Washington United for Marriage Answers Signature Drive with Wave of Support Totaling $347,000 in 10 Days

Answering the submission of more than 200,000 signatures to qualify Referendum 74 and challenge the state’s bipartisan marriage law this November, Washington United for Marriage (WUM) launched an online and general fund raising push to demonstrate the wide and deep support for gay and lesbian Washingtonians to marry the person they love.

Taken together, WUM raised $347,040 from June 6 when opponents submitted their signatures, until June 15th. Of the total number of gifts (2579), the average gift for both online and general fund raising was just over $134, with 90% of total donations coming from Washington donors. In the online campaign, $117,569 was generated in 10 days, with 93% of those gifts coming in donations of $100 or less. In addition, 87% of the online donations came from Washington state, with just 12% out-of-state.

“This is an incredible outpouring of support from everyday people who believe that marriage matters to all loving couples in the state of Washington,” said Zach Silk, WUM’s campaign manager. “With our opponents promising to pour $7 million into revoking our marriage law, we’re heartened by the generosity of so many people who are digging deep to defend the law and approve Referendum 74 this Fall.”

Through a variety of events, including the June 9th “Get Engaged Gala” in Seattle, offline efforts totaled over $229,471. More than 96% of the off line and general fund raising came from in-state contributors.

“While we’re heartened by this incredible response to our opponents’ signature drive, this campaign will be a long, expensive slog,” said Silk. “We need everyone to be in it for the long haul and to always remember that we’re the underdogs and have an uphill fight to protect our bipartisan marriage law and stand up for all Washington families.”