Lin Manuel Miranda Net Worth, Age, College, Career, Wife, and Kids

Lin Manuel Miranda Multi-Million Net Worth, Thanks to Hamilton

Lin Manuel Miranda is one of the most notable music composers. He’s also a singer, actor, and producer.

Miranda gained wide recognition because of several outstanding Broadway musicals he created, Hamilton and In the Heights.

Throughout his career as a music composer, Lin Manuel Miranda received several prestigious awards including a Pulitzer Prize, an Emmy Award, 3 Grammy awards, and more.

His lyrics and composition have wooed millions of hearts.

Miranda has brought the Broadway Musicals to a new dimension.

His outstanding works sure affect to his huge net worth.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lin Manuel Miranda has a net worth of $40 million as of this year.

Lin Manuel Miranda Born, Age, College

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Lin Manuel Miranda was born on January 16, 1980, in New York City.

His parent raised him in the Inwood neighborhood. He was born to Luz Towns and Luis A. Miranda.

His mother was a clinical psychologist and his father was a politic consultant.

He has one sister who is the MirRam Group’s, Chief Financial Officer. Miranda is of mostly Puerto Rican descent.

His parent named him as “Lin-Manuel” inspired by a Vietnam War poem by Puerto Rican writer.

Lin Manuel Miranda as a kid wrote jingles and one of the was used for 2006 gubernatorial campaign.

Miranda attended elementary and high school at Hunter College. He later went to college at Wesleyan University.

During the college years, he co-founded the “Freestyle Love Supreme”, a hip hop comedy troupe.

In 1999, he wrote the first drafts of “in the Heights”.

Then, the show was accepted by a student theater company of the University.

The show was premiered in the theater in 1999, adding freestyle rap and salsa numbers into the show.

Miranda also wrote and directed some other musical shows at that theater. And, he also acted in many others.

Lin Manuel Miranda graduated from Wesleyan University in 2002.

Lin Manuel Miranda Career

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At the beginning of Miranda’s career, he worked with director Thomas Kail in 2002 along with John Buffalo Mailer.

They both worked for the “In the Heights” revival. In 2004, a writer Quiara Alegria Hudes joined the project.

In 2008, the revival hit the Broadway. It became a massive hit around America.

It brought him several prestigious awards.

Lin Manuel Miranda later composed two new songs for the revised version of 1978 musical “Working” created by Schwartz and Nina Faso.

It was requested by composer-lyricist Stephen Schwartz.

The musical opened in Florida at the Asolo Repertory Theatre.

Then, he worked with Stephen Sondheim for translating into Spanish the “West Side Story” the Broadway revival of 2009.

Miranda’s career is not only about Broadway only.

He also made some appearances on the TV series such as “The Sopranos” and “House”.

Miranda also composed and acted in the revival “The Electric Company” for seventeen episodes in 2009.

He also appeared in the CollegeHumor sketch called “Hardly Working: Rap Battle”, played as a rapper and intern.

He was also a columnist of the Manhattan Times composing music for commercials and reviewing restaurants.

In January 2011, he composed lyrics and music for a musical “Bring It On”.

The show was premiered at the Alliance Theatre.

It made him receiving nominations in the Tony Awards for Best Choreography and Best Musical.

Later, Lin-Manuel Miranda also appeared in some TV series like “Modern Family” and “How I Met Your Mother”.

Alongside Tim Kitt, he composed an Emmy award-winning song titled “Bigger”.

Lin Manuel Miranda “Hamilton”

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Miranda went on to create the musical named “Hamilton” which is inspired by the life of Alexander Hamilton.

The musical recreated his popularity all over again. Hamilton premiered off-Broadway in January 2015.

It debuted at the public theatre and Thomas Kail directed the show.

The rest is history. They sold the tickets to the show so easily.

Many popular personalities like Stephen Sondheim and Barack Obama greatly praised Hamilton.

In the same year, MacArthur Foundation honored Miranda with an Award.

In 2016, the Hamilton musical set a record by receiving 16 nominations for Tony Awards. It won 11 of them.

Still, in the same year, Miranda received 2 Tony Awards. He also received a Pulitzer Prize for drama.

Hamilton surely became the reason he gained a huge Lin Manuel Miranda net worth

It was his golden year as a composer. He continued to compose more lyrics and music.

One of them, Lin Manuel Miranda composed Disney animated film, “Moana”’s song “How Far I’ll Go”.

In October 2016, Miranda was seen as a guest host of a comedy TV show “Saturday Night Live”.

The latest work of Miranda, he acted in a sequel of “Marry Poppins”, “Mary Poppins Returns”.

Lin Manuel Miranda still continue to have a successful career in Entertainment Industry.

Lin Manuel Miranda Wife, Kids, Book, Instagram

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Miranda married his high school girlfriend “Vanessa Adriana Nadal” in 2010.

His wife was a lawyer at “Jones Day” law firm. Nadal is a graduate from MIT.

She is currently also a scientist and a lawyer. The couple has two children.

The first one named Sebastian was born in 2014, and the second one named Francisco in 2018.

They reside together in Washington Heights. Miranda also wrote a best-selling book also several other books.

Lin Manuel Miranda also quite active on his Instagram account.

Lin Manuel Miranda Wealth

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The net worth of Lin Manuel Miranda is pretty huge.

The success of Hamilton musical is sure to support his net worth improvement.

“Hamilton” musical had a total worth over $6 million. Miranda is earning 7% of the profits from the show.

That means, every week, Miranda will earn at least $105,000 during 2016.

Hamilton was considered as the Billion-Dollar Broadway Show.s

Because of Hamilton, Lin Manuel Miranda is surely getting richer and richer.

In 2008, Miranda bought a duplex penthouse shared with his Father.

After he got married, he moved to the Castle Village apartment complex located in Washington.

Miranda’s family put up their house in New York City, for sale at $949,000.


Lin Manuel Miranda is a well-known music composer in America.

Lin Manuel Miranda earned his huge net worth through his works in music and theatre.

His appearances in films, TV shows, and others are also supporting the increasing amount of his net worth.

It’s very obvious that Miranda is able to earn such huge net worth because of his works in “Hamilton”.

As of this year, Lin Manuel Miranda net worth is approximately $10 million.