Dave Chappelle Net Worth, One Of The Richest Comedians

Dave Chappelle Net Worth

David Khari Webber Chappelle who is well-known as Dave Chapple is an American Stand-Up Comedian.

He’s also known as an actor, producer, and writer. His material of comedy is focused on politics, social problems, relationship, racism, pop culture, and current events.

Throughout his career as a famous comedian, Dave Chappelle made a lot of money.

As of the beginning of 2019, his net worth is estimated to be $42 million.

That’s why he’s one of the richest comedians worldwide, to date.

His popularity also led Dave Chappelle to be trusted to join the New Year’s Eve Live event in 2018 on CNN with many public figures, such as Keith Urban, Gwen Stefani, and even including Jack Black (check Jack Black net worth).

Early Life


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On August 24 in 1973, Dave Chappelle was born in Washington, D.C.

He was the youngest child among three children of William David Chappelle III and Yvonne K. Chappelle Seon.

His brother’s name is William S Chappelle, and his sister’s is Felicia Chappelle Jones

His father was a professor at a Antioch College, Ohio. His mother was also a professor at some universities.

The little Chappelle grew up in Maryland. He attended school at Woodlin Elementary School. At that time, his parents were politically active.

Some visitors came to his home often and one of them named Johnny Harmant (American Jazz Singer) predicted Chappelle would be a great comedian.

The comedy figures that inspired Chappelle a lot in his works are Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor.

Chappelle decided to stay at Washington with his mother after his parents got divorced.

He sometimes spends summer time with his father in Ohio. He studied theatre arts after high school.

Dave Chappelle Net Worth Acknowledge by the University of Gothenburg

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There is a big chance to increase Dave Chappelle Net Worth; all the things he has done has made great money.

Big news coming to his life, The University of Gothenburg published a monograph about him.

It was a great deal to him, and his name could become more famous.

The monograph titled “representations of Ethnicity in Stand-up Comedy: A Study of the Comedy of Dave Chappelle”.

The title expressed the language of Dave Chappelle career that he became a significant actor with stand up comedy background.

The trademark of Dave Chappelle shows a point of view of people that are inspired by his appearance.

Facts About Dave Chappelle Wife’s

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1. Warm and romantic

As an actor, Dave should choose the best partner for his life.

He would need significant support from his surround, and he could get it from his beautiful wife, Elaine Chappelle (born Elaine Mendoza Erfe).

Elaine is one of the persons with a warm personality, and she loves Chappelle so much.

You need to know if she is a genuinely romantic person with full of inspiration to Dave.

No wonder if they have a long-lasting marriage life, with full of heartful family.

His kids, Ibrahim Chappelle, Sonal Chappelle, Sulayman Chappelle always look at him with admiration eyes.

Significant support showed by Chappelle’s wife, that would always accept every decision that he made.

However, Dave’s also one of the romantic people, that still respects his wife and family.

2. Dave’s humour partner

As we know, Dave is a stand-up comedian with full of humor in his mind.

He would need to have a partner that could work together with him and support him.

He must be grateful to have a partner that could understand him in every situation.

Elaine is also a person with full of jokes and understands about his husband.

There is no problem to share about his family to the public as what Dave’s said before.

Both of them loves jokes.

Also, Dave is a perfect husband to change her day to become perfect.

Chappelle is a person who has a right balance between his macho appearance with all the jokes that he made.

He is also a family man, with full of warmth and care.

3. Issues about Chappelle’s Disappearing Act

There is a lot of fans saying if Chappelle has disappeared from TV because of his wife.

However, it is not the truth, since he has not been confirmed about that.

As we know, his wife will always try to support him with everything that he did.

Elaine also did not give any confirmation about this issue, as she stated that her husband has no problem with life.

Most people are speculating if he is going on the possibilities of drug abuse, mental illnesses, and another issue.

However, there is never the truth about this possibility that could happen to him.

Even the answer did not confirm by his team while his fan put a lot of speculation.

4. His wife proud of him

We can say if Dave Chappelle achievement as a comedian has brought fruitful to his career.

His wife is often saying that she is also one of his fans.

Dave always makes people happy and laugh trough all of his words on the stage.

She said that she is happy for seeing his husband entertain people.

That is why all of Dave career will always be full of support from his wife.

5. The true wife with excellent cooking skills

Dave still confirmed if he still likes what his wife has cooked for him.

Having a great woman that always supports him for everything that he had done is one of the best gifts from god.

Now, he does not need to eat from the restaurant, since his wife always cooks good food with great taste.

Elaine confirmed if she is always practising by herself and watch the video.

Everything that she has done is based on her love for the family.

She will always try to prepare the best for her family and cook with excellent taste.

Become the Life of Party

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With his strong comedian talent, Chappelle could be the person who can make the party more alive.

He can show his attractive and charming personality to makes his audience enjoy his performance.

Everything that he does is based on the practice, and he had made a lot of efforts.

Dave Chappelle net worth has reached billion dollars, and all of his performance can achieve it during the show.

He can show his loyalty to his friends, and he could be the best companion to everyone.

That is why his successful career will always have excellent support from others.

Well Developed Business Mindset

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If you want to learn more from Dave Chappelle as he could create a bright career from his effort.

You can take the example that he has the best ability to set his mindset with several goals.

He will try to do anything with an effective plan, with all of his best ways to achieve his goals.

Many people surround him to realize that he had excellent organizational and administrative skills.

With all of his great job to manage his time to work on his project. He will always try to think before he acts for something.

There will always be the time for him to think about the short and long plan in his life.

Everything that he decided would let him get a successful experience.

Perform with Full of Energy

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Being an entertainer would require Chappelle to show his full appearance with a lot of energy.

He could be the best on self-control, that he can be disciplined and show his ability better.

Being hyperactive is one of his habits during the show, and it is one of the reasons why there is a lot of people admire him.

Dave Chappelle net worth is higher today, with all of his appearance wit perfect ingredient that he already prepared.

He could achieve all of his dream with his efforts, that he could be the best in managing his time.

We know that time management is essential to him, and he only can bring success if he could create a better schedule.

Comedy Career

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In order to pursue his passion of comedy, Dave Chappelle decided to move to New Your City.

At the beginning of his career, he was featured in a random people montage telling a joke in 1990 at the program titled “America’s Funniest People”.

After he moved to New York City, he first performed stand-up comedy act in a theater in front of the audience for “Amateur Night” show.

He was booed off stage at that show. That moment made Chappelle even have more courage to move on his aspirations in show business.

Quickly, he made a name for himself in a circuit of comedy in New York.

He even gets noticed by many people for his appearance on an HBO’s show called Def Comedy Jam. That’s where his popularity began.

After that, He performed in a lot of late-night show like The Late Show with David Letterman, The Late Night With Conan O’Brien, The Howard Stern Show, and many other shows.

Other famous actors who were also guest stars at the event were Daniel Radcliffe (Read Daniel Radcliffe net worth) Tom Hanks, Ben Stiller and others.

He made his debut in the film industry when acted as Ahchoo in a “Robin Hood: Men In Tights” when he was 19 years old.

He decided to return to Ohio and considered leaving the entertainment industry when his father died.

In 1996, he appeared as an actor in an Eddy Murphy’s movie titled The Nutty Professor.

That’s because Eddy is his major comedic influences. He featured in some other movies after that.

Returning To Comedy

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In 1998, he performed a stand-up comedy act for HBO comedy half-hour.

Then, he continued to perform and appear in more movies and TV shows.

Dave Chappelle finally recorded his first ever one-hour stand-up comedy special titled “Dave Chappelle: Killin’ Them Softly” on HBO channel in 2000.

Because of his work, Many comedians including Kevin Hart praised Dave Chappelle.

He considers Dave Chappelle as the greatest stand-up comedian of all time.

The story about his departure in 2005 and his comedy is written in a book.

Dave Chappelle’s Filmography

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Here are the highlights of his works and appearances in Films. He Played as:

  • Reggie Warrington in 1996’s The Nutty Professor
  • Pinball in 1997’s Con Air
  • Zee in 1997’s The Real Blonde
  • Kevin Jackson in 1998’s You’ve Got Mail
  • Morris in 2015’s Chi-Raq (a Spike Lee’s film)
  • Noodles in 2018’s A Star Is Born

His Awards And Achievements

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Dave Chappelle was nominated in many awards throughout his career. Here are some of the highlights:

From “Chappelle’s Show”

  • Outstanding Comedy-Variety Series in 2004’s BET Comedy Awards
  • Outstanding Writing for A Comedy Series in 2004’s BET Comedy Awards
  • Best Comedic Performance in 2004’s NAMIC Vision Awards
  • Outstanding DVD Releases in 2005 BET Comedy Awards
  • Best Comedic Performance in 2005’s NAMIC Vision Awards


  • Outstanding Guest Actor in A Saturday Night Live in 2017 Primetime Emmy Award
  • Outstanding Variety Special (Pre-Recorded) in 2018’s Primetime Emmy Award

Dave Chappelle was also nominated at the prestigious 2018 Grammy Awards with Bruno Mars, Daddy Yankee (click this link to know more about Daddy Yankee net worth), Jerry Seinfeld and several other entertainers.

Achieving The $42 Million Net Worth

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Not much different from Marcus Lemonis (Read Marcus Lemonis net worth), Dave Chappelle gained popularity through TV shows.

Dave Chappelle significantly raised his profile because of his first one-house special on HBO in 2000.

He started “Chappelle’s Show” in 2003 which was an instant success on Comedy Central.

The contract deals for the show reaches $55 million excluding the DVD sales share.

He definitely made a lot of money from his stand-up appearances and Dave Chappelle tours of comedy.

The huge resurgence of his career in 2013 was joyful for him.

In 2016, NetFlix booked Chappelle to do four specials with a contract deal worth $20 million per special.

As we know, he decided to live close to Yellow Springs in Ohio until now. He’s living quietly in that area until now.

Chappelle has at least 3 houses there that worth over $300,000.

His main house has three bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and other complete facilities.

How about cars collection? Well, you’re not rich until you have a bunch of luxurious cars.

Chappelle has some branded luxurious cars such as his Lexus LS460 that’s worth over a hundred thousand dollars, and His Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe that’s worth about $450,000.

Dave Chappelle also likes to donate his time and money to many charities.

The source of his wealth is definitely from Television.

Once it’s because of his “Chappelle’s Show”, but now it’s because of his stand-up specials.

Some Of Dave Chappelle’s Best One-Liner Jokes

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  • “You know you must be doing something right if old people like you”.
  • “The mark of greatness is when everything before you is obsolete, and everything after you bears your mark”.
  • “You know, be able to do something great in your life, you’re gonna have to realize your failures. You’re gonna have to embrace them and figure out how to overcome it”.
  • “The hardest thing to do is to be true to yourself, especially when everybody is watching”.
  • “You can’t get un-famous. You can get infamous, but you can’t get un-famous”


I guess that’s quite a proof that Dave Chappelle Net Worth is estimated $42 million.

Dave Chappelle is indeed one of the richest comedians in the world.