Here’s to equality! - A special message from Governor Gregoire

Dear Friends-

I wish I could join every celebration tonight. In my time as Governor, today was one of my proudest days. Today at noon, I signed the bill making marriage equality a reality in Washington state. I was happy to share that moment with hundreds of supporters in Olympia, and am thrilled to be joining all of you, across the state, as we celebrate this historic moment.

We could not have gotten here without your help and each and every one of you deserves my sincere thanks.

Tonight you are part of history. This is a day we have all waited for, worked toward, and slowly moved the wheel of justice to reach.

Tonight we can proudly say that equality is the law of the land in Washington state. That separate is not equal. That our state has no business in choosing who you love. And that all Washingtonians, for the first time, have the right to marry the person they love.

Today we said that we have much more in common than we have apart. We stood up for the children of our same-sex couples and told them that their parents’ relationship is every bit as equal as all families. Today we said that diverse, loving couples will strengthen our state and make us better for it. I believe that as do a majority of Washingtonians.

And let us remember that we would not be here without all those who came before us and who strived for, but may have never imagined this day.

I’m unbelievably proud of our state tonight. I’m proud of our legislators who stepped up and said this is the right thing to do. I’m proud of you and I’m proud of your families and your love.

Tonight is your night. Congratulations. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for showing us the way.

Here’s to equality.

Chris Gregoire