Blake Shelton Net Worth, Bio, Career, The Voice, Salary, Girlfriend

Blake Shelton Net Worth, Rank of “The Voice” Coach

Blake Shelton is one of the most popular country singers and television personality.

He started playing guitar and singing since childhood.

He signed with Giant Records to hit his first single “Austin”, in 2001.

The album peaked at the top of the Billboard chart of country music.

Blake Shelton became widely known when he joined as a coach on a singing competition show called “The Voice” on NBC channel.

Some of his albums earned gold and platinum certifications from the RIAA.

He has been touring all over America since 2005. Shelton has also received many awards on behalf of himself.

Well, you might wanna know how much Blake Shelton net worth is. Let’s see.

Blake Shelton Bio

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Blake Shelton began singing since he was a little kid. Blake Tollison Shelton was born on June 18, 1976.

He was born to Richard Shelton, a used car salesman, and Dorothy, an owner of a beauty salon. Blake Shelton birthplace was in Ada, Oklahoma.

When he was 12 years old, he started to learn to play guitar from his uncle.

At the age of 15, Shelton wrote his first song. And, he got a Denbo Diamond Award in Oklahoma a year after.

When he was 17, Shelton moved to Nashville, Tennesse, to pursue a career as a singer.

Soon after that, he got a job at a music publishing company.

In 1997, Blake Shelton obtained a production contract with Sony Music because of Bobby Braddock.

On the past life, Shelton often to sing a song in his bedroom and his mom thought that he was so cute while doing that.

Recognizing that he had been very talented in eight years old, his mom brought him into a talent show.

There, Shelton was challenged to be the best among more than 50 little girls.

As long as it goes, his mother and people around him realize that his talent is totally undeniable.

It’s proven while they’re entering five years and he was singing in lots of various music shows around his hometown in Ada.

That story may drive his career into popularities and inspiring people to look and search of Blake Shelton net worth on their browser machine make his as a figure they wanted to become.

Country Singer Career

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In 2001, Blake Shelton sealed a contract deal with Giant Records.

Then, he was about to release a single entitled “I Wanna Talk About Me”.

But, the Records staff considered that single shouldn’t be released as a lead-off single.

So, the Giant Records released Blake Shelton’s single debut entitled “Austin” instead.

Eventually, the records were closed shortly after the release of the album.

Blake Shelton then got transferred to Warner Bros. Records.

His debut single “Austin” became the number one hit on the Billboard chart of Hot Country Singles & Tracks which it spent five weeks at the top.

His first debut self-titled album was released in 2001 which received a platinum certification for shipments of a million copies.

In 2003, Shelton released his second album “The Dreamer”.

Its lead-off single reached number one on the Billboard chart of the country.

Blake Shelton continued to impress with more and more albums:

  • Blake Shelton’s Barn & Grill
  • Pure BS (2007)
  • Startin’s Fires (2008)
  • Red River Blue (2011)
  • Cheers, It’s Christmas (2012)
  • Based on a True Story….. (2013)
  • If I’m Honest (2016)
  • Texoma Shore (2017)

Most of the songs are in the Billboard Chart of country songs.

Some of the albums are even certified gold and platinum for plenty of shipments.

Black Shelton was entering country music industry when he was 15 year-old, and it ends up with no popularities.

Hence, Shelton joined Giant Records in 1998 to recording his first major album at that time.

Joining label didn’t mean he automatically got his popularity, at that time he needed about three years for his debut and released his first album.

But the long-awaited debut are totally proven and worth.

Blake Shelton As The Voice’s Coach

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Blake Shelton started to work as a coach and judge to singers on the reality television series “The Voice” on NBC channel.

Shelton became the judge and coach in “The Voice” since its first season until now in its 16th season alongside with Adam Levine.

He had won 6 times as the coach in the show. Well, there are rumors that say Blake Shelton fired from the voice.

Well, it’s obviously not right. On its first season, Shelton’s finalist “Dia Frampton came in as a runner-up.

Then, they recorded a featuring track titled “I Will” on Frampton’s album.

For his role as a coach in Th Voice show, Shelton received the Gene Weed Special Achievement Award.

He also received the NATPE Reality Breakthrough Award.

He gained more and more recognition because of his performances in “The Voice”.

Speaking about Blake Shelton’s salary on The Voice, the show pays Shelton about $4 million per season.

Blake Shelton Tour, Awards, And Other Achievements

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Blake Shelton has been headlining a total of 9 tours since 2005.

That includes his recent tour “Friends and Heroes Tour” started in the early of 2019.

Blake Shelton band members are always around him in almost every performance.

He was also involved supporting in other tours like Rascal Flatts’s “Here’s to You Tour” in 2005 and Brad Paisley “H2O II tour” in 2011.

Blake Shelton has an enormous career as a country singer.

He had received a total of 99 awards and included in 109 nominations. Here is the highlight:

  • 5-time winner of Academy of Country Music Awards
  • 8-time winner of American Country Awards
  • He won American Music Awards twice, in 2011 and 2016.
  • Top Country Artist in 2017’s Billboard Music Awards
  • Seven-Time Grammy Award Nominee
  • And Many more

Furthermore, Shelton’s careers are fully famed with about 99 awards as a nominee till this date with about 84 nomination ended up with wins.

All those rewards include five Academy of Country Music Awards, 22 awards from American Society of Composers, American Country Awards, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) Awards, 23 awards from BMI Country awards and it also still remain other.

Blake Shelton Children, Wife, Personal Life

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Many of Blake Shelton’s fans asked about how many times has Blake Shelton been married.

Well, the answer would be two times. In 2003, Shelton married his longtime girlfriend Kayneet Gern.

Then, they got divorced in 2006. In 2011, he married Miranda Lambert, who once one of his background vocals at a concert.

Then, they both announced their divorce in 2015. In November 2015, Blake Shelton dated his co-judge in “The Voice”, Gwen Stefani.

Recently, there has been a rumor that they are on the path to getting married.

After two marriage, Blake Shelton doesn’t have children of his own.

He revealed how much he missed by Not Having His Own child.

But Shelton’s personal life story seems going along.

In November 2015, the rumors come up on the celebrity headline news which shows that Blake Shelton has the newest relationship.

Rumor is confirmed that Shelton was dating singer, actress, and TV personality, Gwen Stefani.

It’s not surprising that he was really popular as much as people know that Blake Shelton net worth rising up along his careers.

Blake Shelton Money, House, Net Worth

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According to Forbes, Blake Shelton net worth in 2015 was $28.5 million. This year, the net worth is improved.

As we know, he got paid about $4 million per season in “The Voice” and he has been there for 16 seasons.

Surely, his biggest source of income is from his music. Blake Shelton has toured 9 times including this year.

According to the report, his 2013’s tour grossed about $18 million which was added to his net worth.

Shelton built his new home in Oklahoma. It’s hot a stunning natural scenery of Ten point ranch that valued $2.3 million.

Blake Shelton owns a Luxury Mansion in Nashville that worth about $6 million.

The mansion features a Jacuzzi, a swimming pool, Home office, and more.

Then, he also built a Hawaiian-style lake house as a gift for his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani.

Shelton has a fleet of cars which includes Rolls Royce Ghost, silver Escalade, black GMC Denali, and a shiny red truck.

As of this year, Blake Shelton Net Worth is approximately $60 million.

Black Shelton Past Life

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Blake Shelton may look like the star country singer with a standard upbringing as much as mostly people might think.

At his young age, he has begun singing and learning based on his visions of becoming a star as long as he got noticed by people around him.

But his career doesn’t seem like a wonderful fairytale of a country star.

Unluckily, he had faced with the worst experience he god when he was at the young age.

People may only focus on Blake Shelton net worth, but it’s not actually as pleasurable as it is, moreover it’s even acquiring the long unhappily stories along his journey.

Shelton had experienced a family tragedy in his young age that involving his brother which struck and killed by car accident.

This bad memory is inspiring him to write a song and create a music that brings him to popularities until this day.

As much as people might think that his songs are inspired by that situation, it may look totally correct that Shelton has been creating anything based from his heart.

Several song he has made also dedicated for those who inspiring him on writing song and also set apart as the way to remember his brother.

As long as his career started, Blake Shelton has become one of well-known country artist around the world.

Blake Shelton Songs Mostly Used in Movies and TVs

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It’s not surprising that Blake Shelton net worth is something that not only his big fans but also mostly people looking for as much as it’s really inspiring others.

However, the amazing stories are not only coming from his music career, it’s also affected by the songs that he had created and mostly popular movies and TV use as a soundtrack.

Let’s check all those popular songs down below.

1. Angry Birds

For the first time people may show their disbeliefs due to Blake Shelton which also contributing into Angry Birds movie with writing a song for soundtrack.

However, though Angry Birds may not seems that interesting because it doesn’t play out a lot like the game, it still remain funs due to soundtrack which composed by Blake Shelton.

Furthermore in fact, this movie was totally indicative of the former game.

2. Footloose

Another movie that Blake Shelton also contributes is a Footloose.

This movie is one of the classic that mostly people agree or disagree addressing it as a legendary.

However, Footloose seemed like the kind of dancing movie that people may find anyone create a contest or even a reenactment of.

Mostly people may feel that it’s hard to bring back the story, but Shelton looks successfully bring this song to audiences.

3. I Lived It

M musicians coming down to the TV shows or movies industry and it seems like nothing new and feels like usual.

But when it comes to Blake Shelton, it may be different.

Blake Shelton is a truly talented musician who bound to rise and continue to soar upwards.

It’s not surprising that Shelton gains more new following and fans until this day.

Furthermore, more people nowadays realize that Shelton is truly great.

4. Forever Young

This also one of the Shelton’s song which bringing both his name and that film to become popular.

It was settled as a soundtrack for movie titled Max.

This movie tells the story about Max, the very kindly dog which losing his handler as long as he’s been being killed on the duty.

However, Shelton’s song was written perfectly as much as it makes the movie lives during the show.

5. Dancing With The Stars

Another Shelton’s song settled as a soundtrack of footloose movie is a Dancing with The stars.

However, this is the kind of venues where Dancing with the Stars is really belonging as much as it moves and stretches on the dance floor.

This song looks like one of the greatest hits which never seem to get old in this era.

It’s not surprising that Dancing with The Stars features several great hits along the years.

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Blake Shelton is one of the best-known country musicians in America.

His successful music career leads him to a successful TV personality.

As of this year, his net worth is about $60 million. His 2019’s tour is currently running.

So, there’s a high potential for the value to increase.