Gene Simmons Net Worth, Life, Career, Wife, Awards, Kiss Band

Gene Simmons, The Net Worth of Kiss’s “Demon”

Gene Simmons is a rock and roll idol which is part of popular rock band Kiss.

In the stage, Gene Simmons always show a heck of a performance to his fans.

Simmons is not just a musician or singer, he’s also a record producer, actor, author, entrepreneur, and TV personality.

He got several nicknames from fans and media.

Gene Simmons is also known as The Demon and The God of Thunder because of his performance as bassist and co-lead singer of the band.

In Gene Simmons’s 69 age, he managed to reach the estimated net worth of $300 million.

Early Life, Gene Simmons Young

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Gene Simmons was born on August 25, 1949. He was born as Chaim Witz in Rambam Hospital in Israel.

He came from a family that survived the Holocaust and moved to Israel.

Simmons spent his childhood in a Jewish household.

When he was seven, he began to sell wild fruit he had picked with his friend.

His mother and he immigrated to American when Simmons was eight years old.

Then, he changed his name to Eugene Klein. Until now, Gene Simmons’s real name is Gene Klein.

He attended public school after briefly studied in Jewish religious school.

Simmons attended some colleges in New York. Before getting into the music industry, he worked a variety of jobs.

He was an assistant to an editor of Vogue, a fashion magazine, and worked as a grade instructor.

The significant influence of Simmons was the legendary band “The Beatles”.

Gene Simmons Career Before Kiss

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Gene Simmons became a part of a band since he was a teenager.

His first band named “Lynx” is renamed as “The Missing Links”.

Simmons disbanded the group to form another band called “Long Island Sound”.

He worked side jobs to get more money while in this band.

Then, Simmons joined a new band “Bullfrog” when he was in College located in Loch Sheldrake, New York.

Gene Simmons formed a rock band “Wicked Lester” in the 1970s with Stanley Eisen.

They recorded one album that never had its chance to be released.

Then, they both decided to walk out from Epic Records and formed an ultimate rock band.

From an ad for the band, they made a drummer, Peter Criss, and a lead guitar Ace Frehley joined the group.

With four members of the band, they named the band as “Kiss”

Gene Simmons in Kiss

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Kiss released their debut album, self-titled in 1974.

The Kiss original members were Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss, and Ace Frehley.

Paul Stanley was the lead performer on stage and Gene Simmons took on the role as the driving force behind the stage.

He was the one who took responsibility for the extensive Kiss merchandising franchise.

Simmons’s iconic “Demon” face makeup became his trademark in gaining popularity.

The makeup is inspired by the design of the wing of Black Bolt, a comic book character.

The most iconic gimmick performed by Gene Simmons was spitting blood.

In most of his performances, he did the gimmick for all his fans.

The face makeup of all members of the band became the trademark of Kiss. However, in 1983, their fame was waning.

Then, they decided to took off their makeup and enjoyed their popularity once again which continued into the 1990s.

Some of the original and new members voted out of the band.

Until now, Kiss current members names are known to be:

  • Paul Stanley plays vocals and rhythm guitar
  • Gene Simmons plays vocals and bass
  • Tommy Thayer plays lead guitar, vocals, and backing vocals.
  • Eric Singer plays drums, backing vocals, and vocals.

All of the members decided to retire from the band for good.

However, Gene Simmons chose to keep himself alive in the industry of entertainment.

Gene Simmons in TV and Film

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There are some popular TV projects that Simmons got involved in.

The first one is a cartoon show titled “My Dad the Rock Star”.

The second TV project he involved in was “Mr. Romance”, a show that he hosted and created.

The next project is titled “Rock School”.

It’s a Gene Simmons reality show in which he tries to form a rock band from a group of students.

Another his reality show was “Gene Simmons Family Jewels”.

It’s a documentary reality show about his personal life and Gene Simmons’s family.

Gene Simmons had also made some appearances in a variety of TV shows as a guest.

According to his Filmography, he was involved in a total of 20 films.

Awards and Achievements

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  • Simons was awarded the Golden God award by a metal music magazine “Revolver”.
  • The Axe bass with his autograph was permanently showcased in Smithsonian National Museum of American History.
  • He is an honorary board member of a national nonprofit school called a Little Kids Rock
  • The Reial Circle Artistic de Barcelona awarded Simmons with a Golden Medal.
  • He granted a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1999.
  • With his band, he won a lot more awards in various categories.

Gene Simmons Personal Life

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Gene Simmons is a fan of science fiction and comic book.

He published some fanzines of science fiction such as Cosmos, Tinderbox, Mantis, Adventure, and more.

He lived in Los Angeles, California with his wife. Gene Simmons current wife is Shannon Lee Tweed.

She’s a former Playboy model and an actress.

Gene Simmons never got a divorce because he never got married before Shannon Lee.

He formerly dated Diana Ross and Cher with live-in relationships.

The height of Gene Simmons is currently 6ft one a half or 186.7 cm.

The Net Worth of $300 million

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We all know that Gene Simmons’s biggest earnings came from his successful times with Kiss in the 1990s.

As one of the Kiss’s pioneers, his career with the band was extremely successful.

They sold millions of copies worldwide.

Gene Simmons net worth this year would come from his acting career in film, clothing line business, TV show projects, and his own magazines.

In 2013, Simmons bought a house in Los Angeles for his children that worth $2 million.

The rock and roll hall of Famer lived with his family in a multi-million luxurious estate in Beverly Hills.

He also owns a bunch of unique and luxurious cars collection such as the 1970s customed Volkswagen Beetle, Mini Cooper with Kiss Design, and more.


Gene Simmons is a rock and roll hall of Famer who was one of the pioneers of the popular rock band “Kiss”.

He has an estimated net worth of $300 million from his business, films, appearances, and more.

He’s no longer a band member but he keeps himself active in Entertainment Industry.