Alaina Marie Mathers Net Worth, Bio, Personal Life

For some reasons, adopting a child must be the best things that you can do to help people.

It was happened to one of the rap king in the world Eminem.

He has adopted a child named Alaina Marie Mathers.

There is something that you should know about her story, that is become a good learning for our life.

Which also it can become a prove that Eminem has high commitment for helping people who needs his help.

We can say if Eminem has high society interest.

His adopted children now have been growing up, as he has done a good job as a fathers.

If you want to know more about her history, you can try to follow every single information written here.

If you want to make sure if there is something that you can take from this history, it might be useful for your future especially about your marriage problem.

How is Laney Related to Eminem?

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1. Most people know her as Alaina

If we notice, there is a lot of people confuse the real name of Alaina.

At first we should say that she has her original name as Amanda Marie Scott.

After finally she has her name that was changed by her adoption father as Alaina Marie Mathers.

We can say that there is a lot of people confuse about the name of Laney.

Actually Laney is the way Eminem called his adoptive daughter.

However, we know that he is loving his daughter.

Most people know that Laney was live in prosperity with Eminem’s family.

Even that we cannot find out a lot of news regarding his adoptive daughter.

2. Already become a teenager

If you wonder how old is Eminem adopted daughter is?

Today, she already become the real teenager that is growing up with beautiful face.

Alaina is 26 years old by now, and there is a lot of people said that she is growing up quite fast.

Was born in America on 3rd May, 1993 she might be lucky to become adoptive children of Eminem the king of rap.

3. She is related to Eminem

There is a case happen back before she was born to the world.

We know that before Eminem has get married with woman named Kimberly Anne Scott.

However, they need to separate each other because of something happen.

At that time, Kim has twin sister her name is Dawn Scott.

At that time Dawn were lived with poverty, depression, and addictive to drugs.

She has doing it while Alaina’s still a child.

With all of his efforts, Eminem has adopted Alaina to become his children.

He would like to provide well upbringing for her.

That is why, at that time most people said if Eminem is Alaina’s uncle. It is also the reason, for many people out there called her as the daughter of famous or king of rapper.

4. Maintaining low profile

You need to know that both of them has maintaining low profile in public.

Unlike other star kids, she does not even have any social media account.

Once people said that she likes to spend the time with her sister.

Hailie and Whitney is also Eminem’s daughter the difference is Whitney are Eminem’s biological daughter from his wife right now.

Hailie is also Eminem’s second adopted daughters.

It must be interesting to get used to know about their relationship.

However, most of Eminem’s adopted daughter must be able to control their profile in public.

Is Alaina Marie Mathers Adopted?

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At first you need to know that not everyone born to the world with better prosperity.

It does happen to Alaina Marie Mathers, which should live in the world with broken family.

Luckly, she had her adoptive father Eminem as the king of rap that was saving her life.

Her mother addictive to drugs, that is also her fathers.

That is why, Eminem with his strong empathy, would try to give his best to taking care of Alaina.

There are also Eminem’s mother who want to take care of her.

At that time, Eminem’s next wife also could accept her presence.

He is one of the best man in the world who can make everything seems balanced in his family.

Who is the Father of Alaina Mathers?

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There is no body can reveal the real name of Alaina’s biological father.

However, most people know that her biological mother named Dawn Scott.

Badly her mother died because of drugs at 2016.

There is nothing that Alaina should scared about, because she has the best person in her side.

Eminem and her sisters, will always try to protect her and always be there when she needs someone.

Who is Lainey to Eminem?

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1. Beautiful daughter

Eminem often said that Alaina is one of his beautiful daughter.

He is also quite proud of her with all of her ability to control emotions with her conditions today.

However, Eminem will always be patient to take care of his daughter.

Since, he has one biological daughter and two adopted daughters in his family.

2. As niece but also daughter

We can say that there are strong relations between Eminem with his adopted daughter Alaina.

She was adopted from Eminem’s ex-wife’s twin sister.

At that time, he can be Alaina’s uncle if he and his ex-wife do not separate.

However, god has different plan for her.

She was adopted by Eminem, which obviously could become her uncle.

3. Mentions Lainey in his songs

It is not a question if Eminem really loves his adopted daughter so much.

He often mentioned Alaina name in his songs for example the Mockingbird.

Once, Alaina Marie Mathers said that she would always see Eminem as her father figure.

4. Would like to spend everything to her

If you are asking about Eminem true love for Alaina, he often said that he would spend everything for his daughter.

There is no exception whether she is his biological or adopted daughter in his life.

There is a lot of special things that you can learn from Alaina history.

You can also learn that love has no barrier to everyone in this world.

Eminem is willing to adopt Alaina, because he had true love that cannot be explained at that time.

He is also want to do that because he want to make sure that Alaina would have better prosperity.