Jim Cramer Net Worth, Bio, Wife, Daughter, Salary, House

Jim Cramer Net Worth, The Mad Man of Mad Money

Jim Cramer is a TV personality of American which is best-known for hosting CNBC’s show called ”Mad Money”.

It’s is a finance television show which mainly focuses on investment and speculation on an open market stock.

Mad Money had been hosted by Jim Cramer since 2005. It’s still airing on CNBC from Monday to Saturday.

He began his career as a magazine reporter.

He continued his good career journey to CNBC as one of the news anchors.

Besides, Jim Cramer also has his own ventures.

He is the co-founder of The Street, Inc, which is a financial news and services website.

Cramer was a former manager of an investment fund called Cramer & Co. He’s also a best-selling author.

Those ventures led him to have a huge amount of net worth

As of this year, Jim Cramer net worth is estimated to be $100 million according to the Celebrity Net Worth.

Early Life, Jim Cramer Bio

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James J. Cramer was born on February 10, 1955, in Springfield Township, Pennsylvania.

He was born to Louise A. Cramer and N. Ken Cramer who were both Jewish.

His father owned some international products of packaging that sold boxes, bags and wrapping paper to restaurants and retailers.

When he was young, Jim Cramer used to sell ice cream at Veterans Stadium during the baseball games.

Cramer attended to a High School in Springfield Township and he lives in New Jersey.

In 1977, Jim Cramer graduated from Harvard College with a bachelor degree in government.

He was graduated as magna cum laude. He started to involve himself in journalism when he was still in college.

Cramer was also the President of The Harvard Crimson.

He received his degree as Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School in 1984.

Jim Cramer Career Beginning

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Jim Cramer had worked at various entry-level reporting jobs after his college time.

He received his recognition in the industry when he covered some stories of high-profile serial murder “The Ted Bundy Killings”

Cramer worked for the “L.A. Herald-Examiner” in short times.

He was also the reporter at “American Lawyer“ magazine.

During college time at Harvard Law School, he worked as a research assistant with Alan Dershowitz.

Cramer started to take an interest in finance and he began stocks trading.

He helped some business to earn a huge profit on the stock investments of his.

Briefly, Jims Cramer worked at a law firm.

Then, he got a job offer as a stockbroker in some company that he held for three years.

Later, he resigned from the company to co-found a website called “TheStreet.com alongside Martin Peretz.

The website was growing over the years and they released some sister websites, MainStreet.com, Bankingmyway.com, and Stockpickr.

In 2001, Cramer retired from “Cramer & Co” hedge fund which he founded in 1987.

Then, the company was taken over by Berkowitz, his former partner.

Berkowitz changed the company name to Cramer, Berkowitz & Co.  It became one of Jim Cramer’s Holdings.

Jim Cramer Mad Money, and more

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In 2005, Jim Cramer got an offer from CNBC as a host of their show “Mad Money”.

The program focuses on financial speculations and investment in traded stocks.

It attempts to both entertain and educate the viewers or investors about the stock market.

The cable TV program aired first time on March 14, 2005.

CNBC wanted to provide knowledge and supportive tools for DIY investors.

Hopefully, it would help empower them to be a better investor in the future.

The “Mad Money” show features a series of the segment such as Game Plan, Execution Decision, Lighting Round, Sell Block, Mad Mail, and many more.

Jim Cramer has been a part of CNBC since the late 1990s as a frequent guest commentator.

He also co-hosted several shows in CNBC including America Now, Kudlow & Cramer, in 2000.

Cramer hosted a radio show called “Jim Cramer’s Real Money” which was similar to “Mad Money”.

The radio show ended in 2006. He also appeared on “60 Minutes” as the guest in November 2005 with his family.

He has a wonderful career with CNBC. “Mad Money” has brought him fame.

He continued appearing in more TV shows. Jim Cramer released several best seller books that he authored.

In the show “Mad Money” he often brings his own opinion to the stocks including Boeing and Bitcoin.

Jim Cramer’s Wife, Daughter, Personal Life

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Jim Cramer met Karen Backfisch, his co-worker, and married her in 1988.

The couple divorced in 2009 and had two daughters from their marriage.

Jim Cramer’s Daughters are Cece Cramer and Emma Cramer.

Lise Detwiler is Jim Cramer’s current wife that he married in Brooklyn, on April 18, 2015.

She is a general manager of an Italian restaurant called “The Longshoreman”. She’s also a real estate broker.

Jim Cramer Salary, House, and More

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Jim Cramer made his millions through his career as TV personality and investors.

His hedge fund company was a big success for Jim Cramer’s investing career.

He brought home more than $10 million every year routinely when he was in the company.

As part of CNBC, Cramer also pulls quite big money hosting the Mad Money show.

Jim Cramer used to live out of his car as part of his financial struggle at that time.

But now, Jim Cramer in a large house in Summit, New Jersey. The house seems to worth about a million dollar.

Jim Cramer owns some lavish cars he won’t show to the public. In 2016, he tweeted that he has a cool car.

It’s quite a clue that he does have a collection of cool cars in his garage including the lavish cars like Cadillac, Tesla X, Range Rover, and more.


Jim Cramer is one of the most famous TV anchors. He focused his work as a finance expert.

His TV program “Mad Money” airs on CNBC channel from Monday to Saturday.

Cramer founded his own hedge fund company to fulfill his interest in the investment industry.

That company led him to take home a huge money every year because of its success.

He gained the net worth through struggling from his college years, graduating from Harvard as magna cum laude.

As of this year, Jim Cramer net worth is approximately $100 million.