyson’s Activities after Retirements

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1. Taking a Part in Hollywood Movies Industry

Since Tyson decided to retire from being boxing athlete, he has taking any part of many other ventures which look more successful compared to others.

Especially in Hollywood, Mike Tyson tried to take a part on movies industry called The Hangover Series with had a small but powerful role which bring him again into popularities.

2. Running His Own Cartoon Show

It’s not only going to movies industry, Tyson also has his own cartoon show named Mike Tyson Mysteries which airing on Adult Swim.

Released in 2014, Mike Tyson Mysteries features Mike Tyson as a fictional figure which acts as a person who could probably solve any mysteries or hilarious situations.

However, Tyson’s cartoon show is still being in air until this day which means he still being active in this industry.

3. Entertaining by the Podcasts

Currently, Tyson entertaining his fans by creating his own podcast called Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson.

This podcast basically provides a platform which could feature him to talk with his friends or fans about his career and the way he earned money from the beginning to the recent life of his career.

Moreover, on his podcast, Tyson involves his guests to smoking his product “marijuana farm” together.

4. Building Tyson’s Weed Farm

Mike Tyson also building his own business called Tyson Ranch which is his weed farm.

Tyson Ranch has sold over $500,000 worth of weed only in a month which it helps him to rise his personal net worth.

5. Continue Living With His Pigeon

Everybody knows that Mike Tyson is a pigeon lover.

He has been caring for pigeons since he was nine years old.

And did you know that one of Mike Tyson’s first street fight after a bully ripped the head off a pigeon.

Much has changed from Mike Tyson now, but his love for pigeons has never changed.


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Mike Tyson was an amazing athlete, he is also an amazing individual.

After he lost it all, he managed to turn his financial fortunes around.

Now, his earnings come from media and tv appearances, one-man show tour, book’s royalty, and a bunch of endorsement deals.

That’s why it’s impossible to calculate Mike Tyson’s Net Worth is estimated to be $3 million.