Daniel Radcliffe Net Worth, It’s Really Magical

Daniel Radcliffe Net Worth

Daniel Radcliffe, many fans know him as Harry Potter. He is one of the most popular British actors.

Harry Potter franchise is the highlight of Daniel’s career.

It’s the beginning and the most affecting part of his career as an actor.

However, the movie franchise has ended years ago. Daniel Radcliffe has grown into a steadily increasing net worth.

He starred in some other movies even though he’s having a hard time to get rid of Harry Potter image from the fans.

As of right now, Daniel Radcliffe is one of the wealthiest British young men.

Daniel Radcliffe net worth is estimated to be $110 million.

Early Life

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Daniel Jacob Radcliffe was born on July 23, 1989. As of this year, Daniel Radcliffe age is 29 years old. He was born in London, England.

Daniel is the one and only child of his Mother (Marcia Jeannine Gresham) and father (Alan George Radcliffe).

At the age of five, Daniel began to show a desire to act. Then, he made his acting debut when he was ten years old.

It was on a BBC One channel where he played the little character as a young boy.

Daniel had attended three independent schools for boys: Redcliffe School.

It was hard for Daniel to attend school after the release of the first Harry Potter film.

Daniel Radcliff Personality

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Knowing him from his appearance in the movie is not something unusual.

If you want to go deeper and understand his personality, you need to see if he is a private person.

There is a lot of people expecting for having a good relation with Daniel, and most people know if he is a person.

You need to know that he is one of the persons who does not care what others say about him.

Once he said that reading an article about him is not his habit.

There is a lot of people reviews his movies, but he is never saying anything or take any responsibility.

Love His Fans so Much

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There is a lot of different type of celebrities in this world.

Daniel included as one of the persons who loves his fans so much.

There is a lot of people know him in person, and saying that Daniel is kind when they meet each other.

However, you need to know that there is something he does no like when he meets his fans.

Once he
says that he does not like it when seeing a girl cry while meeting him.

It is one of the uncomfortable moments to him.

He wants to enjoy the time without being disagreeable.

Daniel Radcliff Love Tattoo and art

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As we knew, Daniel Radcliff net worth has reached a billion dollars.

However, he is a person with a unique personality and character.

His appearance makes him different from others, and it can make him more comfortable on the stage.

There is an interview that Daniel likes poetry so much, that can make him become a good artist.

He wants to apply a tattoo on his body as did Conor McGregor. He wants to make a tattoo use of poetry type (make sure you read more about McGregor at Conor McGregor net worth).

He will make something different from others, including to apply his quotes on his tattoo.

Having a tattoo in his body written: “try again, fail again, fail better”.

He is Good in Doing Business

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Who knows if Daniel has made his career since he was a child, and become as successful as today! Everything he made based on a reasonable effort, and he does it with a lot of sacrifices to spend all the time in the backstage.

Most people are saying that he has a unique appearance that can make him different from others.

His unique side could let him be a part of having an essential role in the Harry Potter movie.

Most people are saying that he is excellent to sell the acting skills that can make the producers want to use him.

The Career as Harry Potter

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Actually, the film debut that Daniel Radcliffe made was titled The Tailor of Panama in 2001. It’s a film based on 1996’s spy novel.

The release of the first Harry Potter movie was in the same year of the release of his debut movie. But, The Tailor of Panama released first.

The author of Harry Potter books, J.K Rowling was in search of an actor who could personify the main role character for the movie.

In 2000, the producer of Harry Potter asked Daniel to audition for the movie.

After several auditions, Rowling agreed to have Daniel as the main character.

The first film “Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone” was released in 2001 worldwide.

The film was highly popular. Critics said that Daniel is the perfect embodiment of the Harry Potter character.

A year later, the release of the second film “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” was also getting plenty of positive reviews.

Then, Daniel continued acting with the Harry Potter character until the last installment of the series “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows” in July 2011.

Because of his character in the Harry Potter franchise, Daniel received several prestigious awards.

He also appeared in a movie titled “December Boys” and an onstage performance in “Equus” during his Harry Potter years.

Many fans would never be able to separate Daniel Radcliffe from the Harry Potter character and he admitted it.

He said people would still know him as Harry Potter no matter what.

Daniel Radcliffe was once a guest star for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon season 1 along with other well-known figures such as Sturgill Simpson and Mike Tyson (read more about Mike Tyson net worth).

Interesting Facts About Daniel Radcliffe

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Successful career would increase Daniel Radcliff net worth higher.

As a professional actor, Radcliff has made a lot of his fans admire him.

However, there is something unique that you need to know about him, as a professional actor who has a lot of experience on the backstage.

You need to know during his career as a professional actor, Daniel has through a lot of obstacles and here is the fact.

1. Make nudes scene

As a professional actor, Daniel said that he is okay with the nude scene.

However, his career as an actor shown the best of him, a lot of people appreciate him.

Daniel is often showing up in some of the nudes’ scene, as he said he is okay with that.

2. Having a problem during Harry Potter movie

Most people know if his appearance in Harry Potter has increase Daniel Radcliff net worth.

He began his career since a child until his name got famous because of Harry Potter movies.

During that time, there is a lot of people saying that he has a problem with his appearance.

Not because of the way he expresses himself as Harry Potter, but he could not stop scratching his forehead.

At that time, there is a Harry Potter scar on his forehead, and it was one of the characteristics of his role-play.

However, all the crew saying that it is hard to make his hand off his forehead.

3. Does not like to read Harry Potter Book for the first time

Before he had his role as Harry Potter, he could not stop saying that it is hard for him to read all the books.

As an actor if you want to go deeper on your role, understanding the story flow is essential.

However, as a kid, it is hard for him to read and understand to read the book without a lot of pictures.

During that time, most of the crew saying that it is hard for them to make him read the books.

He is often told that it is too bored for him to read.

However, in the end, he could go deeper into his role as Harry Potter.

4. Supported Trevor Project

As an actor, he has an awareness of his surroundings.

At that time, he joined and donated the Circle of Hope program, and the Trevor Project announced it.

If you wonder what the donation for is, you need to understand that suicide people increased every day.

The focus case is to handle the crisis and suicide for LGBT in the United States.

There is something that inspired this organization, which are to focus on helping people with suicide and crisis trouble.

The fil titled Trevor 1944, is one of the inspirations for this organization and calling them to do an action.

The film talks about a gay boy who attempts suicide; this organization does not want this happen to the world today.

5. Discipline, punctual, and reliable

What would you expect from the kid to do his role in the movie? Daniel Radcliff would give you the best expectation of his appearance as Harry Potter.

Most of the team saying that he is extremely punctual, reliable and discipline.

He started his career as Harry Potter at the age of 11, and continue to film for the next ten years.

You need to understand that from all of his appearance at that time, he only skips two days throughout all the filming section.

The real reason behind his absence is because he had gastric flu.

It is one of the best facts to know if he could be a professional actor since he was a kid.

Post Harry Potter Character

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After ten years being “Harry Potter”, he said he was enough.

Daniel really wanted to move on and began to play other characters.

In 2011 after the last Harry Potter film released, Daniel Radcliffe debuted in a Broadway revival entitled “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” as J. Pierrepont Finch.

Because of his performance on the revival show, he was nominated in Drama Desk Award, Outer Critics Circle Award, and Drama League Award.

His first movie after Harry Potter was released in 2012, a horror movie “The Woman In Black”.

In 2013, he starred in a John Krokidas movie “Kill Your Darlings” and some more movies which are not so popular.

Then in 2016, he starred in a box-office movie “Now You See Me 2” and “Imperium”.

He starred in three more movies until 2018. Daniel Radcliffe also appeared in several TV shows and stage performances.

There’re two upcoming movies which Daniel got involved in 2019.

After Harry Potter movies, Daniel Radcliffe seems to be doing great.

Awards Received by Daniel Radcliffe

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Just like rapper Daddy Yankee, Daniel Radcliffe has had great success in the entertainment world and has received many awards (we also have articles about Daddy Yankee net worth).

Throughout his career, Daniel has received a total of 29 nominations in various awards.

He won 16 of them. Here is the highlight:

  • The Male Youth Discovery of The Year in 2001’s Hollywood Women’s Press Club
  • Male Breakout Star in 2001’s Teen Choice Awards
  • Best Male Performance in 2017’s National Movie Awards
  • Scream Awards for Best Fantasy Actor in 2011
  • People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Ensemble Movie Cast in 2012
  • Man of The Year in 2013’s Glamour Awards
  • Empire Awards for Mane of The Year in 2013
  • The Best Actor in Festival Internacional De Cinema Fantastic de Catalunya in 2016

Besides acting in 8 movies of Harry Potter series, he also appeared as the main role in many other movies such as Swiss Army Man, Imperium, Jungle, The Woman In Black, December Boys, Beast of Burden, and The F Word.

Achieving The Net Worth

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Throughout his career since 2001, Daniel Radcliffe net worth has reached $110 million.

Not much different from Jack Black, his income was great because some of his films were able to become a box-office (check Jack Black net worth and career).

The entire film of Harry Potter series grossed about $7.7 billion.

So, he has been making millions of dollars since childhood.

When he was young, Daniel’s parents preserve the money by creating Gilmore Jacobs Ltd in order to help him manage his money.

The estimated holdings of Gilmore Jacobs sits about $89 million.

In 2008, Daniel bought apartments in New York City as he got involved in real estate business with a total worth of $17 million.

Daniel Radcliffe owns several lavish cars like Mitsubishi Pajero ($98,142), Mclaren P1 ($245,000), and Jaguar X ($214,100).

He bought a $5 million West Village townhouse that spreads about 3 thousands square feet. The classic house was there since 1847.

The huge amount of net worth that he made throughout his career is courtesy of his parents who preserved plenty of his childhood money.


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Daniel Radcliffe is one of the wealthiest actors that earn millions from his acting career and real estate business.

No matter what, he can’t get away from the image of Harry Potter.

But, it’s not a problem for him as he portrayed many different characters in his films.

Having such a busy schedule making him active to improve his net worth every year.

Of course, it’s not gonna be something that can be appeared through Potter’s magical spell.

It needs a lot of struggles, real struggles.

As of this year, Daniel Radcliffe Net Worth reached $110 million. It’s quite magical for Harry Potter.