Chance The Rapper Net Worth, Gaining Millions By Releasing Free Music

Chance The Rapper Net Worth

Chance The Rapper started his music career at a relatively young age.

He’s well known for his unique style in hip-hop music.

Chance continues to grow and gain more popularity and achievement since he began his career a few years ago.

Chance The Rapper is more than just a rapper, he’s also a songwriter, record producer, and a philanthropist.

As of this year, Chance The Rapper net worth is estimated to be $33 million.

So, how he gained so much in only a few years working in this industry?.

Chance the Rapper is known as one of the popular rapper who has achieved fame and success in an unpredictable way of the past few years.

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Taking an uncommon way in music industry, Chance the Rapper tried to ignore the major labels that intend to sign him as the part of this industry.

Deciding to take an independent road, Chance the Rapper found his own way to please all the fans on the entire world.

Running his career in an unusual way, He’s also trying to reach a much wider audience through savvy collaboration with several famous artists such as Kanye West and Lil Wayne.

Not only that, Chance also had a collaboration with Lil Yachty (check Lil Yachty net worth for more information) in the song Atlanta House Freestyle.

In fact, Yachty also participated in The Big Tour event held by Chance The Rapper with Taylor Bennett.

Not only spending his time as a musician, Chance the Rapper also spread their career to the political activity and recent act of philanthropy.

As long as he’s taking a part on this field, Chance has spent of $1 million to be donated.

Early Life

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Chancellor Jonathan Bennet was born on April 16, 1993, in Chicago, Illinois.

He was born to Ken Williams-Bennet and Lisa Bennett.

His father was an aide to Senator Barrack Obama. His mother worked for the Attorney General in Illinois.

Chancellor grew up in the middle-class area in West Chatham on the south side of Chicago.

In his youth, he met President Barrack Obama and shared his aspirations to be a rapper.

He went to Jones College Prep High School. Chance got suspended often because of poor grades.

Chance began to love music because of Michael Jackson’s song.

He later decided to love hip hop songs more when he listened to the debut album of Kanye West “The College Dropout”.

His biggest influence in music is Kanye West after all.

They met each other for the first time at the Bonnaroo Music festival in 2014.

Chance began rapping when he was in sixth grade. He later formed a hip-hop duo instrumentality with his friend.

Chancellor spent a lot of his time as students working a project for his debut.

He released the project while being suspended for 10 days from school.

Chance The Rapper age is now 24 years old as of this year.

Hip-Hop Music Career.

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Chance The Rapper’s career in the Hip-Hop music industry began in 2012.

Then, he released his second mixtape “Acid Rap” in 2013. After that, he gained more recognition from people in the industry.

The album was well-received by the critics. It’s even nominated for Best Mixtape at BET Awards in 2013.

In 2015 following his success, Forbes listed Chance on the music list “Forbes 30 Under 30” at number 7.

At the end of the year, he got a chance to perform on some popular TV-shows.

In 2016,  Kanye West involved Chance The Rapper in his album “The Life of Pablo”.

Chance appeared on some tracks and co-writing some others.

Then after several works, Kanye offered Chance a contract with GOOD Music label.

But, Chance refused it because he wanted to be independent as an artist.

Chance The Rapper performed at the Grammy Awards in 2017.

He received a total of 7 nominations and won 3 of them.

In 2019, Chance The Rapper withdrew its collaboration with R. Kelly “Somewhere in Paradise) from global streaming services with Lady Gaga and Celine Dion (read more about Dion at Celine Dion net worth).

Last year, Chance released 6 new songs exclude collaborative singles.

He has collaborated with a lot of popular singers including Justin Bieber, John Legend, Kanye West, and more.

Chance has made music from an unapologetically inspiring and Christian perspective which transcends age, gender, or even race.

Mostly people said that he streamed his album instead of selling them all as much as business did”.

Further, Chance doesn’t only focus to his net worth.

Chance the Rapper net worth is an unimportant thing as long as he decided to be an independent artist with no label.

Due to his unusual way of doing music, Time Magazine put Chance the Rapper in the time 100 with other luminaries such as Jeff Bezos and Ava DuVernay.

During his achievement, in a shot piece Chance tried to wrote about meeting him when he was a child. It looks like an inspiring story every fans can learn as a lesson.

Awards and Nominations

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Chance The Rapper has received a total of 13 awards since 2013. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The Best Mixtape in BET Hip Hop Awards 2016 for “Coloring Book”
  • Won as The Best New Hip Hop Artist in BET Hip Hop Awards 2016
  • Innovator Award (2018) and Best New Hip Hop Artist (2017) in iHeartRadio Music Awards
  • Best New Artist in 2016’s Soul Train Music Awards
  • Choice Breakout Artist in 2017’s Teen Choice Awards
  • Best Rap Album for his work in “Coloring Book” in 2017’s Grammy Awards
  • Outstanding New Artist in 2017’s NAACP Image Awards.

Chance the Rapper was becoming a nominee for Grammy award in 2017 with put ‘Coloring Book’ on the best rap album category.

However, when he got that award, he’s just at 23 years old.

Moreover, Chance the Rapper was also nominated for several nominations including best artist, best rap performance, best rap song for single ‘No Problem’ and Kanye’s single ‘Ultralight Beam’.

Movies And TVs Appearances

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Besides winning some awards, Chance The Rapper also appeared in some movies and TV programs such as:

  • Slice (Movie) as Dax Lycander, released in 2018
  • Trolls World Tour (Movie) as one of the voice actor, in production and release in 2020
  • Animation Show’s Black Dynamite (TV) as Bob Marley’s voice, aired in 2014
  • Wild ‘N Out (TV) as himself, aired in 2017
  • Several popular talk shows as a guest, aired from 2013 to 2017

Achieving The Net Worth of $33 Million

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Chance The Rapper Net Worth is reaching $33 million according to Forbes report.

It’s quite a surprise for him because he’s not even signed a single record deals with any label yet.

Chance is never having sold a copy of an album, physically. So, how he managed to reach that number of net worth?

Chance The Rapper is one of those rappers that let their fans to listen to their song for free.

You can see all of Chance’s music on streaming devices, such as apple music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

The question remained, where he gained his profits.

Well, there’s some kind of payment method on streaming devices like Spotify.

The owner of the song would earn about $0.006 per stream.

For his album “Coloring Book”, Chance earned about $500,000 from Apple Music to call dibs on that album.

Moreover, Chance, The Rapper earned his profit through collaborations with other artists.

Collaborating with artist like 2 Chainz, Kanye West, DJ Khaled, and more. He able to add more to his earnings.

Once, Chance told to Vanity Fair Magazine, he made money from selling merchandise and touring.

He has the power to put up an incredible ticket sales for every tour.

In his recent tour, he got a payment about $500,000 per night.

For some of his live tours, Chance is in affiliation with several companies and brands like H&M, Nike, and KitKat.

Chance also owns a clothing line named #ThankUObama.

It was his way to pay tribute to Barack Obama as former president and Obama’s family.

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As a rich celebrity, Chance owns several luxurious stuff such as Landcruiser V8 car that worth over $10,000, Lamborghini Aventador worth $391,000, and Rolls-Royce Wraith worth 317,000.

He lives in a house located in North Hollywood, California, a 7,000 square-foot mansion.

He also owns a luxurious 4,500 square-foot condo that worth $4 million.

With some more endorsements and commercial appearances, those would really add to his earnings making his net worth improved to reach $33 million.

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that most of his income comes from his profession as a musician, pretty similar to Bobby Brown net worth.

Facts about Chance the Rapper’s Songs and Albums

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It’s not even surprising that everybody look Chance the Rapper as one of the most talented rapper and musician in this era.

He’s also taking a lead of doing a new way contributing on music industry by chose independent path.

His popularity makes him nominated as the best new artist from Grammy award in 2017 with his latest album titled ‘Coloring Book’ which is not involving any major label on making it.

With not giving any chance for major label for his album, Chance the Rapper has turned down records deal with several numerous labels with only using word-of-mouth and SoundCloud account as the way he promoted his album.

However, it’s good to know more about Chance the Rapper net worth by diving into the facts about his albums and songs we have covered down below.

1. Record His Album when He was in Senior Year of High School

Mixtapes is one of Chance the Rapper first album which was recorded when he was in senior year of high school.

However, he formally began his career with his song called ‘Windows’ which was influenced with a Chicago’s hip hop scene.

Chance the Rapper obviously spent about eight months when he’s trying to make all the songs inside that album.

2. ’10 Day’ Opened His Way to Become more Popular

His first album called ’10 day’ exactly gave him chance to be more famous and popular.

That album was officially released in 2012 and uploaded on DatPiff, the music sharing site and gaining over 400,000 download from the listeners.

Anyway, that album was named ’10 Day’ due to his 10 day suspension from high school, then he wrote that song during that situation.

3. His Album ‘Acid Rap’ brought him into Popularity

After releasing ’10 Day’ and gaining many download time through his song, Chance the Rapper were coming again with releasing album called ‘Acid Rap’.

Seemed like more famous than his last song, ‘Acid Rap’ has been downloaded over a million times in a year later.

Furthermore, that album also got bunch of best-of-2013 lists with the track ‘Favorite Song’ became the most popular track.

4. He’s Joining the Band

His popularity didn’t enough keep him stay on a comfort-zone.

Didn’t want to keep doing the same thing over and over again, he decided to join a band which made uplifting Christian Rock.

Chance the Rap also joined a band ‘Trumpet & the Social Experiment’ which consisted of several Chicago musicians.

That band brought a jazzy and explicitly Christian tone with the track ‘Sunday Candy’ became a hightlight.

5. Chance the Rapper Created five tracks with Kanye West

As much as Chance the Rapper got his popularity, he’s trying to collaborate with another popular rapper artist such as Kanye West.

In 2014, Chance has made five songs for Kanye West on his album ‘The life of Pablo’.

It’s a big achievement due to awards come to Chance he won from Grammy and rising Chance the Rapper net worth along this day.

6. ‘Coloring Book’ and His Disagreements with Record Labels

Chance the Rapper has released ‘Coloring Book’ in 2106 which consisted of his disagreements with Record Labels.

That album also addressed that he hates record labels so much.

For an example, on his song called ‘No Problem’, he wrote about how much he wants to keep record labels far away from the way he created music.

However, his album was considered as the best one of the year.

Chance The Rapper Greatest Hits

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Chance the Rapper was obviously considered as one of greatest gifts of hip-hop.

In his 25 year old, he has bypassed the formalities with ignoring to deal with record label in order to releasing one of his official albums.

However, even though he is not working with any label company, there are still many songs that becoming truly popular.

Let’s see how great his songs ever released.

1.  “Cocoa Butter Kisses”

‘Cocoa Butter Kisses’ is the one of greatest hits Chance the Rapper ever composed.

Basically, this song brought an interesting backstory which Chance and Vic Mensa composed this song under the influence of ‘Shrooms’ with a song tittle ‘Babies and Gun Shots (Fuck Hawaii).

2. “Chain Smoker”

Another greatest song may come to ‘Chain Smoker’ which was one of Chance the Rapper song might make anyone who listen to this song want to cry tears of joy.

This song told the story about Chance’s story and message that he wanted us to love him and his music because life is too short and every moment is pretty precious.

3. “No Problem”

‘No Problem’ is one of the tracks that included to ‘Coloring Book’ album which performed by Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz.

In this song, Chance sounds like emotionally touched with singing tougher than he has ever sounded before.

Further, the chorus is also a battle cry and Chance sounds like a sweetheart.


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Chance The Rapper is not like other conventional rappers who sign to a label and sell their songs physically.

Chance is an independent musician who never sells his songs.

That’s why the amount of Chance The Rapper net worth is quite surprising for the industry.

As of this year, the estimated amount of Chance The Rapper net worth is approximately $33 million.