Kodak Black, Real Name, Careers, Legal Issues, Income, Net Worth

Kodak Black Net Worth, How Much Money Does He Have?

Kodak Black is the stage name of a rapper named Bill K. Kapri.

He is also a songwriter who gained attention for his singles “Roll-in Peace”, “ZeZe”, “No Flocking”, and “Tunnel Vision”.

He started his music career from an early age. When he was 12, he had been practicing a lot by joining rap groups.

Then, he made name for himself by releasing mixtapes. Kodak Black is also noted for his numerous legal issues.

He is one of the celebrities that ruined his own professional career by having a lot of controversies.

Kodak has a really strong bond with trouble. He is saying things he shouldn’t say and doing things that he should not do.

Despite all of his controversies, is he still considered as the rich rapper? What is Kodak Black Net Worth?

Personal Life: Kodak Black Real Names, Age, Instagram

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Kodak Black was born on June 11, 1997, in Florida. His parents were immigrants from Haiti.

He was raised by his mother in Pompano Beach, Florida. Kodak Black age as of this year is 22 years old.

The real name of Kodak Black is Bill K. Kapri, but his birth name is Dieuson Octave.

He chose the Kodak Black Instagram user name to be his stage name.

Kodak started his rap career in elementary school by recording some music in a local trap house.

He likes to read dictionaries and thesauruses in order to further his vocabulary which is the essential aspect of rapping.

When he was young, he often participated in brawls and burglary or housebreaking.

While in the fifth grade, he was expelled from school. In middle school, Kodak got arrested for auto theft.

He said at that time, he only got two choices, selling drugs or doing rap.

In 2014, Kodak Black attended Blanche Ely High School in Florida to work towards his high school diploma.

He legally changed his name from Dieuson Octave to Bill K. Kapri, in 2018.

The name is inspired by a priest when Kodal Black Life In Prison.

The Highlight of Kodak Careers

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In 2009, when Kodak was twelve years old, he joined a rap group “Brutal Youngnz”, under the stage name “J-Black”.

Then, he moved to a local rap group “The Kolyons”. Kodak released his first mixtape “Project Baby” in December 2013.

A year after, he released his second mixtape “Heart of the Projects. The year after that, he released another mixtape “Institution”.

In 2015, a famous rapper Drake posted a video on social media.  He was dancing to ”Skrt”, one of Kodak Black’s song in that video.

Well, that’s the beginning of Kodak Black’s career as a rapper. Kodak Black gained more popularity because of Drake.

In the same month of that Drake’s video, Kodak Black signed his first major record deal with Atlantic Records.

In May 2016, Kodak Black announced his collaboration with Lil Uzi Vert for a national tour “Parental Advisory Tour”.

However, Kodak didn’t show up on the tour. Kodak Black was featured on “Lockjaw”, a French Montana’s single in 2016.

The single peaked at number 23 on the Billboard chart.

Still, in the same year, his single “Skrt” peaked at number 10 on one of the Billboard’s Rap Chart.

Before that single, Kodak released his fourth mixtape “Lil B.I.G. Pac”.

It was his first mixtape that got in the Billboard chart.

Kodak Black was included in the list of “2016 Freshman Class” by XXL Magazine.

In 2017, he released his debut studio album “Painting Pictures” which reached number 3 on the Billboard 200.

Then, he released the deluxe version of “Project Baby 2” entitled “Project Baby 2: All Grown Up”.

One of the single reached 52 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Kodak Black Songs

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Since he released his first mixtape until now, Kodak Black has released 2 albums, 7 mixtapes, and 20 singles.

Here is the highlight of Kodak Black Songs:

  • Painting Pictures (2017) studio album
  • Dying to Live (2018) Studio Album
  • Project Baby (2013) mixtape
  • Hearth of the Projects (2014) mixtape
  • Institution (2015) mixtape
  • Lil B.I.G. Pac (2016) mixtape
  • Project Baby 2 (2017) mixtape
  • F.E.M.A (2017) a mixtape in collaboration with a rapper “Plies”
  • Heart Break Kodak (2018) mixtape
  • and 20 singles

Kodak Black Life in Prison And Other Controversies

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Kodak Blackface some legal issues since he was young.

In 2015, he got arrested for possession of cannabis and other charges.

Then in 2016, police arrested him again because of his possession of weapon and marijuana.

On February 2018, Kodak Black was sentenced to 364 days in prison because of the three charges against him were dropped.

He already had several legal issues that cause him to get in jail because of various criminal activities, including the possession of guns and drugs.

In early 2017, Kodak Black had a sexually controversial Instagram Live while in Washington D.C hotel room.

Then, in June 2017, he stated a controversial statement about ridiculing black-skinned girl.

Kodak Black House, and Kodak Black car names.

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Despite all of the controversies, his popularity made him be a rich rapper.

His source of income is definitely coming from his music.

Kodak Black Tour schedules are still running this year. You can search for more information about it online.

Most of his albums, mixtapes, and singles are a big success.

Some of the singles made it to the Billboard Chart in Hip Hop Music Category.

He gets a big amount of money to add from his royalty and bonus to Kodak Black net worth.

Kodak Black once gifted himself a luxurious house after got out of prison.

Inside the house, he owns a private golf course, underground pool, and bathroom TV.

It’s got a cold fountain steaming down the pool.

From his Instagram video showing his house, it looks lavish and exclusive.

He owns some lavish cars including BMW X6 that worth $66,000, Rolls Royce Ghost that worth over $120,000, and Audi that worth about $70,000.


Finally, Kodak Black is one of the popular celebrities that won’t stay out of trouble.

His controversies seem to be killing his professional music career slowly.

Even though, there are some of his tours currently in the schedule this year. But, he’s not as popular as before.

So, he appeared not to be able to reach millions of net worth.

As of this year, Kodak Black Net Worth is estimated to be only $600,000.