Washington United for Marriage: Cautiously Optimistic About Victory

Washington United for Marriage, which in the last two nights logged 190,000 calls to voters and in the last week, knocked on 100,000 doors statewide, tonight announced that it was cautiously optimistic about R74 in the early ballot returns.

“We feel very good and we are cautiously optimistic,” said WUM campaign manager Zach Silk.  “We’re at 65% in early King County returns and we’re out performing in Eastern Washington.  We’ll need patience, but the numbers are coming in the right way.  And with Maine and Maryland winning the freedom to marry, we believe we are poised to make history in Washington state. But there are still well over 400,000 ballots to be processed and we have to be patient.”

Overall, WUM estimates that 60% of the ballots have been counted, with 40% remaining to be counted.  The percentage split is 52-48.

Here’s the way the numbers looked Election Night:


Registered voters: 3.9M

Ballots counted to date: 1.9M for R74

Est. Ballots on hand, to be processed:  427,000

Total # of Ballots still to be counted: 1.2M