Justin Hakuta Net Worth, Bio, Personal Life

In this modern era, there are a lot of Asians blood succeed in Amerika.

For the old generation, we can say Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Bruce Lee, and many other artists succeed in Hollywood.

Now, we can take a look into modern era, where there is a lot of Asian people become success in Amerika.

Ali Wong is one of the most successful artist, writer, and comedian in the United States with his husband Justin Hakuta.

We cannot take look for someone background just only from her or his successful career.

We need to go back into how they could achieve their biggest dream.

There must be a lot of things that you need to know about her, including about her personal life with her husband Justin.

Now, you can understand about both of them net worth that is surprisingly amazing to know.

You can get better learning from their journey.

What is Ali Wong Net Worth?

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Bring new stage of life might change couple of situation.

Wong has successful career in her life to become an actress, comedian, and writer.

It is not easy to her, once she has to begin everything from zero.

Before we talk about her net worth, it might be better to know her background.

She was born as half Asian-American identity.

She was studied in the University of California (UCLA) with Asian-American studies.

She was trying to seek major information about her identity as her mother comes from Vietnam.

During her junior year, she decided to go abroad to study in Hanoi, Vietnam.

She was trying to learn the language, as the reason she said that “I wanted to gain access to the Vietnamese-American community, I was seeking for my mother’s history and my own identity.”

She was coming far away from Amerika.

Up until 2019, Wong net worth has reached around $3 million.

It is not a small number for professional Hollywood actress as she is.

Appearing in numerous TV show and film, can bring better life quality to her.

Including in The Tonight Show 2011, Hey Girl 2013, Angry Birds Movie as the Voice Actor 2016, American Housewife 2017, Baby Cobra Stand-up comedy, and many other.

It is not something easy to appeared in the most famous TV program.

Most people know that Hollywood has very tricky competition for everyone who wants gain success. She did with big efforts and sacrifices.

Who is Ali Wong Married to?

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1. Justin Hakuta Nationality

Before we go further to know about Justin Hakuta as one of the famous business man in Amerika.

We need to understand his background including his nationality.

Born in LA 18 October 1981, Hakuta now become successful business man in the United States.

There are not many people know about his basic background, including his family and many other information.

His father name is Ken Hakuta, which also quite success in the United States from his appearance in TV with Dr. Frad show.

His father is Japanese, that makes him had Japanese blood in his body.

About his mother, was coming from the Philippines.

Her name is Aki Hakuta, and there is not much information about his mother.

The truth is, Justin has half Japanese-Philippines bloods, with American nationality.

2. Friends of Wong

Most people know, if we wanted someone to be our partner means that they do need to understand each other.

Wong and Hakuta has become friend for so long, including during they are conducting their education background.

Hakuta could make Wong accept him to become her partner for entire life.

However, they are seeming very happy up until now, with all of their similar culture which become half Asian-American.

3. Graduated from Harvard

There is something that you should proud of Hakuta background.

He was graduated from Harvard, with Business School Degree.

It is also one of the beginning for his successful career in this future.

He could be able to control any business sector, which also become the best of his ability.

4. Yoga Start Company

Justin Hakuta also become one of the owner of Yoga Start company.

He is one of the best CEO at that time, which also start to create and conduct his healthy life.

It must be better because he need to manage a lot of business sector, which require him to stay healthy.

5. Multi-Million Dollar Tech Company GoodRX

Known as the best business man in the United States, Hakuta has biggest company called Multi-Million Dollar Tech Company GoodRX.

He became Researcher, Analyst, Sales, Marketing Associate and Product Manager.

It is not something easy to be in his position today, as he need to do a lot of efforts to gain success.

It is also one of the biggest things that could make his wife proud of his career.

6. Amazing net worth

Before we go further, you need to know that he has specific net worth which also amazing.

He could get specific net worth from what he has done within his career in business.

Officially, the news said that he has reached net worth around $20.0 million which quite big for success business man.

How Tall is Ali Wong?

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There is an interesting fact between Wong and Hakuta that you need to know.

Both of them was met at friends weeding, conducted at 2010.

Finally, both of them caught dating at 2014, which become the beginning between each other journey.

Both of them has two children, which can make their life become perfect.

The first child named Mari Hakuta, that was born at 2015.

No longer from that time, at 2018 both of them have their second children.

Regarding the height of Ali Wong, she has 1,6m which is quite standard for Asian people.

What is Ali Wong’s Nationality?

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Back into the Nationality topic, Wong is a half Asian-American nationality.

She was born in LA, even that their father and mother was not coming from the United States.

Her father was coming from China, and her mother is Vietnamese.

The facts between Ali wong and Justin Hakuta is quite interesting to discuss.

Both of them has their successful life, even that none of them get their biggest dream easily.

They are need a lot of efforts and sacrifices that can bring success to their life.