Anderson Cooper Age, Mother, Education, Salary, Career, Net Worth

Anderson Cooper Net Worth, His Fortune at Age 50+

Anderson Cooper is one of America’s most famous television news hosts.

He hosts a news tv show on CNN, “Anderson Cooper 360°”.

Cooper is mostly known as a journalist and the host of a news show.

He’s also one of the richest news hosts in America.

Anderson Cooper is one of the members of Vanderbilt, one of the wealthiest family in America.

His mother, Gloria Vanderbilt has an estimated net worth of $200 million.

However, he gained his net worth by himself. His money doesn’t come from a trust fund of the family.

Because Anderson Cooper mom decided not to give him.

As of this year, Anderson Cooper Net Worth is reportedly about $110 million.

Anderson Cooper Age, Early Life

anderson cooper baby

Anderson Hays Cooper was born in 1967, on June 3.

He’s the younger son of the writer, Wyatt Cooper, and Gloria Vanderbilt, an heiress of Vanderbilt family.

Anderson Cooper’s age as of this year is 51 years old.

Despite having a pretty big age difference, some time ago lots of Twitter users said that there are face similarities between Anderson Cooper and Adam Levine (check this Adam Levine net worth).

The family business that worth billions of dollars expose.d Cooper to a luxurious and glamour life.

When he was a kid, he spent a short period of time as a model for Clavin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Macy’s.

He once also photographed as the cover of the popular magazine “Harper’s Bazaar”.

Anderson Cooper was a guest on The Tonight Show in 1970 when he was just three years old.

His father, Wyatt Cooper died in 1978 at the age of 50.

Then ten years later, his older brother, Carter Cooper died by suicide in 1988 at the age of 23.

Because of that, Anderson Cooper became motivated to be a journalist.

He Had Party with Charlie Chaplin

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Most people believe if Anderson Cooper net worth has to reach a billion dollars.

However, most people saying that he has a different social circle that could bring success to him.

His parent has a good relationship with a great actor and actress. It is one of the best solutions to find the best of his talent.

During the party, his parent invited Charlie Chaplin, Lillian Gish, and George Plimpton.

Most of the famous name who has come to the party knew if He is the son of his parent.

At that time, he had a lot of inspiration from them.

Once his father confirmed that everyone treated him and his older brother like adults.

There is no child should ever be called little.

It is one of the big chances for him to find the best version of him that he could bring success for his life.

Anderson Cooper Education

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Cooper attended to the Dalton School. It’s a private co-educational university preparatory day school located in New York City.

When he was 17 years old, he graduated early from Dalton School.

He began traveling all over Africa for months on a “survival trip”.

During the trip, Cooper got infected with Malaria disease and he was hospitalized in Kenya.

Then, Anderson Cooper attended Yale University and lived in Trumbull College.

He was also inducted into the senior society at the university.

He was majoring Political Science and got a B.A. degree in 1989.

When he was still in college, Anderson Cooper worked for CIA, Central Intelligence Agency, as an intern during his political science study.

Anderson Cooper Career

anderson cooper as a child

Anderson Cooper began pursuing journalism without any formal education about journalistic.

His first correspondence work was in the early 1990s.

After that, he decided to take a break from journalism and started to live in Vietnam for one year.

He studied the Vietnamese language at the national university in Hanoi, during his break.

Cooper started to work as a fact checker for Channel One, a small news agency.

The channel produced a youth-oriented news program.

He learned the Vietnamese language in Hanoi is during his time with Channel One.

After the break, Cooper returned to filming more stories for the channel.

Most of his stories covered the topics about some war-torn regions like Somalia, Rwanda, and Bosnia.

Anderson Cooper was also a part of the ABC News channel. He became a correspondent of the Channel in 1995.

Eventually, Cooper rose to be the co-anchor on World News Now program of ABC News, in 1999.

Then, the company asked him to host a reality show on ABC called “The Mole”.

Cooper has also appeared as an announcer for the Haiti earthquake victims’ charity concert titled Hope for Haiti.

Some singers also take part as members of the charity event, such as Shakira, Justin Timberlake, and Alicia Keys (Alicia Keys net worth).

Anderson Cooper as CNN Host

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In 2003, Anderson Cooper sealed a contract deal with CNN as the anchor of Anderson Cooper 360°.

He had covered many important stories such as Sri Lank’s tsunami damage, Lebanon’s Cedar Revolution, and Pope John Paul II’s death.

In 2005, Cooper was added as co-anchor to Aaron Brown in a new 120-minute NewsNight.

He was called by CNN’s president, Jonathan Klein, as the anchorman of the future.

After that, the rating of NewsNight had significantly increased because of that permanent change.

In the early of 2007, Anderson Cooper signed a new multi-year deal with CNN.

The contract allowed him to be a contributor to 60 Minutes program.

Because of that, Anderson Cooper salary was doubled from $2 million to 4 million.

In 2007, Cooper continued his CNN time and became the host of “CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute”.

In the same year, he hosted a documentary named “Planet in Peril” with Jeff Corwin and Sanjay Gupta.

The show later returned in 2008 to the new channel, National Geographic.

In 2010, Cooper had signed with Telepictures and Warner Bros to host a nationally syndicated talk show.

The show was called. “Anderson” now it ‘s called Anderson Live.

Because of that talk show deal, Anderson Cooper got a new multi-year contract with CNN for hosting Anderson Cooper 360°.

In this show Cooper interviewed host and political commentator, Bill Maher (check Bill Maher net worth), for his surprising commentator related to Anthony Weiner on The HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher.

The show was about to be disbanded because of the rating distributor.

The final Anderson Live program was aired in 2013, on May 30.

Famous Since a Baby

anderson cooper and partner

When he was a baby, his parent finds the best pose of him.

There is a famed photographer named Diane Arbus who has a chance to take his photograph.

During that time, he is one of the cutest babies that was photographed during sleeping.

At that time, the photographer sends his photo to Harper’s Bazaar Magazine.

Who knows if his picture could be famous as a cute baby?

You need to see if he has the right talent since he was a baby.

At that time, his picture has been displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

He has Talent to Became Model at Age 10

anderson cooper and kathy griffin

It is not easy for the young kid to perform well as he needs to do.

When he was ten years old, his father passed away during heart surgery.

It was not accessible for him for having this moment, but finally, he could accept and find his way.

His father passed away at the age of 50.

At that time, Anderson said that he needs to think and decide his pathway.

As you can see today, he is the right person with brilliant talent.

He can provide himself with a better career from what he has done.

Not to think about his family, he could give a better life for himself with higher income.

Signing himself to the Ford Modeling Agency is a great way to make sure if Anderson Cooper net worth could be better.

He began his career as a model for Ralph Laurent and Macy’s also many other brands.

He needs to quite himself from modelling at the age of 13 because the photographer made some inappropriate comments to him.

Experienced to Interned at the CIA

anderson cooper vanderbilt
Source: news.

He had a chance to enrol at Yale University, and during that time, he can make sure if his study can be beneficial to him.

At that time his University takes a tour to the CIA office, whose inviting student to explore their options with the CIA.

Anderson is known as a person with full of curiosity.

After visiting the CIA, he decided to spend his summer and interning at the headquarters of the CIA.

He said that from his experience, he felt that the work is pretty bureaucratic and mundane.

He said that it is not one of his goals to pursue intelligence work as a profession.

Surviving his Life Without Any Cent From his Mother

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Most people consider that Anderson Cooper family achieving the best net worth.

His family has good wealth, and his family known as highly intelligent.

His mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, has not left any cash for him when she exits the planet.

During that time, it is not easy for him as a teenager to survive.

He has worked as a freelancer and sells some photograph from crisis area to several news agencies.

Once he said that “My mom made it clear to me there is no trust fund, there is none of that”.

Which means all of his life are coming from nothing to something that people know him from his appearance on TV.

What Do You need to Know About Anderson Cooper?

anderson cooper betsy devos

1. He never became a professional journalist

Before he became famous as today and achieving the highest Anderson Cooper net worth, he is not the same as today.

As we knew before if he has ever made a video and be able to sell to Channel One News.

However, become a professional journalist is not his capabilities.

After he graduated from Yale University and got his Bachelor in Political Science, he made his runout to Burma and other places to refresh his stressful moment.

Which means that become a professional Journalist is only his short escape.

At that time, his two brother takes suicide, which requires him to live alone.

As his father was dead, and his mother went to the outer space.

He needs to take his pathway and build his future.

2. Saved someone’s life

Saving someone’s life is not the ability for every people.

However, during all of his career, he has a chance to save someone’s life.

He has a job of reporting an earthquake in Haiti during 2010.

There is a young boy who was hit in the head by a rock. He spontaneously saved the boy’s life.

Anderson Cooper Net Worth

anderson cooper contract

Anderson Cooper salary in the news show at CNN has been increasing through time.

It started from $2 million to $5 million. In 2013, he got $11 million salary.

It is undeniable that his profession as a host contributes most of his net worth (pretty similar with Marcus Lemonis net worth).

Moreover, Cooper received another $1 million from HarperCollins because of the memoir about his life.

Based on all the reports, Anderson Cooper net worth estimation is around $110 million with $11 million earnings per year.

Anderson Cooper owned a luxurious Penthouse. He got a 1906 Greenwich Village firehouse that worth $4.3 million.

Cooper owns a total of 3 cars that worth $2.4 million all.

His car collection is quite small includes Alfa Rome and Porsche.

Cooper had achieved a successful career as a journalist. He already won a total of eight Emmy Awards.

He also received the Peabody and National Headliner Awards because of his covering about the Indian Ocean Tsunami.

Anderson Cooper was also nominated as the Favorite Daytime TV Host for People’s Choice Award.


Anderson Cooper built his fantastic fortune through his own hard work without the promising trust fund from the billionaire mother.

Starting a journalism career as a correspondent of a small channel.

He became one of the most phenomenal American news anchors that work in giant media houses like ABC, CNN, and CBS.

As of this year, Anderson Cooper net worth is estimated to be $110 million.