5 Steps to Successful Fundraising

Maximize Your Fundraising Success!  
5 Steps to Successful Fundraising

1. Identify your potential donors

– Make a list of everyone you know who may support the freedom to marry.
– Start with those closest to you –family, friends, and colleagues.
– Go through your address book and Facebook to add other friends, colleagues, neighbors, and acquaintances.

2.  Edit Your Personal Page

– Add a photo of yourself.
– Set a challenging fundraising goal.  (Consider $1,000 to $5,000.) It only takes 10 gifts of $100 to reach $1,000!
– Edit the personal message provided – tell people why marriage equality is important to you.  Let your passion and commitment shine through!

3. Make Your Asks

– Use the “Send Emails” functionality on the website to send emails to up to 200 of your contacts at the same time.
– We recommend sending individual emails to your top 10 – 20 potential donors, so you can individualize each email.
– Share your story to make the email compelling. Tell people why you’re volunteering to raise money for marriage equality.
– Post your page to Facebook.  Ask your friends to share your post.
– Make phone calls, coffee dates, ask people on the way to the water fountain…

4.  Follow Up

– Once you’ve made your donation requests, don’t forget to follow up after a few weeks, friends intend to donate, but  get busy (or procrastinate!).  If you don’t follow up, they’ll assume you’ve reached your goal. Most people need 2 or 3 reminders.
– Don’t be apologetic about asking for money.  You’re not asking people to help you with your rent!  You’re helping to make history and  defend an important new law that will make Washington  stronger and better.
– Post your fundraising Status Updates and news about the marriage equality campaign on Facebook (you can do this from your Raising Millions for Marriage  personal page).

5.  Thanking Your Donors

– We’ll send a thank-you email to your donors immediately after they donate, and we’ll also email you to apprise you of all new donations to your account.
– Thank you for your commitment to winning Marriage Equality in Washington!