What is Dr Dre Net Worth? Is He The Richest Rapper in The World?

Dr. Dre Net Worth

Dr. Dre is a rapper from America who is also a producer and entrepreneur.

He was born in 1965, 53 years old this year.

At the beginning of his career in the ’80s, he was a rap group N.W.A’s producer.

Then, he continued his career to go solo and move into the world of entrepreneurship.

Most of the times in his music career, he has worked with some of the best artists and also won some music awards.

He succeeded in selling his brand to Apple that worth $3 billion. That’s fantastic.

What’s Dr Dre net worth? As of this year, 2019, Dr. Dre net worth is approximated to be $850 million.

Most people knew him as a person who struggled for school.

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He does not like to study or demonstrated academic success, but he can show us the success of his career.

Now, you can change your perspective, if education is everything for your life.

Dr Dre net worth does not require him to have better academic learning.

You could shine without theoretical knowledge as what Dr Dre said in his interview.

Most of Dr Dre’s income comes from his music career as a rapper, similar to Lil Yachty net worth.

During his career, Dr Dre has working with his power and ability as a DJ work, that he is excellent on that.

He is also leading his alliance with the World Class Wreckin Cru, that could lead him to his successful life.

He knew which point that could be made his success and show his ability.

He is excellent to show his strengths.

Once Dr Dre said that failure is not something to regret.

He often called himself a lucky person when he made a failure, that can bring you a successful life.

His ability shows him that when you get struggling, it means that you need to take a step back, and then you can evaluate yourself for seconds.

Early Life and Family

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Dr. Dre was born with a real name, Andre Romelle Young. Young was born in Compton, California.

He was born to Verna and Theodore Young as the first child.

His parent got married in 1964 and got divorced in 1972.

Then, Verna remarried to Curtis Crayon and had 3 children.

Young was mostly raised by his Grandmother in Compton.

His mother remarried again to Warren Griffin which added more brother and sister to the family.

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The stepbrother of Young is a well-known rapper Warren G.

Andre Young is the cousin of Sir Jinx, a hip hop record producer.

During his high school and college, Young tends to get transferred due to the poor grades.

He goes transferred more than to time. That’s what makes him focus on his entertainment and social life.

Then, Andre Young married with a woman named Cassandra Joy Greened who gives him a son named Curtis.

After they got divorced, his ex-wife brought Curtis and Young met his son 20 years later when Curtis become a rapper named Hood Surgeon.

Dr. Dre also had sons from Michelle and Jenita Porter, two children from Nicole Threatt, and a daughter from Lisa Johnson.

Music Career

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Talking about the beginning of Dr. Dre’s career, we should go back to the mid-’80s.

At that time, Dre was working a club named Eve After Dark as a DJ.

He tried working as a DJ after watching many others performed at that club.

In that local club, Dr. Dre first met one of the members of N.W.A, Dj Yella.

Inside that club, there was a small recording studio at the back. Dr. Dre and N.W.A used that room often to record some initial demos.

A rapper group N.W.A was formed in 1986.

That group consisted of three rappers, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, MC Ren, and of course Dj Yella.

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The debut album of that group was titled “Straight Outta Compton” which became a big success, thanks to Dr. Dre as the producer.

In the early of ’90s, Dr. Dre decided to leave the group after many disputes.

Then, he went to be a solo rapper which was proved by his first single in 1992.

After that, he launched a debut solo album titled “The Chronic” under Death Row Records, the same records that released his first single.

Dr. Dre was not stopping in one Records for a long time.

So, in 1996, he decided to leave the Records and make his own named Aftermath Entertainment.

Then, he released an album under the Records named “Dr. Dre Presents The Aftermath”.

Dre has worked with many popular artists of rap and hip-hop.

In fact, Dr. Dre became one of the musicians expected by DJ Khaled to collaborate (we also have article about Khaled at DJ Khaled net worth).

He is in the top list of richest rappers in the world until now.

I guess Dr. Dre Net Worth of $850 million is not just a number.

He has Good Optimism and Change People Perspective

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All of his career in music has shown you if he has the right talent.

His natural appearance could inspire everyone watching him.

Now, you need to know if he had an excellent ability to show his optimism that could inspire people.

All of his success coming from his optimistic personality, he could change something impossible into something worth for his life.

Most people knew him that he has good entrepreneurial skill, that can build a stable gate to his success.

When hip-hop culture is not as famous as today, he could manage his life to make it through.

He has the good entrepreneurial skill to sell his talent and makes everyone likes him.

During that time, there is a lot of people pessimist if the Americans would not accept the hip-hop genre.

However, he could create a better team that could work with him to show the world.

He could promote his mixtapes and also starting his record labels.

We can call him a great innovator for Hip Hop culture.

Smart to Build His Future

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Everybody knows that he has the right musical talent, and he had made a better move to his career.

However, you need to see if he is one of the smartest musicians.

Once he said that he always makes sure if everything that he makes with all of his music, should have a better benefit to him today and in the future.

Almost all of his records show us that he is competent to sell his talent; he will consider everything before starting to create.

He could make sure if all of his product could generate better revenue to himself as a good artist.

He never jumps into a partnership without making sure if it could protect his product.

He will make sure if there will be a lot of people who would accept his product.

Freedom is a Key to His Life

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Who knows as an artist and singer, Dr Dre is one of the people who love to be free! Does not mean if he never follows the rule, but he needs to make sure if he could find happiness.

There are not many people to know if he has an excellent ability to control his freedom.

He has a lot of schedule on his hand, but he needs to maintain himself to stay tight and find better of him.

Once he said that he loves to travel, adventure, and meeting new people.

All of his ways show you if he is one of the free personality.

He likes to experience something new in his life.

If you are saying that he could not become a multitasking people, you need to know if it is one of his ability.

He likes to involve in several things, that could lead him to have a more significant contribution.

He said that change is constant in his life, that it would require him to have good adaptability and courage.

What Do You Need to Know from Dr Dre?

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1. He almost an abortion

There are not many people who know Dr Dre personal life.

However, he is struggling for survival, with all of his skills that could bring success.

His mother, Verna Young, is one of the persons who fight for life.

Before Dr Dre net worth increasing, all of his life is not as good as today.

His mother had him at a young age around 16 years old, and it is not easy for a teenager to have a baby.

It is one of the sad moments to her when he needs to have a baby during that time and decided not to continue her pregnancy.

However, her family would like her to continue the pregnancy, and in the end, we can meet successful singer, Dr Dre.

2. Not a successful father

If you think that all of his life is always be in the right way, Dr Dre should face a struggle in his life for 17 years old.

At that time, he had a son, and it is not accessible to him.

He still needs to continue his career without something that could distract his attention.

It is one of the exciting facts if he and his mom have the same struggle at the same age.

You need to know if he does not want to meet his son until he was 20 years old.

Now, his son is becoming a rapper as his father.

Dr Dre also being grateful if his son could have an excellent talent like him.

Now, it is the right time to Dr Dre as he needs to make sure for his son’s career.

3. His words are everything

All of Dr Dre net worth is coming from his unique talent.

A lot of people could appreciate what he made for his life.

And he shows us that all of his ability is natural, and you can accept everything that he made.

From all of his friends and family, saying that he had a great personality to inspire people.

He has something in his words that is becoming his ability to motivate others.

Awards And Nominations

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In the time of his music career, Dre has won many awards. Some of the highlights are:

  • Best Rap Solo Performance in 1994 Grammy Awards
  • Best Rap Performance by A Duo or Group in 2001 Grammy Awards
  • Producer of the Year, Non-Classical in 2002 Grammy Awards
  • Best Rap Video in 1995 and 2000 MTV Video Music Awards
  • Best Rap Album in 2001 Grammy Awards
  • Hustle Of The Year in 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards
  • Best Rap Album and Best Rap Performance in 2010 Grammy Awards

Other Careers

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Talking about the other ventures of Dr. Dre, we should know about his Film Career and his business.

The first time Dr. Dre appeared on screen was in 1996 in a movie titled “Set It Off” which he was acted as a weapons dealer.

Then, he also appeared in “The Wash” and “Training Day” in 2001.

Later in 2007, Dre announced that he would produce horror and dark comedies films.

The films were produced under the film company owned by New Line Cinema, Crucial Films.

In 2015, he produced an Oscar-nominated movie with his partner Ice Cube, “Straight Outta Compton” which is about N.W.A.

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What about his business? It’s not complete if we don’t talk about his very own brand “Beats By Dr. Dre”.

The brand was first released in 2008. There are a lot of products in the line of the brand and most of them are headphones.

In 2009, Dr. Dre got a deal with HP (Hewlett-Packard) to have his beats headphones in a bundle with some HP products.

Then, in 2014, Apple took interest in Beats brand and purchased it for 3 billion dollars.

By far, it’s the most expensive purchase by the technology giant, Apple.

Achieving The $850 Million Net Worth

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Probably, we can start it with a question, How rich is this guy?

Well, to explain that you might need to acknowledge what he owns.

The first thing we know is the 3 billion dollar purchase of Beats brand by Apple.

Even though Dr. Dre only owns 25 percent of the company, but he still made pretty good money.

The 25 percent of 3 billion is 750 million dollars.

This shows that in addition to success in the field of music, Dr. Dre was also quite successful in business like Daymond John (want to know about Daymond John net worth, click this).

That apple deal’s money got him a mansion in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

Right now, the property is worth 20 percent more than He first purchased it. Well, it’s not his only property.

There’s a house in Hollywood Hills that he recently sold for $32 million. Also, the other two houses.

Before being a producer, he sold millions of copies of his music.

He continues to become a successful music producer until now.

That’s quite enough to prove Dr. Dre Net Worth of $850 million.


What a fantastic career by Dr. Dre. He’s not only a great rapper and music producer but also a brilliant businessman.