Kid Rock Net Worth, Bio, Commercial Success, Personal Life, Cars, House

Kid Rock Net Worth, Wealthy and Loaded

Kid Rock is a famous singer from America.

He’s a multi-platinum award-winning rocker which sold more than 26 million albums worldwide.

His music career has encompassed several genres including rock, hip hop, and country.

He’s also able to play every instrument in a band. Kid Rock started a career as a rapper and DJ.

Then, he blended the hip hop, country, heavy metal, and rock in his album “Devil Without a Cause” which led him to a big success.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kid Rock has an estimated net worth of $80 million.

Kid Rock Biography

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Kid Rock’s real name is Robert James Ritchie. How old is he?

He was born in Romeo, Michigan. Kid Rock’s date of birth is January 19, 1971. His age until now is 48 years old.

Who is Kid Rock’s father? His father, William Ritchie was an owner of multiple car dealerships.

William Ritchie had a 6-acre estate where Kid Rock grew up.

Growing up, he helped his family caring horses and pick apples. Kid Rock grew up in a rich family.

In the 1980s, Kid Rock showed his interest in hip hop music and he began to do breakdance and learn how to rap by himself.

Kid Rock is a self-taught musician. As reported by CBS, she played every instrument in his backing band.

Kid Rock’s Early Career

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Kid Rock began his music career professionally as a member of the hip hop group called “The Beast Crew” in the 1980s.

During this time, he met rapper “D-Nice” which gave the group a chance to perform at a local show.

Then, he began his association professionally with Mike E. Clark who was impressed by his performance.

In 1988, they both produced some demos which led to offers from several major labels.

In 1989, Kid Rock become one of the shareholders of independent label “Top Dog Records” which gave him 25% ownership.

Rapper D-Nice helped Kid Rock to sign with Jive Records when he was 17 years old.

He released his debut album with the label called “Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast” in 1990.

That album made him one of the biggest rap stars in Detroit.

Kid Rock toured nationally to promote his album with several other rappers.

During the album promotion, he made a friend with Eminem who challenged him to rap battles, frequently.

Kid Rock Musical Breakthrough

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The endeavors of Kid Rock soon caught the attention of Atlantic Records’ executives.

His idea of merging rock, hip hop, and country together was disagreed by many critics.

Finally, the label signed him to a contract deal of $100,000.

His breakout album “Devil Without a Cause was released in 1998.

The 5th single of the album “Only God  Knows Why” became the highest charting single from the album peaked at number 19 on the Billboard chart.

Kid Rock released the second single off the album and performed it on MTV’s Fashionably Loud.

The performance became his ultimate big break gaining much popularity.

Later, the album began to pick and it received multi-platinum certification by selling over 13 million copies worldwide.

Because of that, Kid Rock won several awards including Grammy award and Billboard Music Award.

Kid Rock Commercial Success

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Kid Rock gained more and more popularity and continued his success because of his previous works.

In 2001, he released an album that sold over 6 million copies.

Some of his songs were featured in popular movies and video games.

Throughout his career, he has sold over 35 million records worldwide.

Just like other successful artists, Kid Rock also makes a lot of money from doing concerts and tours.

For one show, he was paid as much as $500,000.

Once, he made a pay cut to one of his tour which sold tickets at just $20.

Some people were skeptical about the pay cut but It turned out a big success because of his great strategies.

In 2010, Kid Rock released a country-oriented album “Born Free” which featured Sheryl Crow.

Kid Rock relationship with Sheryl Crow was just a duet partner.

He was even confirming his wealthiness in an interview with “The Guardian”.

He said that he’s not just wealthy, he’s loaded.

As a wealthy celebrity, Kid Rock is loaded with a lot of expensive cars.

One of his favorite cars is a 1964 Bonneville Pontiac Classic Cars that worth about $34,600 on the market.

On July 2018, he put his Boyhood “Paradise” house on sale for $600,000.

Recently, Kid Rock lives just outside of Nashville.

Kid Rock Awards and Nominations

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His outstanding musical success led him to win and receive nominations in several major awards including American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and of course, The Grammy.

  • In 2011, Rock was nominated in Academy of Country Music Awards as Vocal Event of the Year.
  • He received six nominations in American Music Awards and winning two of them.
  • in the Grammy, he received 5 nominations including as Best Rock Album, Best New Artist, and Best Hard Rock Performance.
  • His “All Summer Long” single won the People’s Choice Awards as the Favorite Rock Song in 2019.

Personal Life & Kid Celebrities

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When he was eight graders, Kid Rock dated his classmate Kelley South Russel.

The couple had an on and off relationship for ten years.

How many kids does Kid have? The couple raised three children.

However, Ritchie later discovered that one of them was not his biological child.

So, the couple split in the late 1993 and Kid Rock raised his son as a single parent.

In 2000, Kid Rock was dating model Jaime King as reported by Rolling Stone magazine.

He also dated Pamela Anderson one year later and they both got engaged in 2002.

But, the relationship ended in 2003.

Kid Rock got arrested because of his fight with a customer at a Waffle House and he was fined $1,000.


Most of Kid Rock’s earnings come from his musical works. He had recorded 27 million album sales worldwide.

As of this year, Kid Rock’s estimated net worth is about $80 million. It has a high potential of improvement.