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Adam Levine Net Worth and How Much He Makes From The Voice

Adam Levine is one of the most popular singers in America.

He’s also an amazing songwriter, actor, and TV personality.

Levine is the front man of a famous pop-rock band, “Maroon 5”. Adam Levine makes millions through his music career.

With the band, he has been topping the Billboard charts hit after hit.

Recently, they outstandingly performed at Super Bowl halftime show which really is raking him even more money.

As a celebrity, Adam Levine joined a reality show “The Voice” as one of the judges alongside Blake Shelton.

As of this year, Adam Levine net worth is estimated to be $90 million.

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Who haven’t ever heard Adam Levine?

With dozen of popular songs he has written, and Maroon 5 as a big band brought him until this day, it’s not surprising that mostly people around the world obviously becoming the big fans of him.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, with his popularity as a musician and the singer of Maroon 5 rises up, he reportedly has been earning more than $90 million of his net worth.

Adam Levine and Maroon 5 are something that always comes apart through popularities and fames.

However, Maroon 5 is one of the most successful bands with million fans coming around the world.

With Adam Levine as a singer, Maroon 5 looks like the place that Levine can automatically earning much money and growing his net worth and riches as much as Adam Levine Net Worth and popularity arises.

Early Life, Education, Early Career

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Adam Noah Levine was born in 1979, on March 18.

He was born to Fredric Levine and Patsy Levine in Los Angeles. Adam Levine nationality is America.

His parent got divorced when Adam is only seven years old.

Growing up, he spent the weekend with father and weekdays with mother.

Adam Levine’s family is “very musical” and his mother getting him into the path.

He attended Brentwood School and carried his interests in music to high school by being a little rebellious.

In 1994, Adam Levine formed a garage band called “Kara’s Flowers” along with his high school friends.

The band played at some nightclubs and bars in California with Adam Levine on both guitar and vocals.

An independent producer, Tommy Allen helped the band recorded an album with 11 tracks.

Then, they signed to a major label, Reprise Records, and released the first album entitled “The Fourth World” in 1997.

The album wasn’t a big success which sold only about five thousand copies.

The label decided to drop the band. As a result, the group broke up.

Adam Levine Career & Maroon 5

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After Kara’s Flowers, Adam Levine decided to leave Los Angeles to get more studies at Five Towns College in New York.

Then, he dropped out of the college to form a band once more.

At first, they tried to get into country and folk genre before deciding to choose groove-based music as their genre.

Several labels had rejected their demo before they met James Diener, the executives of Octone Records.

The group was renamed as Maroon 5 with the fifth member added and played the guitar to free-up the singer to become the star of the band.

In 2002, Maroon 5 debuted their first album “Songs About Jane”, some of the songs are about his ex-girlfriend, Jane Herman.

The album was the best-selling album of 2004 at number tenth.

In 2005, the group won their first Grammy Award as the Best New Artists.

In 2007, they released “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” which is their 2nd album.

One of the tracks in the album “Makes Me Wonder” secured a Grammy Awards.

Maroon 5’s next album was released in 2010 named “Hands All Over”. However, it wasn’t as successful as expected.

Then, Maroon 5 decided to release the final singles of the album “Moves Like Jagger” which became a success worldwide.

With the 8.5 million copies of selling, the single became the one that’s reviving the band.

One of the singles “Payphone” from their fourth album “Overexposed” gave the group another Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album.

Maroon 5’s album number 5 called “V” was released in 2014.

They had a tour named “Maroon V Tour” to support the album.

Adam Levine on The Voice

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In 2011, Adam Levine joined a cast of “The Voice”, a reality talent TV show on NBC.

He became one of the contestant judge/coaches of the show. Then, Levine wins the first season with Javier Colon.

Because of The Voice, Maroon 5’s career got “faltering” after the sub-par sales of their fourth album.

Also, the popularity of Adam Levine was increasing.

Not much different from Blake Shelton (Blake Shelton net worth), The Voice is also one of Adam Levine’s revenue source.

Adam Levine’s salary on The Voice was estimated to be $10-$12 million per season.

So, for people who asked about How much does Adam Levine make on the voice, that’s the answer.

For the first time in 2013, Adam Levine settled as one of judges on TV show called The Voice which also guessing Blake Shelton, Shakira, and Usher as newcomers on this program.

However, both of them are replacing Crhistina Aguilera and Cee Lo as judges at the same time.

At the same year he’s becoming a judge in The Voice, he also released first perfume line which featuring products for men and women.

At that year, Levine also signed with NBC in order to give assist on developing upcoming series and specials for the television network.

Being a judge for The Voice in a long time, in May 2019 Adam Levine ended up his career in The Voice Jury after spending along 16 seasons on that popular singing competition series.

He also thanked everyone on that program by posted photo at his Instagram account.

Awards, Nominations, And Achievements

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With Maroon 5, Adam Levine had received a total of 19 awards from American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Grammy Awards, MTV Music Awards, and many more.

For his contributions to the industry of recording, Adam Levine received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2017.

Here are some highlights of the awards and nominations received by Adam Levine:

  • Nominee MTV Movie & TV Award For The Best Duo for his performance in “The Voice” alongside Blake Shelton
  • Winner of Teen Choice Awards for Choice TV Reality Personality, Male in 2014
  • Online Film & Television Association two-time winner in 2016 and 2011
  • Nominee Favorite Celebrity Judge on The Voice in 2013’s People’s Choice Awards
  • Many more

Adam Levine House, Salary, Personal Life

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Adam Levine began dating Victoria’s Secret model from Namibia, Behati Prinsloo in 2012.

They both got married in 2014. The couple had two daughters, Dusty Rose, and Gio Grace.

They lived in a Los Angeles home that worth $18 million.

In 2018, Adam Lavine bought a $35 million supersize mansion in Beverly Hills.

Most of his source of incomes came from his music works, performances, and TV appearances.

Adam Levine also owns a fashion line named “222” which feature a collection of jeans, leather jackets, and basic t-shirts.

He later founded his own record label named 222 Records in 2012.

In 2016, Adam Levine became one of UCF’s new owners with Venus Williams and several other celebrities.

This investment certainly has an impact on Adam Levine and Venus Williams net worth.

Levine owns a bunch of lavish cars such as Ferrari 365 GTC and his Porsche 356 that worth a fortune.

In personal life, Levine may not seem that controversial.

After introducing his crush at year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue release party, Adam Levine began dating Anne Vyalitsyna, a model in 2010.

However, his relationship doesn’t seem end up with marriage as long as this couple split in May 2012.

But Levine’s love story didn’t over with only this way, and so he began to dating another woman further.

As long as Levine split up with Anne Vyalitsyna, then he was reportedly being in marriage with Behati Prinsloo.

Being in marriage with Behati Prinsloo, Levine have managed to keep finding time to buy or even sell homes in  massive value and number.

His decision was also bringing any impact to the whole insular Hollywood word with several notable celebrities are getting involved over this purpose.

As an example, Levine has sold one mansions located in Los Angeles to another singer John Mayer for $13.5 million worth in 2018.

However, this decision looks like his massive lose due to its price that didn’t even reaching for Levine’s asking price.

Moreover, that price was also far from other Levine’s home worth.

Furthermore, at the same year, Adam Levine also bought a humongous mansion from Max Mutchnick, the creator of Will and Grace, with the price reached for $35.3 million worth.

That mansion was also once owned by Pete Sampras, a legend of tennis athlete.

Then in January, Levine had also bought a property with value reaching to $32 million worth by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

Adam Levine Net Worth Forbes

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According to The Richest website, Maroon 5 net worth is estimated to be $45 million.

The net worth came from their record sales, performances, and ticket sales.

For Adam Levine himself, his own net worth went beyond his group’s net worth.

According to Forbes, it’s estimated to be $90 million.

Adam Levine Television and Movies Appearances

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Becoming so popular with The Voice, singing competition TV program which has been bringing his name into popularities, Adam Levine actually has many others TV programs and movies appearances along his career.

Even it comes to TV shows, living concert with his band Maroon 5, or even playact for several movies, he has many chances to appear in TV and being well-known by his fans or public.

Adam Levine exactly appeared to the television in 2007 by becoming a guest on Saturday Night Live.

Further, he’s also guessing a Comedy Central’s A Night of Too Many Stars and being a cameo on Jimmy Kimmel Live at the same year.

Levine also appeared and playacting in a minor role in the second season of American Horror Story series: Asylum, on the following year.

Levine was also cast in the musical romance drama movie titled “Begin Again” in 2012 whom John Carnet and Had Keira Knightley were both of them taking a part as a director, and Mark Ruffalo playacted the lead roles behind this movie.

Furthermore, on April, 2017, Levine was also confirmed that he’ll be hosting the next online celebrity golf show called Teeing Off with Adam Levine as a partner with TopGolf.

Recently, Levine and 222 Production, his production company, made a reality series “Sugar” which was inspired by Maroon 5 music video with the same name.

However, that reality series debuted on August, 2018 by the channel of YouTube Premium.

All those TV appearances were the one of several resources that making Adam Levine Net Worth looks like rising up.

Adam Levine Life as an Activist

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Levine is not only spending his time to appear on music concert or television, but he’s also devoting his time to become the activism act.

One of the causes he totally considered was the awareness for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, testicular cancer (for which he posed nude for Cosmopolitan magazine) and gay rights.

Adam Levine also contributed his voice in the charity single titled Earth by Lil Dicky to commemorate Earth Day.

In the single, Adam Levine also took Lil Yachty and 27 other singers.

The profit from the song does not go to Adam Levine or Lil Yachty net worth but is donated to the Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation.

Other activist activities were shown by Levine when performing with Maroon 5 on the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

The event did not affect Maroon 5 or Travis Scott net worth who also enlivened the event because they were not paid.

Levine’s advancement outside music and movie was doing yoga and spinning in order to keep his stamina, physique intact, and his healthiness.

Due to his activity, Levine was named as a Sexiest Man Alive in November 2013.

It’s not surprising that Adam Levine net worth is not only thing the fans look for, but also his healthy lifestyle also inspired them as well.

The Greatest Hits that Bring Adam Levine into Popularity

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Maroon 5 was the band that ringing Adam Levine name from the past till this day.

Maroon 5 and Adam Levine seemed like have built their enviable career on making creative shifts with no worries about rejection.

Maroon 5 was known as a band which totally dedicated to the classic song and however still bringing its authentic core.

Here are 5 top Maroon 5 songs which had brought Levine into popularity.

1. Maps

“Maps” is a song created by Maroon 5 which picked as the lead single from its 5th studio release.

Written by Adam Levine, this song has helped

V album hitting the top spot.

However, Maps also helped the band building a solid reputation with the explicit clip is totally strong and touching.

This single was also nominated as one of the favorite song by the fans, especially when it goes to the concert.

2. This Love

‘This Love’ was one of several Maroon 5 popular songs written by Adam Levine.

Levine wrote this track with Jesse Carmichael as a keyboardist.

However, ‘This Love’ was gaining much popularity and ended up on the 3rd most played song along 2004 with getting a Grammy for Best Pop Performance.

If you want to know how Maroon 5 looks like, here is the rightest track you need to listen to.

3. Payphone

Payphone was also becoming the greatest hits of Maroon 5 which this track was also written by Adam Levine.

However, this track needed a huge budget on producing the clip which also showed how great Maroon 5 used a clever video to enhance its great song.

4. She Will Be loved

After becoming success with track ‘This Love’, for another time Maroon 5 released its song that seemed like becoming the greatest hits.

In this song, Maroon 5 and Levine as a songwriter, performing band’s appetite for brave development.

As a result, track ‘She Will Be Loved’ took a first place on Australia, then positioned in the same rank in America on the next three years.


Adam Levine is one of the most famous Hollywood celebrity who has a net worth of $90 million.

He gained is popularity being the lead singer of Maroon 5.

Levine is successful as a member of the band, and he’s also successful as a solo artist.

The singer got a huge potential to continue the growth of his Net worth because he posed for more projects in the future.