Lionel Richie Net Worth, Nationality, Career, Awards, Family, and Assets

Lionel Richie Net Worth, The Legendary Singer

Lionel Richie is a legendary ballad singer who is also a songwriter, record producer, and actor.

He has a successful career with his band “Commodores” and as a solo artist.

Richie was one of the most successful balladeers of the 1980s.

His name will surely go down in history as the writer and creator of several hits like “We Are the World” alongside Michael Jackson, and “Say  You, Say Me”.

Lionel Richie was the first person who received the diamond album award from RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

He received many prestigious awards because of his works and performances in the music industry.

Well, one thing for sure, Lionel Richie is a wealthy man. So, what is Lionel Richie net worth?

Early Life: Where & When was Lionel Richie Born?

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Lionel Richie was born as Lionel Brockman Richie Jr on June 20, 1949, in Tuskegee, Alabama.

He is the son of Alberta R. Forster and Lionel Brockman Richie Sr. He spent his childhood in Tuskegee.

Richie grew up in the area of Tuskegee Institute which became the place where he got his family’s education.

Lionel Richie graduated from Joliet Township High School located nearby the campus.

For his amazing performance in Tennis, he got a tennis scholarship to attend Tuskegee Institute.

Richie graduated from the campus with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics.

Before he pursued a music career, Richie wanted to be a priest in Episcopal Church.

But, he decided not to continue pursuing it.

Music Career with the Band “Commodores”

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In 1968, Lionel Richie signed to a funk/soul band named “Commodores” as the saxophonist and a singer.

Then, he signed a contract to a music label “Atlantic Records” for one work and he moved to another label “Motown Records”

In 1974, the group released the debut a funk music album “Machine Gun”.

Three years after that, they released another album which was a self-titled album “Commodores”.

The self-titled album became so popular at that time. It is listed as the top 5 albums by the band till date.

In 1982, Lionel Richie sang a duet song with Diana Ross for the theme song of film “Endless Love”.

The song was a huge hit in several countries worldwide.

The song is considered as one of the greatest hits by Motown Records.

Music Career as a Solo Artist

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Lionel Richie began his career as a solo artist by releasing his self-titled debut album “Lionel Richie”.

One of the tracks in the album titled “Truly” peaked at number one on the American Music chats.

His next solo album was released in 1983 called “Can’t Slow Down” and it was still under the label “Motown Records”.

The album sales were twice as much over the first album which led hit to win a couple of Grammy Awards.

In 1984, Richie performed “All Night Long” at the closing ceremony of Los Angeles’s Olympic Games.

Through the year, Richie released several hit singles including, ‘Stuck on You”, “Penny Lover”, “Running with the Night”, and “Hello”.

He also collaborated with Michael Jackson in a charity single hit “We Are the World”.

Then, Lionel Richie released an album “Dancing on the Ceiling”, one of his most successful albums yet.

In 1996, he released his fourth album “Louder Than Words” after he went on hiatus for a few years.

The album sales were disappointing. His fifth album “Time” also failed to make it big.

It had very low sales compared to the previous works of Richie.

In 2006, he released another studio album “Coming Home” which became the biggest hits of the decade.

Throughout the years, he performed in many events and TV shows including Australian Idol.

In 2013, On the NBC’s “The Today Show”, Lionel Richie announced that he would launch the tour of “All the Nights All Night Long”.

Awards and Achievements

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Throughout his career in the music industry, Lionel Richie had won 17 awards including Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and American Music Awards.

  • Lionel Richie won a Grammy Award for his album “Can’t Slow Down” as the Album of the Year in 1985.
  • Alongside Michael Jackson, he won another Grammy Award in the next year for the single “We Are the World” as the Song of the Year in 1986.
  • Lionel Richie was inducted into the “Songwriters Hall of Fame” class of 1994.
  • He also received the honor for the Lifetime Achievement Award of George and Ira Gershwin in 2008.
  • One of the most prestigious awards he received is a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Lionel Richie Personal Life, Is He Married? How Many Kids Does He Have?

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The nationality of Lionel Richie is American. How old is singer Lionel Richie? He is 69 years old.

In 1975, Richie married to Brenda Harvey. However, he began an affair with Diane Alexander.

Then, Lionel Richie had separated with his wife because of that issue.

While the couple was still married, they adopted Nicole Richie at the age of 9.

Eventually, Richie officially married Diane Alexander in 1995.

They have a daughter “Miles Brockman” and a daughter “Sofia”.

However, they divorced in 2004. Lionel Richie has a total of three children.

Lionel Richie Wealth

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Throughout his long music career, Lionel Richie sold over ninety million copies of his music.

Most of his net worth was earned from his musical works, performances, and TV or movie appearances.

As of this year, Lionel Richie net worth Forbes is approximately $200 million

Lionel Richie lives in a Beverly Hill Mansion which he bought in 1999 for $6 million.

Now, the mansion costs more than $11 million. The house was featured in Architectural Digest in 2007.

The 17,000 square foot house includes a music studio, rose garden, pool house, sunroom, and more.

He also owns some luxurious car including 1976 Datsun 280Z, Range Rover L322 that worth $87,500 and a Porsche 930 that worth about $100,000.

Richie also owns a Ferrari Scaglietti that worth about $250,000.


The legendary singer had a successful career in the music industry through hard work.

Starting a career as part of a band, and he became more and more successful as a solo artist.

Lionel Richie had released a total of 10 studio albums till date. One of his albums was sold over 20 million copies.

He was the first person who received a diamond certificate from RIAA.

As of this year, Lionel Richie net worth is approximately $200 million.