Fetty Wap Net Worth, Career, Awards, Nominations, Life, Cars

Fetty Wap Net Worth, The King Behind The Trap Queen

Fetty Wap is the stage name of an American rapper named Willie Maxwell II.

He gained wide recognition from his debut single “Trap Queen” which peaked at number 2 on the Billboard chart.

Fetty Wap signed with 300 Entertainment which led to more of his single releases.

The title single of his debut album was able to reach number one on the Billboard chart.

Fetty Wap started his rap career in 2014 when he released the “Trap Queen”.

The single was certified platinum by RIAA.

As of this year, Fetty Wap net worth is approximately whooping $8 million.

Fetty Wap Bio & Early Life

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Fetty Wap’s full name is Willie Maxwell II. He was born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey, since June 7, 1991.

Maxwell has a glaucoma disease in both of his eyes. In 2015, It revealed that doctors can’t save his left eye.

Fetty Wap’s left eye went blind and was fitted with an ocular prosthesis eye. Fetty Wap took interests in music since 2013.

Initially, he started the career as only a rapper. But, he decided to be a singer too.

It was because Fetty wanted to do something different.

He got his name “Fetty” which is slang for money because he likes making money.

The name “Wap” is a tribute to GuWop, the alias of Gucci Mane.

Career Beginnings

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Through performing in many gigs, he earns quite a bit of money and that’s the reason he deserved to get “Money” as the name.

In the early of 2014, Fetty Wap released the single “Trap Queen” independently.

Unfortunately, the single didn’t do goo for the first few months.

However, the song went viral in November 2014. The single was uploaded in Soundcloud platform which is widely used by beginner rappers to introduce his songs such as Rene-Charles Angelil, Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty (we also have articles about Lil Yachty net worth).

On the platform, the “Trap Queen” was played for over 130 million times.

The single became so successful which led Fetty Wap to sign a contract deal with 300 Entertainment, a major record label.

Then, he used the Youtube platform to upload his second single “679” in 2015.

A month later, he released the son commercially under 300 Entertainment label.

The single peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

His next single entitled “My Way” which was both commercially and critically successful.

The single became the chartbuster of Billboard Top 100.

Later, a popular rapper “Drake” remixed the song and acclaimed it.

Career as Succesful Rapper

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Finally, Fetty Wap released his debut album in September 2015 under the label of 300 Entertainment.

The album was well-received by the fans and it reached the top of US Billboard 200.

He sold thousands of copies of the album all over the US.

Still, in 2015, Fetty Wap made a couple of collaborative works with “French Montana”.

They both released two mixtapes entitled “Coke Zoo” and “ZOO 16: The Mixtape”.

In 2015, Fetty Wap was also collaborated with DJ Khaled (read more about Khaled at DJ Khaled net worth) on the Gold Slugs song on Khaled’s eighth studio album with Chris Brown and August Alsina.

On February 2016, he also released a single titled “Jimmy Choo” on Soundcloud. But, it didn’t work out as expected.

Later, there’s a video of two girls dancing to the tunes of Jimmy Choo was posted on Vine.

That Fetty Wap’s song gained a little bit of attraction from that.

The single got so popular among music lovers which led to the official release of the song in 2016.

Just a few days after its release, the song reached number 69 on the Billboard Hot 100.

It also created a whole new record because of selling more than 35 thousand copies in its very first week.

A Developer announced in 2016, Fetty Wap would be getting a smartphone mobile racing game of his own which started on May 2016.

The game was partnered with some automotive brands like Nissan, Cadillac, and BMW.

Fetty Wap also collaborated with ‘”Fifth Harmony”, one of the most popular girl band in the world.

He got involved in their single “All In My Head (Flex)”.

November 2016, he released another mixtape that contains 19 tracks which titled “Zoovier”.

The next month, he released another collaborative single called “Like a Star” featuring Nicki Minaj.

Another mixture was released in 2017 called “Lucky No. 7”.

The newest mixtape of Fetty Wap titled “Bruce Wayne” was released in 2018.

Awards and Nominations

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  • In 2015, the rapper received an MC100 Award for his “Trap Quen” single as the most-played video of the year.
  • MTV Video Music Awards gave Fetty Wap an award for the “Trap Queen” as the artist to watch in 2015.
  • He received a “Who Blew Up Award” in 2015’s BET Hip Hop Awards.
  • Fetty Wap also won a Billboard Music Awards in 2016 as the top new artist.
  • Besides, he was also a nominee for many times in various awards category.

It seems like the “Trap Queen” is surely the main highlight of Fetty Wap’s career.

Fetty Wap Kids, Girlfriend, Personal Life

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He is the father of 7 children which came from six different women with a marriage, here they are:

  • Aydin Zoovier, born in 2011 from his girlfriend Ariel Reese
  • Eliza “ZaZa” Zaviera, born in 2015 from Lehzae Zeona
  • Amani, born in 2016 from Elaynna Parker
  • Khari, born in 2016 from Masika Kalysha, a reality TV star.
  • Lauren, born in 2016 from an exotic dancer in Miami
  • Alaiya, born in 2018 from Alexis Skyy, his ex-girlfriend.

As reported, Fetty Wap is currently dating a hip-hop reality TV star, Alexis Skyy.

Fetty Wap Empire, House, Cars

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His debut single “Trap Queen” is the major works of his career as a rapper.

He gained his international fame from that.

Mostly, Fetty Wap earned his net worth from his musical works and performances just like Dr Dre (Check Dr Dre net worth).

The record sales of the albums and singles really give a big impact to his net worth.

Fetty Wap lives in a rented mansion that cost him about $2.1 million.

He bought his mom thousands of dollars house at the Fetty Wap’s age of 23.

Fetty really loves a lavish car. He has a car collection that consists of

  • GL63 AMG Mercedes Benz worth $66,000
  • C63 AMG Mercedes Benz worth $65,000
  • Ferrari 458 Italia that worth $130,000
  • BMW M6 worth $160,000.
  • CL63 AMG Mercedes Benz with $65,000 worth.


That bunch of car collections would surely convince you that Fetty Wap is a wealthy man.

He got really successful in a short time. There’s still a long way to go to be better and better as an artist.

As of this year, Fetty Wap net worth reached $8 million.