Dave Ramsey Net Worth, The Debt Savior Of American People

Dave Ramsey Net Worth

Dave Ramsey is one of the most trusted financial advisors in America.

When you are in debt, Ramsey might help you to overcome it. He’s a former realtor that once got bankrupt.

But now, he has helped a lot of people to get away from their debts using his own method.

Dave Ramsey is also a radio show host and a businessman.

He’s widely known for his radio program and TV show “The Dave Ramsey Show”.

Ramsey struggled his way to overcome his bankruptcy in the past.

As of this year, Dave Ramsey net worth is estimated to be $55 million.

The Beginning Of Dave Ramsey

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David Lawrence Ramsey III was born in Antioch, Tenessee. He graduated from the College in 1982.

Dave studied Business Administration College in Tennessee University with a degree in Finance and Real Estate.

At the beginning of his business career, he was a real estate investor under his own company “Ramsey Investments, Inc.

In 1986, Ramsey built a rental real estate portfolio that was worth over $4 million.

However, in 1988, the bank wanted the money back immediately because it was bought by the new company.

Dave Ramsey had a hard time to finish the payment. Then, he filed bankruptcy in 1988.

He needed time to recover from that. So, Ramsey attended seminars and workshops on consumer financial problems.

At that time, he developed a set of materials and lessons about financial problems.

The materials are based on his own experience and works and teachings by related Authors.

From that, Dave Ramsey wrote a book “Financial Peace”. It’s his first book based on his experience.

Ramsey Solutions

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In 1992, Dave Ramsey built a financial support company for Americans who are ignorant of their financial principles.

Because that kind of people would likely make a mistake like Ramsey made in the past.

Under the company “The Lampo Group, LLC”, He offered financial counseling to them.

The Lampo Group started with small counseling sessions.

Now, it has grown to an organization that consists of over 550 people in. The organization is now called “Ramsey Solution”.

If you want to join and have a financial counseling session, you can just visit their website “daveramsey.com”

What makes Ramsey Solution different from other companies is its way to define success.

Most companies define it by the money coming in.

For Ramsey Solution, Success is based on the number of lives changed.

It’s not just an ordinary company who takes your money and give counselings.

It’s an organization to help you get out from financial problems.

The Dave Ramsey Show

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It’s not complete when talking about Dave Ramsey without the show that gets him famous, The Dave Ramsey Show.

The Dave Ramsey Show is both radio program and TV program.

It all started in 1992. While Ramsey was selling his “Financial Peace” copies, he was a guest on a radio show.

After that, the radio station offered him to host a one-house show for free for a month.

He gladly agreed in order to promote his copies. The show called “The Money Game”.

The radio show became so popular in Nashville.

Then in 1996, the name of the show changed to “The Dave Ramsey Show”.

By 2017, the show already aired from more than 585 radio stations.

He was honored with two nominations in Radio News/Talk Industry Achievement Awards, and he received an award for Syndicated Personality of The Year.

Because his radio show, Ramsey was honored to be in a National Radio Hall of Fame, and receive Marconi Award in 2009.

The show was a success. In the network sales, the show was worth $2.5 million in 2005.

From advertisers online, the show brought in an estimated $3.7 million.

He produced the show by himself which is distributed directly to the local stations.

There’s no programming service and national network connected to the show.

Nowadays, the show is also available as a podcast that people can listen via iTunes.

The Debut On Television

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The Dave Ramsey Show was a total success as a radio show. So, FOX Business Network brought it to televisions.

This financial program was aired at 8:00 p.m ET four days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Typically, the show began with short financial advice or opinion monologue.

Mostly, the show was devoted to helping e-mailers and callers with their financial questions and problems such as debt, divorce, personal, and business.

The show made its television debut on October 15, 2007.

Then, FOX Network ended the program on June 18, 2010.

Achieving The Net Worth

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His Radio show and Podcast are still airing worldwide.

People from all over the world can listen to various platforms such as Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, and more.

His fortune was built by investing in real estate, writing some best-selling books about finance, hosting radio show/podcast, and of course financial counseling with his company “Ramsey Solution”

Dave Ramsey created a Univesity of Financial Peace to let people learn more about finances.

That would surely add a big fortune to Dave Ramsey net worth. Ramsey tends to give training sessions for those who need.

The total was estimated to be more than 4.5 million attendance.

His weekly show has over 13 million listeners. That’s what makes him getting more and more money every week.

Recently Ramsey had done building a luxurious mansion which leads to a controversy of him not doing his own financial advice.

The house and land are estimated to be over $4.9 million worth and he paid in cash, following his own advice.

He lives with his wife, Sharon and his three children in Franklin, Tennessee.

Ramsey also owns several lavish cars from popular brand such as Corvette and Lamborghini.


Dave Ramsey’s popular nickname is a financial guru. So, if you have problems with finance, you should come to him.

He managed to reach his success through hard work and recovering from bankruptcy was not easy for him.

By writing best-selling books, giving counselings, and hosting a radio show, Dave Ramsey can get what he wants.

As of this year, Dave Ramsey Net Worth is estimated to be $55 million.