Liza Koshy Net Worth, How She Achieves It In Just A Few Years

Liza Koshy Net Worth

Liza Koshy is a famous Youtube star who has over 16.5 million subscribers.

Since she began uploading videos in her Youtube channel, she has over a billion views.

She also considers herself as an actress, comedian, and TV host. Her career began on a once-popular app, Vine in 2013.

She simply loves to make People laugh as Liza plays a comedic role on her uploaded videos.

Liza Koshy also appeared in several movies, TV programs, and Premium videos which add a fortune for her net worth.

As of this year, Liza Koshy net worth is approximately whooping $4 million.

Early Life

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Elizabeth Shaila Koshy was born on March 31, 1996.

As of this year, Liza Koshy age is 22 years old. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas.

Liza was born to a petroleum executive, Jose Koshy, and a yoga instructor, Jean Carol.

Liza Koshy has a mixed ethnicity. She is half Indian and half Caucasian. That’s why she has a unique look.

She attended a dual language educational and cultural program until she was a 5th grader.

She graduated from Lamar High School in 2014 and began to study business marketing at the University of Houston.

To pursue her career as a celebrity, Liza left her college and moved to LA.

One year in LA, she dated a fellow Youtuber David Dobrik.

Social Media Career

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In 2013, Liza Koshy began posting funny videos on Vine (a former Short-form video posting service).

She posted videos under the username “Lizzza”.

Liza gained a lot of recognition through his Vine account where she gained over 7 million followers.

However, Vine platform closed in 2017. Liza decided to move and focus to Youtube platform.

She actually noted on Youtube since 2016.

In November 2016, Liza Koshy posted a video interviewing President Barack Obama on her Youtube channel.

Her videos always show her loud facial expressions, ridiculous look, and quick pace.

She became the fastest growing Youtube Personality in 2017.

Liza Koshy managed to reach 10 million subscribers for her main Youtube channel in just 2 years.

She’s also quite active on other social media such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and facebook.

The total of her social media followers was about 45 million.

In the early of 2018, she decided to suspend her channel as she got busy with her full-time acting career and hosting work.

Acting and Hosting Career

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In 2016, Liza Koshy made her acting debut in an Over-The-Top media platform, Hulu.

She portrayed as Violet Adams in two seasons of Freakish, an original horror series from Hulu.

After that, she played a supporting role in a feature film “Boo! A Madea Halloween” in the same year.

Liza starred in some series from Youtube Premium until 2018.

In November 2018, Liza voiced a character in an animated short film featuring John Legend called Owl In Crow: The Legend.

She acted in a total of 4 movies including a short movie.

She received several awards because of her acting performances.

Besides acting, Liza Koshy was also interested in a career as a host.

She even hosted the live preshow at the 74th Golden Globes Awards in 2017.

She was one of the hosts of daily show Total Request Live on MTV channel.

Since June 2018, she has hosted the new revival of Double Dare, a Nickelodeon game show.

Liza Koshy Awards and Nominations

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Liza has received a total of 9 awards from 17 nominations in several awards throughout her career.

  • 2016’s Streamy Awards as the Breakout Creator
  • The choice female web star in 2017’s Teen Choice Awards.
  • Streamy Awards for her comedy performance in 2017 and 2018
  • The Choice Female Web Star, The Choice Comedy Web Star, and The Choice Youtuber, in Teen Choice Awards.
  • The Favorite Funny Youtube Creator in 2018’s Kid’s Choice Awards.
  • Nominated as Youtube of the Year in 2017’s Shorty Awards
  • Also nominated in 2018’s Streamy Awards as Creator of the Year

Achieving The Net Worth

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According to trusted sources, Liza Koshy net worth is estimated to be around $4 million.

Her monthly income is approximately about $40,000.

It’s quite remarkable for a few years of career. Her career began in 2013 as a Vine star.

Obviously, her main source of net worth is her Youtube channel that has over 16 million subscribers.

Because of the huge amounts of subscribers and followers on social media, Liza would easily get some other additional gigs and endorsements.

The estimated revenue from videos in her Youtube channel is around $3,600 a day.

That means, she’ll get $1.3 million a year just from Youtube.

Her second channel “Liza Koshy Too” has about 8 million subscribers which add her more $1,000 per day.

Besides her ordinary Youtube videos, she also earns more money from her paid videos from other Platform or Youtube Premium and sponsored videos from companies like AT&T, Nike, Calvin Klein, and more.

Besides social media activities, she is also quite busy hosting, acting, and collaborating.

She recently collaborated with a jewelry company “The Giving Keys” on their necklace collection.

She also featured in online advertisements for “Beats Electronics” headphones product.

Liza Koshy’s Life Style

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At the beginning of 2018, Liza announced her breakup with her fellow Youtuber boyfriend, David Dobrik.

They announced the breakup on Youtube Videos in David Dobrik channel.

It has become viral and it has been viewed by over 49 million people.

With that amount of net worth, Liza lives a celebrity lifestyle. She lives in a luxurious house worth about $14.8 million.

She owns some lavish cars in her garage. One of them Tesla SUV X which she shows a lot in her videos.

Dated Her Fellow YouTuber David Dobrik

liza koshy and noah schnapp

Not everyone can hide their relationship while they are becoming a superstar.

Liza Koshy’s net worth has made her famous, and she could appear in a lot of TV shows.

However, she loves stories, also known by the public so far.

She has dated her Youtuber fellow named David Dobrik.

This is happening in 2015 after both of them known to replay the message on Twitter.

Almost everyone who follows Koshy knows that she is routinely re-tweets Dobrik tweets, and this makes everyone wondering about their relations.

A couple of times after people knew both of their activities, they are confirmed about their relationship.

While Dobrik had a birthday, Dobrik posted an emotional caption with super-cute meaning.

He said that “this is a picture of me and my favorite birthday present that I have ever been lucky enough to receive for the past two years.”

At the end of the captions on his Twitter post, he said that he loves Liza, and thanks for everything that she has done.

Break Up and Healing Process

liza koshy and sabrina carpenter

All of the fans between these two stars find it difficult when both of them should separate.

Nobody knows about someone’s relationship, but it seems so hard for their fans when they need to understand the situation.

However, both of them should have to feel lucky that they are always had their fans to support.

Both of them confirmed that they are broke up in 2018.

Not only to their fans, but this situation is also hard for them.

However, Liza Koshy’s net worth is not decreasing, while this is happening to her.

During that time, she said that Dobrik still becomes her best friend up until now.

Liza fans show their support to her, and she does not realize that there is a lot of people who care about their relationship.

She said honestly that she is feeling lucky to have a fan that always stands for her.

She claimed on the TV show that her breakup is not something easy, but she is still having a lot of people supported her.

During that time, Koshy should try to heal her feeling.

However, nobody knows when she is break up, but she claims about the news in June 2018.

Nobody can hold the feeling that they are already together for almost three years.

Surprisingly Koshy should wait six months to make sure if she is strong enough to confirm her relationship with the video.

During that time, she uses it to heal herself.

Once she said that she needs time to heal and give her to spend time with her friends.

She does not want to be romantical with her friends so far, and she will use her time to grow, create something, and make a change.

However, she confirmed that Dobrik will always be her best friend and will still work together.

Koshy Once Jumped Out of a Plane

liza koshy and david dobrik

On her YouTube video, she recorded for having the experience to jump out of the plane.

She is one of the persons with a unique willingness that she will try to do anything once and let her experience a lot of things.

She had a good adventure spirit, that can bring her bright career.

Jumping out of the plane included as her one of the best adventures.

She confirmed on the video, saying that flying on a plane is one of her biggest fear.

However, he got her best experience to jump.

If you are thinking that she is doing this alone, you need to know during that time she is going with Dobrik for a vacation in Hawaii.

Doing the skydiving together seems romantic to them; they spend the time on vacation quite long in Hawaii.

\Things You Do Not Know About Koshy

liza koshy met gala

1. Makes bank for herself

Who knows if Liza Koshy’s net worth can create a bank for herself?

During her career, she has a lot of fans who support their idea.

Her money made by social media that can bring LizaKoshy’s net worthraised with all of her personality and charisma.

In October 2017, her YouTube channel reached more than 12 million subscribers.

Knowing that her YouTube channel concluded as the Top 1000 Most Subscribed Channel List, she has made her successful.

A lot of people saying that Koshy utilizes a combination of sponsorship to makes her money.

During that time, she had brand partnerships and ads to monetize in her YouTube.

It is not small money for her appearance.

2. Perfect dance background

There is a popular Video, almost all of the Youtuber done.

Which is to create Draw My Life Section.

Koshy is saying about the pieces of her life and the story which revealed herself in the video.

She claimed that her dance background was coming when she was a child.

Who knows if she is becoming one of the captains for her dance team at those times!

That is why she loves to dance so much, and she is one of the incredible dancers.

Her dancing skills are one of the advantages of her career.

3. Always speaks up about feminism and sexism

Everything began in 2018, while she is speaking up about feminism and women’s rights.

She speaks about this at the MAKERS Conference.

Once she was saying in the interview, “when a woman is assertive, it is given a different title that what would be given to a man.

That can impact a woman’s thoughts.”

She is feeling lucky by saying that she has a chance through her YouTube channel to communicate with a lot of strong boys and girls.

She would like to be happy while he needs to raise their voice and to call for further understanding the sexism, anxiety, and feminism.

4. Following her friends to get famous

There is never late to do something and make a change.

This principle holds on Koshy’s life, and she said that become famous is not one of her targets.

At that time, she is following her friends and got famous.

She had a group of her friends, which during that time, all of them downloading the YouTube app, and having fun with it.

Who knows, if there is a lot of people have an excellent response to her video.

Almost all of her friends happy to watch her videos, and she does not realize if she is got famous.


the liza koshy show

Achieving such huge popularity in just a few years of career has made Liza Koshy an inspiration.

She is at number 75th of the biggest Youtube Channel worldwide which is pretty impressive for a channel.

Most of her income comes from her Youtube videos. Some other earnings add up to her net worth.

Liza began his career by making funny videos via Vine.

Now, She’s a Youtube star, a host, an actress, and obviously a celebrity.

She managed to buy luxurious cars and house that worth millions of dollars.

As of this year, Liza Koshy net worth is estimated to be around $4 million.