Joe Rogan Net Worth, From Fear Factor to UFC Commentator

Joe Rogan Net Worth

Joe Rogan is a well-known MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) color commentator and podcast host.

He started his career as a stand-up comedian. Then, he decided to pursue his career as a presenter and sports commentator.

Despite his comedy career, nowadays, people know Joe Rogan for his success as a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship color commentator until now.

Since the beginning of his career, he’s now grown as a famous person among many types of audiences.

As of 2019, the net worth of Joe Rogan is estimated $25 million.

So, how he achieved that amount of Net worth throughout his life?

Early Life

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Joe Rogan or Joseph James Rogan was born on August 11, 1967. He was born in Newark, New Jersey.

He has both Irish and Italian descent. When he was seven years old, his family decided to move to San Fransisco, California.

Then, they moved again to Gainesville, Florida when he was eleven.

Rogan attended school in Newton South High School when the family finally settled to live in Newton Upper Falls, Massachusets.

In his early life as a teenager, he developed an interest in martial arts.

He took up Karate lesson and compete in some competitions of Taekwondo when he was 14.

When he was nineteen, he won a US Open Championship tournament as a lightweight.

He also practiced amateur kickboxing at that time.

After all practices and competitions, he decided to retire at the age of 21 because of frequent headaches and other injuries.

Joe Rogan net worth was not achieved in an instance.

He had to undergo a long life journey with various jobs.

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As part of his early life story, Rogan’s grandfather along with his family had moved to New Jersey in the 1940s.

There, his father, Joseph, worked as a police office.

When he was five, his parents divorced.

Rogan has not been in contact with his father since two years after the divorce.

Rogan admitted that he could only recall a brief memory about his father but it does not trigger hatred to him.

Not only did Rogan win taekwondo championship tournament, he was a state champion in Massachusetts for 4 consecutive years.

He also became a taekwondo instructor.

Rogan attended University of Massachusetts Boston but he found that he was not into it.

This made him dropped out.

Comedy career

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At first, Joe Rogan had no intention of pursuing his career to be a professional stand-up comedian.

He was actually considered a career in kickboxing. When he was a teenager, he was a fan of comedy.

One time, his friend at the gym convinced him to be a stand-up comedian because he’s funny.

The first time he performed his stand-up routine was in a Stitches comedy club in Boston as a part of its open-mic night, in 1988.

While he works on his comedy, he took up some jobs including teaching Martial arts at some places to get him financially safe.

With his style of comedy, he earned a lot of gigs that come from clubs or parties.

In 1990, Rogan decided to move to New York City to work as a full-time comedian.

He was struggling at that time so he decided to stay in his grandfather house in Newark for months.

Joe Rogan became a martial art teacher at Boston University and in Revere, Massachusetts.

Rogan also delivered newspaper, drove a limousine, joined construction work as well as completed his duties for private investigator.

All was to secure his finance.

Until one night, Rogan talked to the comedy club owner where he worked on his stand-up.

He convinced the owner to give him a new five-minute routine.

A talent manager, Jeff Sussman, found him and liked his act.

Sussman then offered to become Rogan’s manager and he was accepted.

Rogan described that his comedy talent was influenced by Lenny Bruce, Richard Jeni, Bill Hicks, and Sam Kinison.

More Career Opportunities

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More career opportunities came when he decided to move to Los Angeles. He’s got his first spot in national television, MTV.

Because of that appearance, he was offered an exclusive contract but he declined.

After that, there were many offers come from several networks.

Then, Rogan accepts a deal of development with the Disney network. He acted in a sitcom for nine episodes.

After that, Joe Rogan began performing as a regular comic in Hollywood at The Comedy Store.

In 1995, Rogan starred in the sitcom titled “NewsRadio”.

He seemed to be happy with an acting career because he thought that it’s easy money.

But, he felt tired about playing the same character every week. That show was finished in 1999.

In 1999, he made a deal with Warner Bros. Records to record his first stand-up comedy album.

He appeared in several television shows as hosts and guests.

In a show called “The man show” which is sometimes named as “The Joe Rogan Show” on Comedy Central, he replaced Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla as a co-host on its fifth season.

From Disney to Comedian

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Rogan’s story to join Disney network in 1994 was interesting.

He said that the hiring process was weird as the network did not know if Rogan could act.

At least not until Dean Valentine, then-president of Walt Disney asked him a question which he replied that if one can lie, one can act.

This gave a new experience to Rogan as he had to work 12 hours per day.

When performing at The Comedy Store, Rogan became a paid regular.

He performed for 13 years for free and paid for the sound system.

In 1995 when Rogan stared an NBC sitcom, he played a role as Joe Garelli.

He was a handyman and electrician at a fictional radio station.

This role was actually set to be played by Ray Romano.

And yet, Romano was let go and Rogan was brought.

This switch made Rogan had to work with the writer to develop his character before launching the show.

During this time, he befriended with Phil Hartman, a cast member who had a marital problem.

In 1998, Hartman was killed by his wife, affecting to Rogan’s stand-up ability.

He then cancelled a week of scheduled stand-up shows.

In 1999, Rogan recorded his first album of stand-up comedy at the Comedy Connection, Boston.

It was released with a title I’m Gonna Be Dead Some Day in August 2000. This album surprisingly received national exposure.

Rogan also wrote a song Voodoo Punanny as suggested by Warner.

This song was played on the radio and was released as a single.

At around this time, he worked on ideas for a cartoon and a film with Chris McGuire, his comedian friend.

He also began to operate a blog,

On his website, he discussed various topics which helped him develop his routine in performing stand-up comedy.

UFC Commentator Career

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Joe Rogan is most likely to be remembered as the host in a television show called “Fear Factor”.

In the middle of 90s, 1997 to be exact, he was given the opportunity to work at the UFC as the post-fight interviewer.

He quit the job after two years. In 2001, Zuffa (an American sports promotion company) took over UFC.

Joe Rogan attended some events and became a friend with its new president, named Dana White.

Shortly, Dana offered Rogan a job as a color commentator but he declined because he just wanted to see the fights and drink.

Joe Rogan and Dana White were still a close friend after that.

In 2002, Rogan finally accepted to be the commentator of UFC alongside with Mile Goldberg to the end of 2016.

He won some awards as a commentator in the UFC, such as Best Television Announcer, and MMA personality of the year.

Until now, Joe is still commentating for the UFC. He’s considered as one of the best MMA Commentator of all time.

Beside sports commentator, he also runs a podcast called The Joe Rogan Experience which was launched in 2009.

The podcast has become one of the most popular podcasts.

It’s because of the interesting conversation and characters that featured on the show.

The Best Television Announcer

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While working for UFC in 1994, Rogan was interested in jiu-jitsu especially after watching a fight at UFC 2: No Way Out.

Rogan is a black belt in a no-gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Eddie Bravo and also black belt under Jean Jacques Machado in gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

As Rogan’s manager, Sussman befriended the co-creator and original producer, Campbell McLaren, this made Rogan landed a position at the organization.

But he decided to quit after two years for his traveling cost to the event could not be covered by his salary.

This career led him to won an award for Best Television Announcer category from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Award.

He was also named by World MMA Awards as MMA Personality of the Year for four times.

Achieving $25 Million Net Worth

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The first major success of Joe Rogan came with his television role. His career journey as a celebrity is magnificent since then.

The revenue from his television appearances and active must represent a substantial portion of his earnings.

Through comedy, he also generates a significant amount of money.

He’s not only performing stand-up comedy, but he also recorded and released some albums of his stand-ups.

As long as those comedy albums still purchased by people, Rogan would continue to get his revenue.

Working as a commentator of UFC and podcast host is still his biggest income.

It’s reported that he earns about a hundred thousand dollars per episode of his podcast. That’s remarkable.

Jor Rogan owns a house in Bell Canyon, California. He bought the house for 2.2 million dollars in 2003.

The worth should be really high right now.

The house was built originally in 1978 with 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a swimming pool.

His car collection includes Porsche 911, Mustang, and 1970 Barracuda.

The value of his house and a bunch of expensive cars have proved that he deserved to get the $25 million net worth.

Joe Rogan Net Worth Sources: Today Career and Podcast

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In 2011, Rogan was back as Fear Factor host for its final season in 2012.

In the same year, he also played in a movie Zookeeper, which gave him the first major character.

The next year, he played as himself in Here Comes the Boom, which was another action comedy with Kevin James also starred the movie.

December 2012, Rogan released Live from the Tabernacle, his sixth comedy special. This could be exclusively downloaded on his website for $5.

The next year, he hosted a TV show Joe Rogan Questions Everything.

Rogan’s podcast career was begun in December 2009. With his comedian friend, Brian Redban, Rogan launched podcast.

December 24 was the first recording. In August 2010, the podcast changed name into The Joe Rogan Experience and successfully entered iTunes’ Top 100 podcasts.

In 2011, it was picked up by SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

In his free podcast, Rogan invites longstanding list of guests who discuss array of current events such as philosophy, political view, hobbies, comedy, and other topics.

The podcast was downloaded more than 11 million times in January 2015 and it reached 16 million by October the same year.

Until today, Rogan is still active in his podcast.

He also creates a YouTube channel, Joe Rogan, in which a lot of videos with various topics can be found.

Joe Rogan Personal Life

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Talking about Joe Rogan net worth cannot be separated from his personal life.

Rogan married a former cocktail waitress, Jessica Ditzel in 2009.

From his relationship with Ditzel, Rogan has two daughters who was born in 2008 and 2010.

The family lived in Colorado, then moved to Bell Canyon, California.

There, Rogan bought a new house for $5 million in 2018.

Recently, Joe Rogan is not affiliated with political party but he has libertarian views.

He supports gay rights, gay marriage, recreational drug use, and universal basic income.

He also supports the legalized use of cannabis for he believes it brings a lot of benefits.


Joseph James Rogan is considered one of the richest comedians in the world. Joe has an amazing career until now.

Many people love him only because of his podcast and role as a commentator.

Only a few people know him for his comedy. AS of 2019, The Joe Rogan Net Worth $25 million.